This is a quick review of my $15 Harbor Freight automotive spray gun. I use THE CHEAPEST gun on the market and wanted to talk a little bit about why. Automotive painting is expensive to get into so if you are looking for a cheap way to learn this is the ticket!

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Matthew Johnson says:

Lol, love the intro

TJ DEL says:

Lol straight to the point lol .. Because it’s 15 dollars. Lol

Jason Martinez says:

Get the 60$ gun at harbor frieght! One of the best tools I’ve bought from there! Sprays really good

Jordan O'Neill says:

mine cost $15 AUD. even cheaper. and it’s a beast, works great. get em’ from aldi. if you americans have aldi

wingers 1982 says:

Too all the people saying it will be a “cheap spray job” or “you wont get a great quality paint job” i think you are missing the point of this channel, this is about building it yourself on a budget and inspiring others to give it a go. For a $15 gun i think it came out great.

JForJustice says:

all cars get orange peel the paint shrinks its normal

Berk Sidar Eskitoros says:

Hi man whats yours watch brand?

lotku says:

I lowkey thought you got an s15 because of the thumbnail


Do more paint job sir!

Juan Sanchez says:

Looks bad ass!

ron baer says:

Works……unless you want to have a good paint job. Good is shown by the amount of “mirroring” happens. And cheap guns work but then you have higher waste, unequal spray pattern, etc.

JackStrait says:

Would this work well for non-large scale stuff too?

Chandler Reagan says:

Awesome video, I’m gonna paint a Del sol soon. Any tips ?

Potato Tv says:

Dude that paint job looks like it came straight out of the factory.Amazing job !

Sweet Tee says:

What air pressure do you spray at?

Daniel H says:

It’s still an awesome gun for only $15. Thanks for information and money saving tips:)

Jason Cooper says:

I agree 100%! Another reason I like the Harbor Freight purple gun is that I don’t have to buy anything to clean it. I just throw it away and get a new one next time.

Bob Charlie says:

Looks good for an amateur. Id let you paint my car for cheap haa

sinformant says:

I’ve done all my paint jibs with harbour freight guns. They have worked great.a big factor is quality of paint.even with a cheap gun you can Get great results with good quality paint

Alex 20 says:

Would you please do a video on the actual painting process in very laiman terms. For example single stage paints and especially painting large panels without tiger stripes etc

noxxi knox says:

thats pretty sweet man, i was always under the impression that you needed a beast air compressor gto paint a car, i knew a cheap gun was cool though.
that paint does look pretty decent tbh

Fortnite Light says:

Hey it’s j o n a s

Bryan mm says:

The only problem is the air compressor !

Nova Man says:

I’d love to see you make molds for fiberglass parts successfully!

MillerBuilt Customs says:

I love these guns I have 4 of them and if you know how to spray they do really good , no orange peel with my work ect

Matt Crook says:

what size compressor do you use to run your sander?

Zorkz says:

Sure it works, but why would you not get a, let’s say $50 gun, might not be much better, but easier to clean, the trigger won’t get stuck.
It’s such a small difference in prices, when you paint as much as you do

Anthony Diamante says:

Worst gun I ever bought was $100, best gun was $35. Not saying there aren’t better ones out there for hundreds of $ but don’t be afraid to try one just because it’s cheaper.

3 Wheels & A Block says:

I have a couple of these… I use them from time to time and they can get the job done. You are right about the little quirks. It gets the job done though, thanks for backing up this underrated paint gun. They also have some other guns at HF for just a few bucks more.

Wrecker '56 says:

That’s cool, I think that’s what’s been holding me back. I never learned the ‘inns & outs’ of painting because I didn’t have the money for the expensive gear, but like you said; a person should start off with ‘cheep’ stuff, learn how to use it, then figure out if you need to ‘upgrade’. Thanks for the insight!

89Mirageman says:

You honestly can’t beat them for the money. The Central Pneumatic $69 gun at HF is awesome as well. Bought mine a few years back with a 25% coupon and others can’t believe the quality of my work with it. I see no reason to upgrade right now.

Ronnie McDade says:

Great Content, what state are you in? I would pay you to experiment on a couple of my vehicles.

Roller Mobster says:

I have bought this gun to mess around with before i use my better paint gun but i was wondering what kind of paint you use and a ballpark number for the pressure you run thru it? I know it says high flow but I’ve heard its “not really high flow”. I have a beater project car that i have been working on to improve my mechanical skills and painting is something i want to get into this summer so I’m trying to study up on it during the winter…. Thanks PA

Nelson Ramos says:

Nice job bro! I used one time the same gun to paint a fender and it came out so good that i was really impressed!

Harry Correa says:


MMORPG87 says:

was done b4 intro Bahaha

Antonio Est. says:

I painted a 80k Escalade with that gun custom black cherry

Ikigai Driven says:

Prices don’t matter as long as it works!

UnWrecked says:

Yeah, that looks great! Bravo

TDI isaawaytogo says:

Couldn’t agree more… I have cheap gun and 24 liter compressor, but pain job on some bumpers wheels and cars was pretty good.

Richard Singh says:

I wanna see more buying and selling cars, flipping.

jimiz1 says:

Yeh Buddy, $9.00 on sale. I painted a car with it and it came out as nice as my Devilbiss, Was it my experience? sure however its the gun that make it happen. I Bought 5 more. beats, $ 250.00

malcolm rojas says:

Can you go over your compressor set up mainly the 60lb tank

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