Top 8 Primer Guns

This is The Gunman’s Top 8 Primer Gun Review, a comprehensive unbiased review based on objective facts about each gun. I have ranked each gun on the following 4 criteria. Build Quality, Price, Finish & Versatility
Each given criteria will be ranked on a 0-5 basis, then tallied up to give us a score out of 20.
Build Quality, Price & Finish is pretty self-explanatory, I added extra criteria for this review “Versatility” for the purpose of a large portion of my audience who are D.I.Y./Hobby painters and may just want one gun they can use for Primer, Base, 2K Colour & Clear Coat. So if a gun is available in a wide range of fluid tips it will get a higher Versatility score. If versatility is not an issue for you, disregard this.

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

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entertainment & to help people learn my methods.
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If you are unsure of the health risks of any products
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Naoufel Melayh says:

your comment about some brands ,as italco ,aourarita , and some other middle and acceptable qualitites
i used in the past , kremlin ,gun sprayer ,it is very correct quality but i dont see it where to buy ,thanks

Mario Mocofan says:

Thanks The Gunman,it seems that de vilbiss is the king!

David Caro says:

Thank you for you videos!! You are the best…………..Lets paint some shit!!! 🙂

014Chevy says:

Do you have a video on prepping to paint race stripes?

Emily Fisher says:

Would love this!!!!

Naoufel Melayh says:

hi sir the gunman, thanks for those videos , please to inform us what difference coating ,about , lvlp and hvlp
is there any tests , what do i consider for best spraying ,micro diffusion , insist for the clear coat , thanks

Kyle R. says:

Eastwood concours pro review? Is it good?

DZ says:

Hi gunman. I really enjoy watching your videos and learn a lot from them. I am a diy guy looking to learn the automotive painting trade to be able to fix my own cars. Looking to buy myself spray guns. I would like to know what your opinion is on having a specific primer gun for diy guy. Do I need it? Or is it ok to run primer through your paint gun. My current options are these and I can’t decide what to buy.
Iwata az3 w/ 1.8 tip – 105usd + Flg5 w/ 1.4 tip – 125usd = total 230 usd
Flg5 w/ 1.4 and 1.8 tip – 155usd
GPI w/ 1.4 and 1.8 tip – 245usd
For diy that will use 2 times a month what would you recommend? Do I need a specific gun for primer or should I just get one gun with two tips and use it for everything? Is it bad to be running primer through your paint and clear gun? Thank you.

014Chevy says:

I’m trying to buy a Square body chevy and paint it Chevelle blue/midnight blue mix MAYBE with some flake but what I’m getting from this DeVilbiss GPi would be the best gun for me. Am a wrong? I don’t know much about professional painting tools but i can paint like a king with a rattle can so lmk if you have any tips oh and i need a new shop compressor any suggestions

ellieanne orchard says:

Love to come and paint some shit with you !!

Saulys says:

Have you tried GTI pro lite with 1.8 fluid tip? Never knew they exist until a week ago. If you have would like to hear your opinion on it. 🙂

Chris Reber says:

Hi Gunman, I would like to get a new spray gun that I plan to use for basecoat only. I think I have narrowed it down to the Iwata lph400 with the lvx aircap or a prolite. Which would you recommend and which aircap would you recommend for basecoat on the prolite?

SPizzzzle says:

Hi gunman! Do you know anything about carc paint (chemical agent resistant coating) we use it on military vehicles it’s really thick paint thicker then your standard primer I would say that has sand in it am curious what paint gun to get and what nozzle tip to get with it, would a 1.8 be enough our should go higher?

Artie6937 says:

Hi mate great videos, I’ve seen some iwata bellaria w400 on EBay for about $360 Australian dollars I’m hoping that they are not fake , by any chance would you happen to know if they are fake?

waltwitty says:

oooh, I want a chance to win! I’ve been looking for a primer gun. I bought a1.8 primer gun from TCP Global for $40 USD. I had several uses on it. Painted, 1k lacquers and 2K primers. Currently the darn thing is leaking air from the bottom air controller knob. I’m thinking its a rubber seal that’s gone bad. Thanks for the video.

