Titan or Graco HVLP sprayer? Which One To Buy!

HVLP paint sprayers from Titan & Graco are looked at and compared. Which sprayer should you buy? If you have tried either please let us know in the comments and please share this video.

My Titan Capspray playlist: https://goo.gl/Bmi26Z

Titan Capspray 115: http://amzn.to/2gU18qU
Graco FinishPro: http://amzn.to/2fcitHW
Titan Maxum spray gun: http://amzn.to/2jhQifx
Titan Remote pot: http://amzn.to/2eOLxVl
PPS spray cup: http://amzn.to/2vYkKkI

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lionel medellin says:

Have you guys tried the Apollo HVLP Power Series 5 Stage? I have the 7500 gun and it works great!

King Almighty says:

How do you stay so clean while painting lol

John Fichtner says:

I can’t stand that Graco gun. The biggest reason is that the plastic they used expands with hot solvents and renders it useless if you want to ever screw the gun to the cup. lol It’s nearly impossible to screw it on frankly if you use hot solvents. Which is what it’s made for. Same thing goes for the black plastic ring and the spring on the front. Also, the whip has a one year warranty but I’ve gone through 5 whips in the last year. They break right at the end where they connect to the end. Also, on the Graco, the heat release tube in the back blows a straight line of hot air right out the back which blows dust all over the room. Pretty not smart if you ask me. Also, I have cut my hands on the sharp edges of the Graco. And so have three of my employees. NOT COOL. I’ll be switching all of my HVLPs over to Fugi units unless I can find higher quality. I don’t give a shit what country they are made in. If they are made better, I’ll buy them.

akd052774 says:

Guys, not sure if you thought about this, but you can turn the turbine power “ON” remotely by using the following.
Woods 32555WD Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Kit, with 100ft Range or a simple Power Adapter with Red Indicator On/Off Switch.

Matt Anderson says:

So just finished doing some research on these two units and I went with the Graco 9.5 for the following reasons.
1) Recommendations from a repair shop that services both units.
2) Has a compressor built into the unit to push paint from remote cup (Titan doesn’t have this compressor within the unit main reason the repair shot recommended)
3) Auto shut off is nice feature that might save some wear and tear and reduction of noise when not using.
4) Easy to change out fluid set
5) I looked into the the 6 stage of the Titan vs 5 stage of Graco as that was one of my concerns thinking more is better. I was told HVLP is under 10 PSI so a 6 stage is not needed. Therefore it was done simply to one up the Graco but is not needed and provides little benefit.
6) The superior on/off buttons in the Graco as mentioned in this video.
7) Variable speed of the turbine.

Will & Steve says:

Love you guys and have learned a lot about both airless and HVLP sprayers. However, I do wish you would not try to promote your own personal beliefs by quoting the bible. Painting has nothing to do with religion and I wished you would keep it that way.

claude adderley says:

Th quick Start is your answer

JC Wilks says:

Sure wish you would use both sprayers before making a video on which one to buy. Especially since you have used the Titan extensively, but not the Graco. Hopefully in the future you will use the product before making a video about it. If not then call it an unboxing video with first impressions.

Clint Price says:

Have you looked at the Fuji HVLP machines, not all plastic.

John Romero says:

Do you guys ever fucking paint anything in your videos or just talk?

Fernando Olveraugalde says:

Chris, you forgot to mention that the Graco is a 5 turbine and the Titan is a 6 turbine. I would think that would be a pretty important factor; the 6 would be superior? You also mentioned the transfer pump on the titan, I thought the Graco had an accessory that can do the same.

jleigh330 says:

Fuji q5!

Oleg Meln says:

I like how you put Bible verses there. God bless you guys. Subscribed.

Jim Hall says:

It’s been a few months… How do you guys like the Graco HVLP vs the Titan now that you’ve had some time to use it.

speedwayman100 says:

i am going to paint the inside of my house and im thinking im going to paint the ceilings and walls the same color of white and for that reason i was thinking about buying a sprayer now these are 1500 or so what type of sprayer would you recommend? thanks for your videos!

Robert Cary says:

Hey Chris, for a handyman that paints occasionally would you recommend a sprayer or a hvlp to get started with?

Luis Cruz says:

2 Thessalonians 1: 2 thanks for the review brothers i’ve made up my mind

Lance Litvinoff says:

So having it over a year do u like the Graco ?

wjb96707 says:

Bra wtf?! U mean u dont even spray with the godamn thing and youre doing a review of the system? Who the f*** cares about the cosmetic stuff?! I wanna know how it PERFORMS! Theres seven minutes and forty three seconds ill never get back. Pressed stop at that point.

Bikersupport says:


Jeremy Owings says:

I am looking at the capspray 105 at the moment. I will not need it much right now. You commented on a different video about how the 105 was a slightly cheaper unit.

Ned Casey says:

I’ll happily take one of those off your hands if it’s no longer wanted.

Sam O says:

Nice Vid…. thanks painter dudes!

Joaquin Ramirez says:

Can i use the titan gun on the graco?

