Tool Reviews: Fuji Mini-Mite 4 HVLP Spray System

This comprehensive review is for the Mini-Mite 4 HVLP Spray system. I have been using this system daily for almost a year and felt it was time to provide some feedback and insight into this incredible tool.

You can find the Mini-Mite 4 & Accessories here:
Mini-Mite 4:
Whip Hose:
2 Turbine Filters:
5 Spare Check Valves:
1.5mm Aircap Set:
Remote Control:

Perfect High Volume Setup:
Q5 Platinum:
Pressure Pot:
Remote Control:
Extra Check Valves:
1.5mm Tip Set:

Additional lower cost spray guns purchased from:


Doug says:

Excellent Video !!
The Mini-Mite 4 HVLP Spray system. Great product, like he says in the video “very easy to spray stuff”. The gravity feed T75G System is portable and makes any job for the DIY look like you were a professional painter. No matter how small or big the job is.

RMA 5150 says:

GREAT demo dude! Thank you. Answered a lot of questions ..

240Z2NV says:

Really Well-Done Review …. EXCEPT for fact that you referred to the gun [initially] as Gravity Feed. It is actually a SIPHON-Feed Gun. Old School design, that has stood the test of Time. If I have access to a pneumatic compressor, I definitely use Gravity Feed [Cup ABOVE gun].
Thanks for a Nice Review

Wes Hilton says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it gets the job done for me.

David Ilijevski says:

now those additional guns u have can there work with all other turbines ,if i were to go with the capspray i would not want to fork out extra 300 plus for additional guys would rather get the same guys u have

Martin Simon says:

Awesome video, very informative!

It’s not a fuji, but it will suffice!

doug stead says:

what is the other brand and model gun that you showed? great video! thank you. doug

Christian Appleby says:

Excellent demo and video, this is a system I’m considering as an internal painter. I’d be using it for painting indoor woodwork, doors, architraves skirting boards and stair strings and spindles etc. Would this machine work well with oil based gloss and satin wood paints? You mention about making sure the viscosity is right and I guess each paint brand differs but have you any general tips for thinning? Many thanks christian

Diana Kim says:

You commented that this might not necessarily be great for painting a house interior. I’m wondering if that is just because of the number of times required to refill the paint or if there were other reasons. Thanks!

Henry Mostert says:

that was a great video. thank you for the info. I was very helpful.

jorge sanchez says:

hi great video, what do you thin your latex paint with?

bucxluxorx2o0o says:

Excellent video review! Can you confirm if the cap/needle from the Fuji gun is compatible with the Aerojet gun?

Frank May says:

Very informative. Thank you.

Artagain says:

This was a super helpful video. After researching the other brands and with the help of this review, I decided to purchase this unit (also Fine WW gave it a Editors pick too). Thanks for the detailed review!

Dennis V says:

Great, informative video. Appreciate the links, that will save some time.

Anthony Zenos says:

Would you know if the spray tips of these 2 different brands of gun are interchangeable? If I have a Fuji gun with a 1.8mm tip, and the other brand with a 1.3mm tip, could I swap pieces from the aircap set from one gun to the other? Thanks for the great video.

Michael Tulloch says:

Well done Lad.

dreamtheater267 says:

Great video….very informative….do you think it would be good for finishing guitars? It seems so…..thank you

Chris Amenta says:

thank you for explaining the differences for different uses….

j ventura says:

looking at a mini mite vs a Q system. Other then noise any other advantages?

adi m says:

nice video…

David Ronconi says:

I build acoustic guitars and have used a standard conversion hvlp setup. I’m looking to get a Fuji hvlp setup for spraying lacquer and nothing else….is the 2-stage semi pro enough or is it necessary to upgrade to the 3 or 4? Thanks for your help!

Scott West says:

Oh, what do you think?

Benjamin Zipf says:

Hello, I need to paint cabinet doors and I bought the Fuji MM4 for this purpose.
I’m using a Benjamin Moore Latex Cabinet Paint. I’m thinning the paint accordingly.
1. Do I need to sand in between coats?
2. Do I have to lay the cabinet doors flat or can I hang them and spray them on all sides while they’re hanging?

Doug Clark says:

I would like to know the difference between this 800 dollar system and the 425 dollar system, the mini mite 4 only weighs 2 pounds more. Two pounds could be a few extra attachments, dosent seem enough weight difference for significant rotary compressor difference?
The spray guns are the same.

Javier Perez says:

quiero saber si puedo pintar mi carro con una turbina mini mote 3 4h marca Fuji, si habría q cambiarle la boquilla.

tenzin kalden says:

Thanks, great review. I used mine several years ago and now I’m going to use it again. my question is, can you use two or more guns at the same time without jamming the gun. In other words, how long can paint stay in the gun before you have to clean it? I’m sure it’ll be different for different finishes. Thanks again.

David Wishko says:

I totally enjoyed your video on the Fuji Mini-Mite. I am totally new at spray guns and I am concerned on how to clean the system. I make boxes and small projects and I am concerned that cleaning will take much longer than the spraying of the project. Also, do you have a video on how to check and change the viscosity of the spraying material? Thank you very much. Dave.

Blair Wise says:

great review!!


Great review ,very informative, answered all my questions. Thank You

Gotallofthem1 says:

Aside from painting with this unit I wanted to use it for other purpose such as.

I know that Turbine Sprayers are different than standard sprayers in that they have larger air but lower PSI. I was looking for something like this (the FUJI, possibly the stage 5), that is portable, that I can put my “Rinseless Car Wash Liquid (basically water), to wash/pre-soak the dirt off my car before I scrub it down.

Does the liquid that comes out of this have enough power to do this? I mean if you were to put some water in it and hold your hand to the Gun is there enough force coming out?

Basicllly I want to do what this guy is doing, (especially at @47 seconds).
So can this unit do what the guy in vid is doing? Cause I like the idea of it since it looks more portable

Gotallofthem1 says:

I was interested in getting the stage 5 of this unit and Amazon reviews are keeping me away. The main issue has been the hose melting where it connects to the unit with so hot that it gets. That concerns.

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