The Right Spray Gun for You

So many Spray Guns on the market but which one is right for you? In this video I will show you my gun collection, tell you the good ones from the bad and try to help you in your choice of which Spray Gun you should buy.
Starting with the Anest Iwata Bellaria then onto Star New Century S4000, a new favorite of mine DeVilbiss SGK-600-BV 1.4mm, then a great mini gun Star EVOT 1.2mm ideal for hobby use, the useless no name HVLP chinese garbage guns, a handy mini gun PBS brand .8mm, The original DeVilbiss GTI, The Star S106 2.8mm Polyester Filler Gun, the Airgunsa AZ3 HTE2 1.8mm ideal for light primers, my personal favorite DeVilbiss (Tekna) GTI Pro Lite boasting LVLP HVLP & Conventional Air Caps and Multiple options of Tip Size, The GTI Pro U.S. (Tekna Pro), the DeVilbiss GTI PRI, The DeVilbiss Copy Spray Gun by Italco and finishing off with my Anest Iwata Neo Dual Action Airbrush. I will explain in detail the features, pros and cons of each gun. I hope you like this video.
Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Automotive Refinishing.

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sonet morn says:

Do you think you can review/demo Sharpe FX3000 sometime? Thanks

JOGO says:

Hmmm no Sata ?

mezz2710 says:

Would the evo-t mini be good for spraying buggy frames ?

Aiyaz Khan says:

at what pressure to apply clear coat with h-600-italco.

Danilo Peternek says:

Man do you sell your old guns?

Isidro Gonzalez says:

Can you send me a old nice gun please

Brad Bater says:

I used a sergola today, fixed my peel problem. Fuckin amazing gun

CanisSuperious says:

Hey Gun Man Sorry for coming to the party late, love your videos. I will be painting solid body guitars, so need gun(s) for sealers, polyurethane and nitrocellulose lacquer. Any recommendations for a spray paint newbie?


nick hunt says:

auto body base clear best for each? price doesn’t matter.

Kendall Huseman says:

I currently own a 80gallon two stage compressor, it will do somewhere around 175psi max. What would be a decent gun for me to start out with? I am just a hobbiest, maybe use the gun 2 times a year… Still want a good finish though, not wanting an orange peel finish. I plan on painting a car with it, (black) if that matters any.

LearningZone says:

What a nice excellent collection of guns! I hope one day I will own all of them!

g3skyhigh says:

What spray gun is easy use for bicycle paint?
Now I’m watching devilbliss starting line kit that have 3 guns, is it ok?

billy mroz says:

Do u have any old guns u want to get rid of bec I want to start painting cars and eventually make a business

YouMeMoShi Cruz says:

what pain u use?

Jeffrey Ricardo says:

I haven’t seen many reviews on the Eastwood Concours HPLV gun. The claim is that this gun is perfect for a diy home compressor – only needs 4cfm @ 29psi. Would love to get your thoughts on something like this. Keep up the great work! Your videos are awesome!

Ansell Matthiae says:

Any idea if the Wagema H827A 1.4 is any good?

Zachary Lara says:

Hey I’m 17 and looking into spraying my first car but don’t know what gun to buy what’s something good but won’t break the bank

TheDodoVox says:

Hi! Thankx for this video. I would like to spray polyester filler with my 100 lt compressor. I’ve seen you suggest a air gun but i couldn’t realize what model is it. Could you tell me what i need to look for? thanx

Aman Dabla says:

hi Gunman
possible for a explanation on hvlp vs lvlp nozzles
there are still bit confusing for me

Cesar Alvarez says:

what gun would you recommend for primer?

callum matheson says:

Hey man, I was hoping for some advice from  you. I am new to painting and am about to purchase a gun or 2. I have been looking at the iwata az3 hte2 and until about an hour ago, the flg5 devilbiss. What id like to know is which gun you’d say is a better gun for spraying motorbikes with and how you think the iwata would fair with a 1.3 set up for base(as I know you use this with a 1.8 primer set up)? Finally id like to know if I can use one gun for primer base and clear if the tip, needle and cap are changed out between jobs. For instance buying the iwata with the 1.8 primer set up, could I then buy the parts I mentioned above sized at say 1.3 to turn the gun into a base clear gun or is this a bum move? Where im at is either buying one flg5 and doing what I mentioned above or buying 2 iwatas set up as a 1.8 and a 1.3 as economics make it better to just buy 2 of this gun. As a final note, the iwata can be bought with or without an air adjustment valve at the base of the gun, without is cheaper. If I use a gauge at the bottom of the gun, will I ever need this valve or should I save money and go without it? Cheers man and sorry for the mammoth question:)

Stu VS says:

I really appreciate seeing the bad guns compared to the good. The side by side shows the build quality. And thanks for holding them still and slowing down the vid! Great tour thank you.

brian pratt says:

what’s your take on the eastwood concourse LT for a DIY person

tChoR Yang says:

Quel pistolet de peinture conseil tu pour peindre une voiture entière ?

