What Spray Gun to buy

In this video I go over how to choose a spray gun by explaining what the different price ranges have to offer. Also what professionals like to use as a day to day gun.


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geo pin says:

great vid man..gti pro lite best in my opinion…

glens says:

Hi Dave what’s your opinion on the spray guns available at super cheap auto I am interested in your thoughts on them

shane beasley says:

What’s the difference between top feed and bottom feed guns? Also hvlp and non ?

Dushan241096 says:

When is the next video coming out?

Bylga says:

Thanks for sharing.

its nunya business says:

good review my 1st gun was 5 dollars from western auto in 1977 but it did the job its the painter and panel beater that must be good

WindWurl says:

I got one of those exact cheap primer guns you took apart and because I spray everyday it literally lasted me around 2 weeks

Yousif A says:

Thanks man .useful information

SPPPSydney says:

GTI pro is $500 min in Aus. Show me where it’s. $170??

Donnie Featherman Jr says:

Have you ever used a LVLP gun before? I am asking because I don’t have much money to invest in a big compressor.

Ross Co says:

awesome 🙂

Gringo! says:

Is that worquip gun any good? I have hade one for years and never used it.

Rock&Roll says:

I am glad I have a prolite. 2 vote on sagola lol maybe 2 person use them, they are slow and great for beginner but they don’t spray as fast as the other gun.


where to buy a film/print for hydro dip

seth kremis says:

I gotta say I’ve never heard of sagola before my tool guy brought one by and I had a little extra cash to get it but damn they’re really up there with the big dogs the only draw back I found is the plastic cups are trash absolute worst cup I’ve ever used they leak like nothing else and will drip on you if you’re not perfectly carful but they spray very well but the tekna or gti over there is my bread and butter go to gun

Leo Rose says:

What ANEST IWATA spray gun you using?
Is that the AZ3HTE2 or the AZ3HV2?
Also where is a good place to buy the NOZZLE and NEEDLES for this gun?

DonCorle0ne says:

What spray gun should i use to paint my spray gun?

vcval says:

My theory is buy the best you can afford and when your finished take a little hit and sell it the better guns are sort after an what you loose selling it off would be comparable to a cheep one that you will never use again

Donnie Smith says:

We started using the DeVilbiss Tekna and love it.  I know a lot of SATA and Iwata painters who have switched to the Tekna.  And they are less expensive.

mark yisser says:

why not start with a recap fr those who didn’t watch your compressor vid…. which compressor is the best to use???

Barry Gallagher says:

I have the Az3 with 1.3, 1.5 & 1.8 fluid tips so covers all bases. Had to get a different air cap for the 1.8 tip though. I also have a devilbiss FLG5 which I only use for clear, oh and a scrappy sealey £20 mini gun. I’m not a painter by trade but do quite a bit at work and everyday is a school day which is why I appreciate your informative vids. Keep them coming Dave.

Nickjentv says:

question. I have just scuffed a finished 2k’d motorbike tank and airbrushed a zip and cogs with autoair and wicked paints. I haven’t 2k’d anything before so do I intercoat clear the artwork before blowing over it or not?.
I will probably use 2k acrylic.

Hudson Marine says:

Dave! Apart from panic, what should i do if something falls on my panel (a small hair) that has a wet clear coat on, and the panel still needs a couple more clear coats, do i sand it off or go in there with the fingers to get it before continuing, or something else? Cheers!

tolomjagroop john says:


Razor howl says:

i use a gti it was £500 i also had a gti pressure pot version and i use a suction fed spray gun but that’s for mig job ships in stuff

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