Top 10 Spray Guns

So many spray guns on the market, this video was a bit of fun for me to make by listing my top 10 Spray Guns, it was actually a pretty easy list to put together.
So in this video I have included a small amount of video footage of each spray gun and a quick description explaining why it made the position, I hope you enjoy watching my Top 10 Spray Gun video and if you did be sure to share it with a friend.

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roberto panico says:

i would like to know what are the Best spray gun for:
Prime coat
base coat
clear coat .
thank you, greetings from Italy!
P.s what tip for each gun?

Dystopic Winter says:

I found you through NollaGirl504. Glad I did, I like a lot of your content. I’m creating my own channel as well. I’d really appreciate your support. You’ve definitely got mine. (Criticism and advice is always helpful and appreciated as well.)

Juan Mendoza says:

cuanto cuesta la devilvis

k1kenzi says:

Hi, what you think about ingersol rand spray gun. Affordable and I’m not pro, but it’s been the only gun ever I used and like to know your opinion on it.

Bilal Hassan says:

Hi Gunman, just wanted to say thank you for this video. I had been using only HVLP guns (mostly a DeVilbiss FLG4) for furniture finishing and was getting CONSTANT orange peel, no matter what. Based on your recommendation, I went and bought a Tekna Pro (slightly bigger version of the ProLite) with the TE20 aircap, and Oh My God, what a difference. Lays clear like glass. A bit more overspray, but what a finish. Thank you so much!

Andrew Rodriguez says:

What gun do you recommend for a beginner for primer and base and clear??

nunya your business says:

why is it you neve review any sharpe’s

Frank Caltabiano says:

I went back and rewatched this top 10 video since it was so informative and it had been a years since I watched it. I had forgotten what the pics were except for #1, and recently purchased an ANI F150 and a Devilbiss GPI, but yet have had a chance to use them, but I”m sure they are great.

Thanks again Gunny!

Ian Duijsens says:

yo gun man what do you think about this el cheapo to use fot my tiny projects

amartinezy2k says:

Not sure but i see the best clear results made for iwata anest W400, Right?

Sean Ham says:

Hi, I posted this question on another video by you but thought it was better to ask it here. I was just wondering if you can do a review on the 3M Accuspray Spray Gun System?

Arron Bayley says:

So excited!!! Doing this when I start college. Can’t wait !

Terry McGuire says:

Not sure Ill get a response but here goes… Any idea what gun I should buy for using enamel paints on furniture? This includes primer, top coat and clear. Be great to get an all in one gun. I bought a velocity VGS and its no good. Not sure between Iwata 400 and Devilbiss.. and what type of set up. Thanks to. You have great training videos.

habeas corpus says:

My shop has ran the FLG3&4, with my only complaint is that the 4 was less ergonomic, but dependable for every day use. We’ve upgraded to Techna Pro this year, and now use the FLG4 as sealer guns. The FLG 4 is a very versatile gun and a great value, but the Techna difference on performance and efficiency is like night and day. As far as setting my fan goes, i just adjust it until I have the sharpest crisp edge on the fan and then go. Keep up the good shootin”.

Damion Russell says:

i do. appreciate what. you. guys. are doing. keep. up the. good works

fierorx8 says:

I have a Warwick 904he and want to send it to you to review it. It is my first spray gun and it only has a 1.4 tip on it. Let me know if you are interested!!

Assy Mcgee says:

Devilbiss spray guns are awesome for automotive finishes, I myself have sprayed many different brands of paint with different type’s of VOC here in the U.S. , for me the Iwata lph 400 was the best for spraying 2.1VOC single stage paint or 2k clear on large fleet trucks, Sata spray guns have worked well for me spraying metallic single stage paint.

andy mac says:

Nice vid mate . Good information .

Heriberto Gonzalez says:

any information on an anest iwata lph-50

wayde walker says:

if you have tried I would like your opinion on a devilbiss 670 plus gun been around for 10-15 years still available new. as I recall devilbiss came out with the GTI millennium and 670+ at the same time

Wilford Green says:

you should review the lvlp sp 33000 1.3 sprayit sold by California tools

Coco Station says:

subscribe from NollaGirl504

abraham rebolledo says:

thanks bro…#1 the gunman For helping me choose my new Spray gun good video

nt3523 says:

Great vid. Every gun I use is on this list….but I would put them in a different order. My FLG is my sealer gun, Tekna for color, Supernova for clear. I know why you put the Tekna at #1, it is probably the most versatile gun ever built, and is the best base gun I have ever used. If I could only have one gun…it would be a Tekna. But the best clear gun, in my opinion, is the Supernova. Hands down.

Safraz Hassan says:

so far so good

JBIRD575 says:

how do get straight panels do ya use long blocks

Ahmeds M says:

awesom guns

Holiness or hell says:

Hey Gunman! I watch all your videos for professional everyday use which two do you recommend? I’m a big fan of Iwata, but like Devilbiss too

Allah-ou Akbar says:

Love your videos man!

lilearlus says:

do a devilish plus gun review

Marcos Santiago says:

Awesome videos! Do u have a video on laying down some metallic base coat? How do u avoid tigers strips?

Mark Hottuna says:

Awesome video, my LJ Torana resto I am doing I can see the advantages of a mini gun. Cheers

ในใจ อยากได้สอง says:


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