Top 8 Mini Spray Guns

This is my top 8 mini gun review, see my website through the first link below to enter a competition for a chance to win 1 of 3 guns featured in this video.

COMPETITION IS CLOSED, congratulations to the 3 winners, stay tuned for more.

Below are links to standalone reviews I have done on some of these guns.
1: The winning gun



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Roys channel says:

Good video I need a spray gun for respraying lawnmowers would you recomend a mini gun would be best and something as a all rounder

Bigfoot in Germany says:

Great review Gunny. I am looking for a gun for shooting electric guitars, mostly bodies, but also the backs of necks. Most of the finishes are basic automotive finishes. Some of the clear top coats are high particulates, some are not. Any hints where I might go? I saw your top 10 guns, and currently have a DeVilBiss FL G5 sitting in my Amazon cart with a 1.8 tip but I also have a Air Gunza AZ3 with a 1.5 sitting there. Both are about the same around 130 euros. I’m a boutique builder and only turning out around 10-12 high end guitars per month. But I want to get away from nitrocellulose in rattle cans. I get a great finish from it, in fact you couldn’t tell it apart from any other factory finish, but that shit is expensive. Mostly on the shipping end only coming from UK to Germany. And the nitro just takes too damn long to really set hard. Another builder in Arvada Colorado is using a 1.5 on 2K finishes out of cheap guns, but then the Anest Iwata LHI 400 for the clear coat with a 2.2 mm tip because his clear is a high particulate top coat. But once he’s done with it, he has almost no wet sanding at all. I would really love that!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m basically a noob again. I used to paint golf carts way back in the day, and then surfboards with Polylite resin about 25 years ago. So I still remember the basics, but coatings have changed since then… except for the nitro finishes… Anyway, Thanks for your videos Gunny. Very much appreciated! Bob in Germany Trinity Customs

romas7ify says:

I would choose the Iwata

Trent J says:

Hu Gun man, have been watching all you video’ truly great stuff mate.i have a few various guns in my collection but never have been able to afford a deville Sri pro lite with a 1.2 ish tip size, Would you have a spare to send out?keep up the fantastic video’s. Legend!!!!
Thanks Trent

Norkhan Ktpii says:

gunman.. my applications is doable with mini spray guns and Im thinking of buying better gun soon tell me straight which one Sataminijet4400 or the pro lite gti? thanks my compressor is 3HP 9 cfm

Alex Hartmann says:

Awesome video, thanks! I plan on doing metal art where I am painting aluminum panels with the new Createx water based Candy 2.0 colors. The panels I do will be 4′ x 3′ & as big as 4′ x 6′ so do you think the ANI R150 will be good for me? My budget is $200 U.S. On the bottle for the candy colors it says Spray Gun 1.2 – 1.3mm or Mini Gun 0.8 – 1.0mm 25 – 35 psi. I have a 20 gl compressor rated 5.2 SCFM @ 40 psi so just wondering which gun you would recommend. Thanks mate!!

sean craig says:

can you use smaller compressors with mini spray guns?

1minibean says:

Can you recommend me a water based paint for just using these mini guns for artwork on walls such as graffiti ?

Eriberto Jr. Crucero says:

ANI, like the looks

Tackz One says:

How much compressor pressure are you using? What size compressor would be appropriate?

pauli150 says:

I’m a woodworker looking for a lvlp gun as my compressor only gives me about 5-6 cfm at 40 psi. Any recommendations?

Peter Mckechnie says:

Hi Gunny, great review, I prefer mini guns for my miniature landrover builds as they are great for getting into tight places and as you said work well with smaller compressors. Ive been using that cheap fast mover one that your not keen on and believe it or not I can get some decent results with 2K DG. It defo going to get shelved now and that ANI ordered. I’m thinking if I can get good results with the fast mover it can only be better with the ANI.

diana amador says:

wat kinda spray gun is this no name on it but this number 919-15002

Mike Bonge says:

Such a good video

diana amador says:

wat kinda spray gun is this no name on it but this number 919-15002

1minibean says:

Also, I use a small compressor, a Makita mac2400. Can you recommend me a mini gun at a cheap price to go with it ? Just for graffiti

Norbert H says:

Thinking of buying the A.N.I gun, what size tip would you recommend for spaying bicycles in base and clear coat

Eriberto Jr. Crucero says:

“What” i mean

JOE BLOW says:

Great review pal.I think its very cool that you take the time out of your day to do this.I’ve tried them all over the 40+years I’ve been painting and I ended up with the Iwata 80.I’ve got two Satas sitting in my garage.I do mobile repair and paint and Iwata has been the most durable and highest quality.The Satas really disappointed,clogged up,broke,I was having them refurbished all the time,that’s why I bought three.anyway,the Starrs were great for the money and DeVilBiss is a good gun hands down.The thing that made me an Iwata customer for life.I dropped an 80 and it broke right under the cup.Id had the gun over 4 years.Emailed Iwata and they sent me a new one within a week,”keep the old one for parts” Also,no gun atomizes and sprays metallics like Iwata,IMO.I have an LS400 for bigger jobs and that thing is incredible.But thanks for the review,I’m gonna check out the AZ 40.Thanks again

Jason Enz says:

Can you spray flake with a mini gun? Do they have bigger air cap choices?

Thanks dude!!!

Pav M says:

So where do I get one of these ANI R150 guns from in Australia ? I’m from Melb 🙂

Eriberto Jr. Crucero says:

Gunny shats the price of no. 1 ANI?

Joseph Tasse says:

Also subscribed here. This Gunman videos are AWESOME!

Blizs Garage says:

Great videos Gunman. Do you know if a pps adapter is avail for the Ani R150? Cheers

cr0ss0ut says:

Im a beginner hobby sprayer, i was considering getting a full size doing mostly detailed work so this definitely helps me out! thanks!

Michael Menard says:

finally watched this one, good choice ANI. I have the big 150 and actually find it easier to use than my Pro-Lite. Mostly my being a neophyte, but I feel I would easily have bought the Ani and been happy.

Rob bigemon says:

Great videos as always thanks

tom thompson says:

handy review

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