Adam Savage’s Custom Tool Storage Stands

As discussed on a previous episode of Still Untitled, Adam’s stand on storage drawers is that they’re where tools go to get lost. To keep his essential workshop tools easily accessible, he built these custom stands as a solution for organizing all of his hand tools. Adam explains the design of these stands and shows off some of the more esoteric tools they keep within reach.

Shot and Edited by Joey Fameli

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Will Smith
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli
Jamie Hyneman

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Leo Smith says:

Is that convex mirror on the back wall from Blade Runner?


more mythbusters

M0R7IS says:

Adam is such a geek when talking tools but a very interesting guy and a genius and very warm hearted person 🙂

美しい川 says:

Adam has more stuff than than my school design and technology department

Pooly Mexcellent says:

and everyone saying let adam talk stfu

Dustin Bajer says:

Looks simple enough to make but would love to see some plans and measurements. Great little stand.

Johannes Parra says:

Get rid of the co-hosts, they suck and interrupt constantly.

Keishil Prabhudas says:

amazing collection of tools.

dauda sulaimon says:

tools is instrument use to solve any mechanical problem

Tyson Miller says:

I would love to see a video of all the tools/equipment in Adams cave

Thomas Brown says:


xjinit says:

People use drawers and tool boxes for a clean garage look, have a couple of those racks and your garage looks like a mess.

William Rieselbach says:

Feel free to send one of those unused stacks to me any time 😀

Triple M Productions says:

Roses are litty,
Violets are pretty,
Team 10 is shitty,
England is my city.

whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? asshole says:

that glue is what we use to use for building model airplanes

Brobolio says:

Amazing work!! I may be a little late to the party but I have found that my ca accelerator should be stored as far away from the ca glue to avoid gelling inside the bottles.
Great ideas for the tools!!!

Dave Van Meter says:

You guys are just idiots

Scabobble says:

at 2:25 Adams secret stash of plastic forks has been compromised!

Pooly Mexcellent says:

i want his rack to have more stability, everytime he moves it and it swings side to side i cringe. also some doors for transport and additional shelf space would be nice

ARenaissanceishMan says:

Boy i sure do love tools..wish I had that collection

Joseph Cummings says:

Does anyone know which episode of the Podcast Adam is referencing?

Tactical Warrior Viking says:

Adam, being as handy as he is, could make his own casters from nice silicone, in line skates wheels. Non marking, very smooth and quite durable.

jdosumu says:

What type of tool is the one that’s talking to adam?

scottsviper23 says:

I’m planning on building a rack like this soon. Does anyone know how to spell or the definition of the word, that the interviewer says at 6:50. Koing? I’m not and English expert but your interrupting my man with a made up word.

TheHarrip says:

I don’t geek out much but I’m geeking out right now
that tool holder I could die for
my drawers are crying right now they’re just laughing that I don’t have the space

C.W P says:

Father and son.

Vahlir says:

This guy is either on coke or way too excited to be interviewing Adam

Shoegum says:

One can never have enough tools. There’s always something that’ll make your job easier.

MirkWoot says:

stop pulling your nail! 😮 … shivers..

Mohammad Alshahrani says:

I think it is a hobby more than a need

jbbolts says:

If you flipped your markers tip side down they would be less likely to dry out

E- Man says:

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing something you took a long time to figure out.

Taylor N says:

Not sure if its EXACTLY the same thing, but you can find nail glue (the kind used to adhere tips to natural nails) in small sizes in bulk. I have used it in a pinch when I needed superglue.

Erich Stein says:

To Adam: If you screw hard-drive magnets to the outside of the wood, the magnets can hold small tools used most often. You can grab & put away quickly, without having to see-out the exact hole that it must be stored in. Use hard drive magnets – NOT magnetic tool strips commonly sold in hardware stores – since they are barely strong enough to hold butter knives, tools fall down too often.

Carravagio16 says:

looks like more of a mess than organized. to each his own

Sam Caddick Passmore says:

draws are evil! classic.

Raesling Undomiel says:

I would love to have a link list of some of the things mentioned in this video. Currently looking for the Makita set in particular. Yes, Google and Amazon are certainly my friends, but still.

Benjamin Kelley says:

McMaster is the death of a project do-er’s wallet.

Osvaldo Ah says:

thu thuu thuu thuu

vgmijpn8ball says:

This thing is so awesome. I watched this video before, but since I started working as a mechanic I appreciate it so much more. Only problem is you can’t lock it, I hope a company makes a commercial version that has some kind of locking panels

suspectsn0thing says:

What is that skeletonized coping saw and where can I get one?

Thomas J Voss says:

He got a shop assistant? How much time does he actually spend in his shop. I thought almost none as he mentioned in other shop videos.

Iron Greek says:

When will they get interviewers that know what they’re talking about

dashaB0553 says:

They work brilliantly and love his line, “Drawers are where tools go to,to die” always remember that now when making tool holders, etc

Tomaz Gabrovsek says:

Drawers are where things go to die ; drawers are evil . The same in my uncle’s workshop

travis says:

knipex, yes.

Brian Ermelin says:

Adam thanx I just happen to have been going the ” F the drawers ” way when I came upon your video and it was a major help my friend. Thanx again from Ocean City, NJ.

External Hard Drive says:

That was great but a bit confusing. Are _”F Drawers”_ a brand name? I can’t seem to find them online anywhere.

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