Arielle West says:

Please use a lavalier mic next time. The reverb makes it very difficult to understand you.

Joseph Fenech says:

DeVilbiss GTi Pro Lite or GTi Pro ?

Jeffrey Krijnen says:

hey man ill follow you for a while and like your work ! i,m still at school but learn a lot for you! keep up the good !

Bryan Dominguez says:

hey man I’m looking to get into painting, what gun would you suggest for me? as a beginner I’m not looking to spend a fortune but i want something quality from the start. All my painting would be from inside my garage and i plan on doing my full car and engine bay. What do you suggest? I’m in the US also btw incase that affects names of guns. Thanks!

OrangeZX10R says:

What spray gun would you recommend for spraying guitars ?

SpecialHam says:

The Gunman I’ve been mesmerized by your vids. Big fan!
I’m a DIY guy and I’m relatively new to spray-guns and compressors and I have some questions for you.

I recently plastidipped my friends car after getting a 50l 3HP compressor and I stumbled across some problems when I tried to adjust the pressure.
Whenever i pulled the trigger I would get a huge pressure drop form 6bar to 2 bar. The pressure would then slowly climb up from 2 bar and higher the longer i pressed the trigger.
The pressure valve is approximately 20cm away from the gun.
Is it normal to get a pressure drop when pulling the trigger on the gun?


Rob Bishop says:

I need to repair some rust on my vw camper, and I’m looking at getting a spray gun setup, could you give me some tips as to a basic setup , e.g. What sort of size compressor and what in addition to the gun to buy to get going, this is a long term project the rust is the immediate project but ultimately want to re spray all panels so rattle cans is not my ideal route

Robin Persaud says:

Hey have you ever heard of the Vexx spray gun, if so what do you think of it

juan Garcia says:

Rolair ab5 this compressor is good to paint gun ?, what gun recommended me to start painting?

sumit wadhwa says:

Gunman thanks for the video, i am planing to buy 2.3HP 180/L air compressor and gun suggested by you DVb sgk 600 sv for painting only parts likeroofs , doors  etc. do u think gun and compressor just wrote will give good results ?

Rodya6272 says:

Will you do a review on the 3m accuspray 16580 kit? It seems like you can usr it for primer base and clear but have yet to see a video of all three and the results. I will be buying one for christmas

colj001 says:

what do you think of bottom feeders? (i mean the spray gun type) cuz i got one in a cheapo kit which im gonna respray a car with.

Nigel Heffernan says:

Hi Gunman fantastic videos i have a few beginner question, what size nozzle should you use for spraying lacquer and should you use HVLP gun ? thanks

Zaneah Kyer says:

quick question got a chance to buy a sharp razor what’s your opinion?

Ryan Roman says:

I did my first job it looks good thanks for all the help

Brandon Keele says:

I’ll trade you my satajet 4000b rp scrollwork edition  for a satajet 3000 hvlp, I miss my 3000, and not happy with this 4000

DIRT NIB says:

have you used the devilbiss slg 610? its what we use currently for primer and sealer.great gun for the price in my opinion.

Happy Trails says:

Would like to see that upcoming video about compressors. I’m watching your other videos and would like to spray smaller things at home in my garage. Nothing too fancy but just looking for a nice DIY setup that gives a nice flat finish.

Cleate Rose says:

Thank you for your videos. I did some auto painting as a young man when everyone had two things in common, Dupont 30S primer and the Binks model 7 spray gun. The paint world sure has moved on since then.

Now I find that I want to return to the trade as part of my motorcycle repair/restoration hobby. A mini would perfect, but they appear to come with microscopic tip sizes like .8mm. Even if I were to find one with a good tip like 1.3 or 1.4, they don’t appear to offer the larger tip size to accommodate primer surfacers which require about 2.2. Is there a one gun does all for my application? What about using detail gun of the sort found at home depot for primer?

It would also be helpful to discuss the difference between hvlp and lvlp and the appropriate uses for both. Thanks for any insight you can offer.

Andy Bhimull says:


Brodie H e P To nn says:

would a 250 litre compressor keep up with a palm sander?

patsikUA says:

What gun do you prefer or think is the for base coats? Like for metallics and pearls ?

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