RomerosVideos says:

I am a Resurfacer and I use the Elite for counter tops / tubs / cabinets.

Joaquin Ramirez says:

If i spray with an hvlp instead of a graco 395 do i have to sand in between coats if i am spraying kitchen cabinets?

Casta de Campeones Mundo Gallero says:

Graco is American made.. Titan are Chinese.. Graco is lighter and that helps you alot imagine to work all day with a heavy one man no way.. Graco all the way

doc hall says:

Hope that wasn’t his wife calling !! Lol

Luis De Leon says:

I’ve benn using the titan 115 for over 2 years great machine

moparx12 says:

I have the Graco 9.0 with the edge II PLUS gun. I think its built very solid and I do like the smart start feature.

One problem I did have though and it looks like you might have the same, is the cover for the paint cup deteriorating and cracking, rendering the cup useless. I will say that tech support was extremely helpful in resolving the issue though, and they sent me replacements right away. I was told that they had a bad batch of covers where the plastic material used is incompatible with the common chemicals you would use in a sprayer, such as lacquer thinner.

Be on the lookout, because I think the color of the cap is a good indicator of whether or not you have a good one. The ones that failed on me were translucent with a blue tint. The replacement cup assemblies they sent had a more opaque white top, similar to the cup itself.

One more thing I have noticed is the o-ring on the connection of the cup to the gun. In only a few uses, the o-rings have deteriorated and need to be changed. On an older Capspray gun, there was no o-ring at that connection making it one less wear item to worry about.

Charles Youngblood says:

Awesome I am really looking forward to the review on the Graco because I am just about to purchase a HPLV and was leaning toward the Titan because of your reviews… THANKS A Million…

Nathan Beitler says:

I was at the Sherwin Williams Pro Show in the Chicagoland area yesterday and purchased my first HVLP sprayer. (Planning to do some cabinetry jobs in the near future.) I went back and forth between the Capspray and the Graco. Ended up going with the Graco for a variety of reasons, the foremost of which was pricing. The Graco 9.0 was $150 off regular pricing, came with $200 Graco cash, and a 2nd free gun, which was super. The Capspray 115 was about $200 more, came with a second free gun, but no other incentives. I tried them both out at the show, and liked both. Hopefully I’ll be happy with my decision. Winning a TV as a door prize was icing on the cake. Next is trying to figure out which products I want to go with for priming and top coats. Also, I’m thinking I need to either buy a racking system or build one for my needs. You guys probably have a video on that somewhere, right? I just found you guys on YouTube and love the videos. Keep it up! Also, I appreciate the scripture references. That was a nice surprise!

David Ilijevski says:

Nice informative video guys .I’m conflicted with which hvlp system I’m opting for and my choice is a toss up between the titan or Fuji…fuji has a good reputation and I think I will opt with the minimite 5 …i find parts are cheaper and I like the fact that it’s manufactured in Canada.

PBS #007 says:

Gallery thanks for the info American made is better..

John Politis says:

Graco gun can be reversed to gravity Fed. Regulator of turbine speed is cool

Michael Barker says:

please do follow up with a review after using. Thanks for this video. I am really enjoying the reviews with your staff that you’ve been doing recently.

Paul Strong says:

Titan looks like a boom box lol..

henry r says:

Hey Chris how’s it going, I have the capspray115 ,that’s funny bout the on off switch, I was wondering bout that, just had mine fixed, brought it to a job when to turn it on and the button wasn’t there, that was agrivating. Anyway enjoy what you have going here ,I’m a subcontractor for a big company in CT, I work CT, RI, NY , MA , mainly commercial painting ,if any of subscribers have a company in those areas I mentioned and need a sub have them give me a call, I have a couple projects going right now but can always use more, been painting 30+yrs,i really respect what you have going here, thanks for showing painting and painters in a professional light, keep up the great work, Henry a fellow painter in CT

Gustrapos Ramirez says:

I love my Titan TS50 It has never given me trouble in 20 years of hard use.

mark l says:

Gracie is better quality and has a transfer pump

wjb96707 says:

Hey sorry for the irate comment earlier. I wont be havin that second cup of coffee tomorow morn im here to tell ya.

Niall says:

Good video!

luis fuentes says:

I had a titan in 5 months he burned
in my opinion capspray is the best

doc hall says:

You might give away a paint shield. Call it the ” Brooke Shield “. And it comes with a custom biblical engraving; ” Repaint & thin no more “. Hahaha

Shawn Faust says:

Do you get paid in cash or in exchange for free equipment?

Salvador Martinez says:

I am between the Titan 105 and the Graco 3800. Which one do you guys recommend? Planning to purchase with In a week or so

Miguel Camacho says:

any of you guys use the titan 915 for sprying doors & trim work.. ? if you have how dose it final product come out ?

Aaron Bebeau says:

I just bought a Fugi Q5 Platinum. Have you guys had any experience with Fugi products? I’m happy with it so far. Does a quality job and is incredibly quiet.

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