Sunil Kolekar says:


Rybson B says:

Hello,which gun is better in your opinion for base coat and clear coat..Devilbiss FLG 5 1.4 or Devilbiss GPI 1.4 ??

Shaun Heath says:

I enjoy all the videos I’ve seen. There informational and not a bore to watch. I’ve retained so good stuff from the gunman. I personally like the Sata, I look for that flawless finish and the Sata is the gold standard.

MrLarryQ says:

I have the ANI R-150 detail gun and I concur with Gunny’s remark about the ANI cups– they’re the weak spot, hard to close the lids sometimes. The gun itself is very good however.

Hahano86 says:

Hi, I’m im wondering if the FLG 5 is still considered the best primer gun. I see there is a FLG 670 and wasn’t sure if that was an updated version. I was also looking Into the DeVilbiss TEKNA Primer Spray Gun 1.8 and 2.0 mm Nozzle Size 704175 gun. Do you suggest either of these three or maybe a new favorite? Thanks for the read and videos.

Junkers says:

That intro music though hahaha, very regal.

Hendry Beast says:

Hey gunman love your stuff just have a question when your spraying the cap ontop of the pot you always have off are you supposed to have the cap off are you worried about paint ever coming out cheers

Archie Bunker says:

Awesome channel – One stop shop for learning anything and everything about painting.

uncleraggy says:

Great feedback Gunman! I’m looking to get myself a mid range gun, I was leaning towards towards the Airgunsa but might rethink after you mentioned the fan width. Cheers!

Chris says:

Been using the Tekna Primer gun the last month for sealer and primer. Spray both products with 1.4 high efficiency cap. I dont care for the hvlp one. $300

Andrew Dawson says:

Nice vid Gunman, so many nice guns!

The Gunman says:

For the opportunity to win one of 3 of these guns thanks to SprayGuns Direct, first leave a like on this video then see the link below, read the article and leave a comment and you’re in the running, easy as that.

therefore therefore says:

Great review buddy… Can’t wait to go out and get a spray gun…

Harold Andeweg says:

Why don’t they make a mini/midi primer gun? There are mini/midi guns for base and clear but you can’t find mini guns with a 1.6-2.0 nozzle.
Isn’t this odd?

Robert Greever says:

I couldnt leave a comment over there. Thanks for the vids, I learn alot.

Tony Chiesa says:

Keep up the great work. The information you give us is top notch. I’ve been waiting for this review as I’m in the market for a new primer gun. The one I have works but not really happy with it. It was cheap so I guess I can expect that. My color and clear guns are both pro lites bought on your reviews (tekna here in the US) and I couldnt be happier with them. Picked up an SRI mini gun and love it as well.

Butker Harley says:

Thanks for all of the info and time you give us newbies. It is refreshing to get the facts and an honest opinion.

therefore therefore says:

Interesting videos

darrenbridget says:

I brought a supercheap gun. Enuff said lol

ryans2kidz says:

Which Devilbiss gun is the best for spraying polyesters? Also, Devilbiss has the FLG-4 #803560 that has a 1.8 and 2.2 tip but DOESN’T have a air adjusting valve with gauge. Which would be the best gauge for that gun? Thanks for all your great videos!

Steve Neubauer says:

Awesome review. You moved through the guns quickly, holding my interest without taking lots of time. Great criteria and objective analysis and discussion!

Marcelo Rooney says:

love your reviews top notch

Charles Locklear says:

I missed my chance at this drawing I’ve been subscribed to your channel for about a year, I’m currently trying to save up some money to purchase the flg5 i got the ani 150 from spraygun direct when I saw your review, I’m new to painting trying to get my shed setup to start spraying it has been kinda expensive purchasing air compressor and filters. I just got my air lines and now working on saving money to get a decent set of guns as i said i got the ani 150 and a purple gun from harbor freight but dont think i can spray clear with either gun, if you have any extra guns u think i could use to spray base and clear with feel free to keep me in mind, thx for your videos I’m learning alot from you and take your recommendations on what to purchase seriously. Thx again..

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