All My Woodworking Tools. What I Like and Dislike About Them

We take a shop tour and talk about my woodworking tools. Full honest reviews.
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SawStop 1.75-HP Table Saw:
Forrest Woodworker II Thin Kerf Blade:
Forrest Woodworker II Flat Bottom Grind:
Freud 8 In. Professional Stacked Dado:
Dust Right® Wall Mount Dust Collector:
Incra Miter Gauge:
Kreg Trak and Stops Kit:
Wixey Digital Angle Gauge:
Microjig GRR-RIPPER:
Microjig Taper Jig:
Incra Box Joint Jig:
Bench Dog Router Table:
Incra Router Lift:
DeWalt 611 Compact Router:
Porter-Cable Router:
Rockler Handscrew Clamps:
Bessey K Body Clamps:
Aluminum Bar Clamps:
Bench Front Vice:
WoodRiver Bench Plane:
Card Scraper:
Work Sharp Tool Sharpener:
Dewalt Thickness Planer:
Grizzly Bandsaw:
3/16” Bandsaw Blade:
1/2” Bandsaw Resaw Blade:
Forstner Bit Set:
Combination Square:
Wood Files:
Flush Trim Saw:
Festool Sander:
Festool Dust Extractor:
Spindle Sander:
Festool Kapex Miter Saw:
Disc Sander:
Black & Decker Drill:
Festool Drill:
Dewalt Drill:
Bosch Jig Saw:
Festool Domino:
Jet Drill Press:
Jet Lathe:
X-Carve CNC:
CNC Dust Boot:
Glowforge Laser Cutter:

Picture Fram Sled:
Spline Jig:
Table Saw Outfeed Table:
Block Plane Video:
Work Sharp:
Sanding Station:


Jonathan J Katz-Moses:
Adam Beckwith:
David Ingram:
Bill Diehl:
Meagan Payne
Brian McKnight:
Chad Forrester
Timothy I Allen





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maverick4200ts says:

Honestly I clicked on this video thinking I was going to have to fast forward through half of it to get to the interesting stuff given the videos time length…. where did the time go? I started the video and next thing I know it’s already over. Your an awesome host that’s very funny and knowledgeable of your tools and how to make great videos. Very refreshing indeed and on that note I thank you!

Andrei Rînea says:

#AdjustTheSuck FTW!!!! =)))

Squid's Pressure Washing LLC says:

No one? No one is going to bring up the “Link in my ass” comment during the Incra iBox segment at 3:24 ish? Anyone? Russia?

badasspuppy says:

3:24 – Link in my ass? Hahahahaha! Am I the first to notice?

Alejandro Garay says:

I saw this videos the day it came on… every once in a while I watch it again, it’s so funny! love the cursing, the hashtags and the reference to 90’s songs

Andrei Rînea says:

A year later and still am not sure what the eff was in the drawer…

Boney M says:

I like seeing that cloths iron in the woodshop. thats where they belong .good man.

hogberry says:

Watching this video was better than sex. Ok, not really. But it WAS good. Just not as good as sex.

Keshavaa Shaiskandan says:

3:22, Link in my ass XD

David S says:

“If you don’t have a laser cutter you’re screwed”, well I guess I’m screwed then.

Chris K says:

Lmfao! Sometimes you want a lot of suck …sometimes you want a little suck.

Ken Maylin says:

I clicked on this expecting a serious shop tour/ tool review. I’ve never laughed so much at a woodworking video !….”what i don’t like about this bench?…not a godddamn thing ! I built this thing perfect” ! Awesome video man !

Ian Melencio says:

Bench LOVE it

Bryan H says:

So without a doubt he keeps his weed in his work bench drawer.

P Dee says:

what are the dimensions of this shop?

guitarchitectural says:

i’m considering a sawstop – do you ever find 1.75hp to be underpowered? I thought I would need 3hp, as my current saw is a 9″ 1.5hp – I do find it bogs down in hard maple, even with a thin kerf blade… would love to hear your experience

Frank Dee says:

I wish I had a phone? I would call her.

lambdaguy77 says:

Are you married…

Chris K says:

Lmfao! Sometimes you want a lot of suck …sometimes you want a little suck.

Croaker says:

Just starting out with WW so its fun to see a dedicated workshop inside the house. My garage is freezing so progress has been slow atm.

AJ 7 says:

Great work. Thanks. Original

Tim Langston says:

You also can’t cut redwood, cedar, or anything green on the table saw without disabling the brake

Paton MacDonald says:

Use steelwool on the bessie clamps to get rid of glue and make it slide easier.

Christopher 051 says:

i highly recommend sewing! super easy, and once you get the hang of it, its quite fun and pretty handy. 😉

Tom S. says:

Now that was a video worth watching to the end. Great job on the shop tool stuff.

Lewis Hart says:

iv broken and bent so many ally clamps the best ones are the old school record clamps

Larry Markham says:

I subscribe because we have a few things in common we’re both bald we both like woodworking and we’re both musicians keep up the good work.

George .Young says:

I have the same router table and bench. The insert doesn’t fit my Dewalt router, so I only use 2 screws at the moment. I need to make my own or invest in that Incra.

Andre Baker says:


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