Wagner Flexio Sprayer vs Roller Speed Challenge

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Todd Connell says:

Oh my gosh that roller guy.

Marshall Simon says:

i can see streaks in the wagner board, and the guy on the roller exaggerated.. you don’t paint like that.. you make w’s…   and fill in…   Sprayer is still faster, no reason to exaggerate that way

Big Nasty says:

this machine is a “wankner”

Sylvain Mangel says:

la vidéo est bien jolie mais quand a la pratique il n y a rien a voir. venez chez moi pour me montrer le même fonctionnement sur mes murs et mes meubles

Ben Tackett says:

Overspray. Overspray everywhere.

Robert Muir says:

Roler guy does not know how to paint.

Mitch Chapman says:

That is not how you use a roller. The outcome would look terrible

Dhilan P. says:

you can clearly see that the wagner spray paint needed a 2nd coat because the paint was not applied uniformly throughout the board (you can see some white spots) and the color isn’t bright. By the time the 2nd coat was applied the guy with the roller would ve finished off painting the entire board uniformly and perfectly so this is clearly a false advert.

Smokey M says:

next time get a experienced painter to roll


Cheating he

Andrew Quinn says:

Way to misdirect people

CaLxRoyalty says:

If your trying to paint your ceiling and trim a different color than the wall forget a sprayer

Nick Rutter says:

Ok, neither of them can paint……. that airless sprayer is very inconsistent. And in a real environment, the roller would be done before you could even mask off everything from the overspray.

Mick Bilbie says:

after 30 years as a painting contractor I would bet my balls I could beat that guy with the spray unit , hit me up wagner for your next video 🙂

John Smith says:

The spraying looks terrible with poor coverage. You can clearly see the over lap.

christopher cooper says:

Poke off Wagner. You’re fooling no one. Whoever produced this advert I hope they got the sack

Clay Cool says:

The sprayer is cool but with this being a comparison… The sprayer wall looks bad with the light and dark parts on the wall… Yeah it can be faster than painting with a roller but this just made my decision to stick with the rollers when I paint my 1st room. Even and clean walls for me is the best

Manuel Vélez says:

You guys forgot to say that the one using the sprayer gun is a guy with experience while the guy with roller is one of those that his worst nightmare is paint (kind of company owner)

toby gillette says:

the man with the roller has no idea

Artur Fly says:

Что за тормазной лошара с валиком!?


you guys seriously think that using a roller is even remotely the same as using a spray gun? it wouldn’t matter if that guy using the roller was a PRO painter or not, he spray gun is faster, period.

Archangelmichael522 says:

What a joke

Max Dennis says:


เก่ง แมคอินทอช says:

The guy with the roller pretend to be slow, from my own experience, the spray doesn’t work at all…!

Mp Construction says:

Fake advertising..

Simon Lloyd says:

What about all the extra prep time masking ?

Paintbrush 1962 says:

I would have easily beat the spraygun with a 12 inch sleeve, he looked like a bad diy person!

girlmastergeneral says:

This is such a joke. You took a pro at the sprayer and pitted him against a person that’s never painted with a roller in their life. This is so skewed. I’d love to take on this challenge. There is a place for both technologies, but don’t make it so obvious here. Not only that but real painters that roll on paint don’t use a 12in roller, they use an 18in roller. They also don’t try to pick up a gallon of paint on the roller either and have huge runs everywhere. So stupid!

RZR800S says:

to bad the guy on the right does not know how to roll a wall !! my god

Big Nasty says:

the guy on the right is a knob, should be kicked in the balls for deliberately going slow. If anyone sees him kick him one for me will you.

Wandering Poet says:

I don’t think that the guy using the roller has ever painted before, at least no as a job. Sprayers are great, but as you can plainly see, they guy using the sprayer has left some serious streaks.

IndustrialCOMMIE says:

I have never seen someone roll paint so slow in my life. Who rolls like that? On another note. Spraying uses more paint. You have to mask off more area because of overspray and good luck spraying in a room filled with furniture

neogovernment says:

You could roller paint that flat board in a few moments – the guy was on the ‘go slow’!

kosmosleha says:

That asshole with a roller needs to get fired.

Claire Janean says:

This is the worst, the people just want you to buy the paint sprayer be a use it is more expensive than the roller Seriously how stupid do you people think we are!!!

Bob SoloMan says:

There are so many things wrong with this video. The roller is too small (use 1″ -1-1/4″ nap),Roller pan way too small and far away, why not move it closer to the wall? I would have turned roller sideways at bottom cut-in and rolled it tight, then cut it in. More you roll, less you have to cut in with a brush. How much taping did the spray guy have to do? How many DIY users will keep the trigger held when shifting spray lanes? Most will release at the top and bottom of each wall. The spray operator is a pro.
Please stop misrepresenting your products.

Johnny Bravo says:

How come the the roller guy cut the bottom and the sprayer guy just sprayed everything, that took off time for the rolling…

Willdorak says:

So, the guy with the roller wastes 1 mn cutting the bottom of the wall with a brush while the other guy with the sprayer just sprays the floor, then the guy with the roller keeps painting the same spot for 2mn. Alright, lol

Luis Rodz says:

When you paint rough concrete that’s when you appreciate a spray painter. Using a roller in a rough concrete surface takes forever.

Sylvain Mangel says:

la merde votre pistolet allez vous faire foutre bande de batard.

Dom Bisson says:

Oi Spray guy!!! You missed a bit. (top right corner)

Jahir Graham says:

The patter of the gun is to accurate, in real life it isn’t the precise,

Patrick Samokhvalof says:

Well watching that was a complete waste of time. I actually own the Flexio and I like it but I’m tempted to return it now due to this bullshit flawed test. If I were Wagner I would take this down immediately

justriaz29 says:

The roller guy is taking the piss.

rolgor says:

Wagner insults me with every video they put out, they must really think everyone is stupid or maybe just the people who buy their products. It is their videos that makes me not trust buying them. From spraying light paint on light backgrounds so you can’t see coverage to this.The guy with the roller cut in at the bottom to avoid painting the floor, the guy with the sprayer just shot paint all overthe new floor. The guy with the sprayer sprayed the neighbors car on the other side of the wall. Sprayers paint faster but they take more time to prep.

Stefan Ritter says:

Alles nur Rotz. Bin seit 25 Jahren Maler. Lasst mich den Test machen, und Wagner verliert.

ojibwa E says:

I have painted a lot with a roller, trying out a Wagner for the first time today we will see how it goes. I can where a sprayer will apply more uniformly, a roller often misses spots and you have to go over again which creates over rolling.

CH RS says:

What about the prep time?

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