5 Quick Cordless Drill Hacks: Woodworking Tips and Tricks

In this video, we review 5 great cordless drill tips and tricks.
Cordless drills are some of the most used tools in any workshop and we review some ways to make them even better tools!

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Rick Fehringer says:

You could also put your “tap” in the drill and spin it when you chamfer the end. Keeps it even.

Lee Fuller says:

Colin, valve grinding compound is commonly used in aviation to remove screws with stripped heads. Load up screw driver bit with the compound and away you go.

Nicksperiments says:

Well what do ya know? I too was using the counter sink bits wrong. No wonder it comes out weird

Markus W says:

Ouh man, after 10 seconds in the video: It really really hurts how you pronounce your last name for a german :O soooooo wrong and clearly german in origin -.- please go to someone you know who knows german and ask how to pronounce it correctly (if you give anything about your heritage)

roadrunnerz2 says:

Great video Colin

brian jones says:

Hi man, don’t use your countersink in reverse. Use the countersink first before drilling the hole and it will give great results, try it. Thanx for some great vids

Elizabeth Suggs says:


david crowder says:

Wow! didn’t know Oliver Reed was also a master woodworking craftsman as well as an actor!

Brent Sido says:

The slot in the screw is my last resort due to the channels into the surrounding material.(I typically work with metal though) In order of typical screw extract attempt
-bigger bit size of same type
-sqaure bit if stripped philips
-rubber band between bit and screw for added grip
-fluted screw extractor set (drill hole hammer in then reverse out with wrench on extractor)
-cut slot in screw remove with flat blade screwdriver.
These last two are not always the order I use, that depends on how much material in the screw head you have to work with.

OneTwoPlay Witty says:

your drill is not running true … lotta run out … could be why your counter sink no workie too good.

Kathleen Basieiwcz says:

Great tips especially about the counter sink bit. Keep up the great work.

Cornish Horologist says:

That bolt one is brilliant ☺☺☺

Graham Allen says:

Great tips again, thanks Colin.

Bob D says:

Loved the bolt wood tap with the grooves. But when cutting the grooves, aren’t you supposed to break the cutting disk at least once?

10 Dr Ken Harper says:

One of your better videos…. Keep up the excellent work…

Rovindo Sejahtera says:


mark lewis says:

does a magnet attached to a machine with its own emf affect performance/efficiency of machine?

Tim Mullican says:

Outstanding , well done.  I always considered my drill as a small lathe also

Daniel Estrada says:

Great video

Bob D says:

Your counter sink tip is great! For decades, I’ve tried twirling the bits at different speeds, but I alwas get a hexagonal sink. No more!

Master Builds says:

Hey Collin I suggest that you use the countersink bits in forward to take out most of the material and then use it in reverse to smooth it out!!

E K says:

That thread tapping trick is a huge money saver! Thanks 🙂

David Winsemius says:

Really like the homemade tap for bolts.

Oqsy says:

So how often do you use spade bits?

Clayton Yates says:

The word hack has to be the most annoying word. We are not 12. I love your videos BTW.

Your homeless friend Kai says:

Thank you so much for making this video! It is so helpful.

I also figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, is there any chance you might have any old tools or stuff for projects that you might be able to donate so that I can use them to make videos for my channel? I am disabled, homeless, and jobless. I’m trying my best just to survive and am living in an abandoned WWII bomb shelter. Any advice you have on how to build my channel would also be very appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, “Your homeless friend Kai”

Captain Ron says:

Great tips! Especially liked the “tap” for bolts. Thanks.

Papa Cap says:

If you OPEN a book you can read it. It’s just that simple.
Who knew.

Pierre Brassard says:

When I use a drill bit on wood I reverse it first. It keeps it centre on the mark you made. It is also easy to make a correction before you go forward and drill down.

Family Prepper says:

Great Tips again, However I find that the velco sticks to each other soo well that when i remove it i end up pulling off both layers, so attaching the magnets with a glue gun is better for me.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Kaleb Crafts says:

I love the last one using the bolt itself as a tap for cutting threads! I wish I would have thought of this last week when I was trying to seat some soft brass threaded nuts in aged oak. This is brilliant.

Joe Dov says:

Great tips Collin.I love the countersink trick.I have the same ones and I had not used them in a long time because of the terrible rough cut with them.

Foracal Satoe says:

I shall apply these hacks at work tomorrow save for the stripped screw I just use vamplyers

SadamSkywalker says:

5:55 You just improvised a flow tap. Commonly used in CNC mashining when working on metals. Those are made out of TiN / TiAlN coated high-speed-steel or tungsten-carbide, though. 🙂

r yaght says:

You can glue a magnet to you’re hard hats visor to hold screws for the job.

333rpd says:

My high school wood shop teacher called the hammer an “American screw driver” . He would pound the screw in part way with the hammer and then use a screw driver for the rest of the way. That was back in the 60’s before cordless drills were a thing.

Otto says:

Keep the bolt/tap longer while cutting the slots and tapering the end would be easier and safer, you can always shorten the bolt afterwards.

James T. says:

“Hacks” for complete idiots

rich kemp says:

I notice you use Milwaukee battery power tools. Is this your own preference or have they supplied you? I always think that when it comes battery powered tools dewalt can’t be beat! When it comes to corded machinery makita!
Bosch also make some very good tools but don’t seem as site friendly.
I dropped a dewalt cordless off a 3 storey scaffold years ago and it worked just as it did when I opened the box the first time.

Martyn Greener says:

If people haven’t figured these “tips” that you’re showing out for themselves, they really shouldn’t be handling any tools. Thumbs down I’m afraid, this is just common sense.

Chuck in Texas says:

Excellent VID ! I ESPECIALLY appreciate the great use of close-ups with NARRATION to CLEARLY explain and idea ! Well Done ! When I get some time soon, I’ll check out your page . Lookin’ for some GREAT ideas ! Thanks !

Berny M says:

Great vid, thanks.

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