Ultra Cheap Spray Gun Review

The old sayings ring true “Buy Cheap Buy Twice” & “You Get What You Pay For” as you will see in this video.
Sure, if you only need it for one or two jobs then have a throwaway tool, go for it but apart from that, I would avoid any Spray Guns that are priced below $100 because from my experience they just aren’t built to last.

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

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Drew Vale says:

I had the fast mover.. within a month the blue coat came off whilst cleaning and so did the gold on the inside of my air cap.

Tom Downing says:

I use these in the UK to lacquer wheels, they’re okay for 2 jobs then after that they break. For £8 a gun can’t really complain though

Alex Sharp says:

Possible to do a booth cleaning video? The both at my job is seriously dirty and it needs a really good cleaning. Bosses don’t seem to care but I’m sure that’s what’s leading to all these bits of crap in our jobs

Kristof Kelly says:

The first gun you used is an old design of the Sata minijet. And I have to say the fan is even on the Sata that small…
So I bought a SRI pro lite and the Sata is now my cleaning gun with thinners in it

David Duran says:

Hey Gunman any plans on reviewing the new Sata 1500 Solv soon? I hear a lot of comparisons of it to the Prolite so I’d love to hear your take on itThanks

QQTrick1QQ says:

Wish you would of sprayed a pattern to see how well it atomized and what the best results you could get.

MegaAnibar says:

this guns are useful or not……

Ryan P says:

Could you put a quality air cap in it and get a better spray pattern?

chip turd says:

my 75.00 astro does just fine. jus t as good as a sata

videos gerais cwb says:


Dave wallace says:

Get a Marksman, one the best guns around 😉

its nunya business says:

thats why we watchgood unbias reviews

David Westernall says:

Disappointed that ANI would go this path, I bought two ANIs based on the reviews on The Gunman (R150 nd F150), awesome guns for the price but releasing cheap shit like this will damage their brand.

Sam Mencimer says:

I have a TCP global gun that seems to be pretty good. It was $40 USD from Amazon. It seems pretty well built for the price

Chris says:

So i just ordered a mini spray gun. LPH80 and i remember you saying that the pattern was almost too precise. Im thinking you had the E2 cap which is a smaller pattern. If you go with the E4 cap, it would easily beat the R150. It has a 5.5″ pattern and lays clear and base out like a boss

Gav179 says:

Those fast mover guns are a 1 time use deal really, they’re ok for doing alloy wheels and are super cheap, I buy them for £10.50 each

michael osborne says:

Title of this should be”stating the fucking obvious”.just like all the repro parts for classic cars now.cheap crap from china.not machined or cast properly.like you say,buy cheap ,buy twice….

Ben Nicolson says:

What are any uses for a mini over a regular gun?

Chris Norman says:

Hey Mann, I been following your channel for a while and like the cut of your jib! I’m just about to start a HJ Monaro sedan project and wondering what your thoughts are on modern enamels vs 2 pac, and if you know anyone on the Gold Coast you could recommend o prep / paint the project?

Rodolfo Pierre says:

Ani is spraying like that cause pressure is too high.

Peter White says:

The Ani is a solid little gun. Ive been using one for blending thinners for a few months and cant fault it. It is a low pressure gun if you bothered to put a reg on it you would see how well it atomises below 2bar

SwPiotrek says:

Show us how they spray paint.

Deiphobuzz says:

Cant you just actually test it on something? For the home gamer it might be usefull even if it doesnt last forever or spray that great.

Coolride17 says:

I have a cheap full size gun, and the fan was heavy on the top and bottom, so I narrowed the fan a bit, and it evened out pretty good. Painted a car silver, with no noticeable mottling. I was amazed for a $60 gun.

Dimitri Dam says:

Its sheap stuff…even well for sintetics..jeje

Frank Caltabiano says:

I didn’t know that ANI made a shit gun. I have two of the R150’s, bought on your recommendation, and the are great. Too bad ANI put this gun out. Thanks for the review Gunny. Keep ’em coming.

driveway_auto_body says:

Excellent video
Gunny telling it like it is
I had bought a cheap mini gun a while back for using 1k primer on lil projects or cut through touch ups it works ok for that but I still gravitate towards my better mini touch up primer gun.
I use Warwick 878 minis
1.4 primer/single stage
1.3 base
1.2 clear
I don’t swap tips etc…I bought a gun for each use

Dale Wright says:

I’ll send you one of the 50,000 kip ($5.8) USD guns like they use here to review lol.

Slicktop 2jz says:

Hey mate what was that facebook page again for finding an apprenticeship? Spray painters Australia? Would you recommend one of these cheaper ones for a one off home job? Not keen on buying all the good gear if i can’t find an apprenticeship.

DjZeroPlayer1 says:

we use the really cheap guns for spray putty

ensoniq2k says:

The question for a hobby DIY guy is will the results be decent even when they won’t last long? I only use them a couple times a year so I bought cheap ones. Right now I use them for woodworking, in the future I’m planing to do some metal painting, maybe an old car.

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