Unboxing and testing the Preval portable Spray Gun

A Saturday unboxing and review video from Ben, master luthier at Crimson Guitars http://www.crimsonguitars.com In this episode Ben unboxes a Preval portable Spray Gun …if only this had been around 10 years ago…

UK distributors : http://www.preval.co.uk/


henrik Edvinsen says:

Plis start to sell them

bmxriderforlife1234 says:

would be better if they modified the unit to accept c02 canisters as found on airsoft and bb guns. just the little 12gram ones. its like 39.95$ canadian for 45 of the things and theyre used to power blowback airsoft guns that are actually metal.

CarlsCommentary says:

Hey, do you guys make ukuleles? Acoustic or Electric, doesn’t matter 🙂

copycatproduction says:

So glad I found this. 🙂 I caught myself giving you on my computer screen a thumbs up, just as soon as I saw you. Thanks for the info.

Cobi Tanium says:

Pretty straightforward : Need !!

Michael Buss says:

Fly at 9:55

Jim Sound says:


Judith Bosch says:

You can get Preval at Home Depot – I plan on getting some for spray painting my acrylic art.

Ben Nicholson says:

Another great video Ben.. Your videos are always awesome. I myself am a guitar builder. Although not a hobby guitar builder. I’m a guitar builder like yourself. Professional and thrive doing spectacular paint jobs/Dyed guitars etc..

greg parker says:

You hate spraying lacquer? You should try oil base, it’s hell!

James Lewis says:

Now this product looks like it will be a real time and money saver for hobby builders/moders who are looking to mix their own colours rather than using off the shelf spray cans.  My only issue is how far does one of those aerosol cans go?  I mean, will it do all the coats needed in painting a guitar and how easy is it to get re-fills?

David Imrie says:

i think i’d like to see another attempt with something less dilute

Cornelius Sneed says:

Ben, funnily enough, Dan Erlewine’s latest video on the stewartmacdonald channel mentions the Preval; apparently he has been using this product for decades and likes it quite a lot. I thought you were quite brave, by the way, to use it with no prior experience on an actual guitar body. I think I would have used cheap plywood for the demo. 🙂

Jamie Phillips says:

Please do a review on Solarez!

Jari Kuusisto says:

I didn’t know that BIll Bailey is also expert in painting

David Bayley says:

Good idea Ben, seen this kit before in US car mag. I used to use an air brush with slow progress,it worked off a car wheel and tyre,2cv at the time.AS I dont drive any more this looks a good idea. Great if you sell them.

damo690 says:

To be honest in my opinion it isnt a great product for technical jobs like that. I am a professional spray painter. But it is very useful for solid painting jobs. Thanks for showing it to us.

'94 XJR/Go Down says:

I have been using these for over 20 years they are awesome!So versatile, use any type of auto paint, nitro,easy to use,even spray pressure, Definite must have and inexpensive!

damo690 says:

Theres a lot that can be learned about painting too. Preperation is paramount no matter what your painting. Also nothing will give you as good a result as a propper gun because you can adjust the power of the air and amount of paint that will come out and how wide the paint comes out of the gun. For a pro luthier this is a must and a great start to getting a mirror finish. It would also be wise to buy a polishing machine if your going to go down that road and a booth with an extractor fan. Those fumes are very hazardous to your health even through a mask.

wheezer7 says:

Mmmm,don’t think the running problem can be solved with this product,not with dye anyway,maybe some paints would be ok(thinned down of course)

jwandhistools says:

Looks like a great way to make a mess. None for me, thanks.

sergio zaccardelli says:

would be better using an old Flash kitchen cleaner spray bottle.

IndiEstructible Productions says:

Yes the spray gun is splendid, but I take my money for the stain already! 😀

Also at 9:11 I completely lost concentration and began watching the fly in crawl along your bench…

BookofIsaiah (Matt B) says:

I think this is the answer for me.  I don’t do enough to justify getting a large, professional set up. I think this would work great for the work I do.  Thanks for posting the video!  I loved your video series on the bench build too!!

The Wraith says:


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