[100] Grim Workshop Wearable Lock Pick and Escape System Reviewed

I backed these three Grim Workshop tools on Kickstarter and as of the time I’m uploading this, they’re not yet available for sale on the website. Out of the micro tool, dog tag, and key card, the key card is the only one I would consider carrying around. You can pre-order it here: bit.ly/Grim-Key-Card

I am not associated with this company in any way.

Feel free to reach out about lock trades: cameronjdunn2 at gmail.com

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Bronx-LockPicker60 says:

Happy New year to you and your family my brother.
The concept of these are great. I personally would buy the “Dog tag” ones simply to wear them with my Marine Corps tags. Like how they use the silencer idea as in original dog tags.
Thank you for sharing

Don'z Lockz says:

Atleast they are a good idea. Cheers for sharing.

Steel Pinnings says:

Great review buddy,
I can’t say much more than I suppose they are better than nothing at all… and that is for all the wallet and keychain varieties as well. I wish the specialty pick companies would pick them up and make an actual good set that does what it claims. Lol like Mad Bob or Ukbumpkeys or even Sparrows.

Jason Carlson says:

Great review. Nicely demonstrated.. Very neat. Always wanted to try something like that. May explore it more..

lockmania says:

Wow they are cool i would deffently try to get the two small ones but not the card i alreddy have one of those but the small ones i deffently Will look for, i love that type of thing.

Bearsback says:

Great review buddy, Nice concept but all of the credit card pick sets seam to be low quality & poor profiles.

Pocket Women says:

A fair review. the concept is great but I’ve yet to see a company that makes a straight out the pact usable set. Totally more of a gimmick money making tool for the company.
Thanks for the video, sorry for late response I haven’t been receiving notification for lots of subs video’s. Cheers matey

William Mancel says:

Great review buddy.

Starrylock • says:

Really fine review. Was disappointed when I failed to get in on this Kickstarter. Now I am happy I missed out. Hopefully the people making these sets watch your review and modify future efforts.

paul springett says:

I agree totally. They are a gimmick. The clue is in the title…..”grim”. lol. The other clue is the “hand cuff key”. I think their targeted audience maybe people who have the perpensity to getting arrested. lol. Good review all the same. Cheers:-)

Washington State Picker says:

Cool set! I bought the lapel pin picks! Very hard to use, much like yours!

Aj Clark says:

Very cool worth looking into,

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