Star EVO Mini Gun Review & Demo

Star Spray Guns have both good and bad guns, the EVO-T 106tf 1.2mm is a good example of them getting it right, the fan opens up enough to paint single panels but still has a small enough air cap so you can get the precision you need when painting things like alloy wheels, watch this detailed video for all the info you need if you’re looking at buying a new mini gun.

Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Automotive Refinishing.

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Happy Trails says:

Would this be good for painting motorcycle parts?

nunya your business says:

when is part 2 for your apprentice you can call it the return of moses

smoothoperatork1 says:

hi , i really like your videos, iam into painting and fixing up old bicycles, up until now ive only used spray cans and iam very new too painting…. iam finding it very hard to get paint into the tight curves on a bike frame using a can…. iam wondering if this type of gun would be suitable or should i look at using an airbrush…. iam really enjoying painting and want to learn more. any advice appreciated, thanks in advance… plus iam also wondering what would be a good choice of compressor for a gun like this and too also use it if i buy an air brush to learn too use….hoping to keep it pretty quite , i live in a unit block, plus hoping to use the airbrush inside with water based paints with my daughter for fun painting so looking for a good alrounder if that exists lol

Paul Hesse says:

Wow, you know I have gained so much confidence with the Gunman’s training. This has resulted in my use of higher quality equipment and resulted in exceptional results.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste. We all appreciate education from experienced sources.
Thank you Gunman…I owe you one if we ever meet!

johnmaloney1988 says:

Hi Gunman, I’m doing a very quick respray on a mates car, he wants it cheap as possible, just a blow over. There’s quite a lot of stonechips on it that have surface rust. What would the best method be to paint over these bearing in mind the car is only worth around $1000 at most, he just wants to keep it on the road. I know the correct method would be to take it back to metal, treat, epoxy prime, etc but I have two days max to do the car so time is very tight. Thanks for any help.

Mitchell Ferre says:

The yellow seats look great ! Thanks Gunman !

Richard Sammons says:

“Get out there and paint some shit” , Cracks me up every time. Im a painter as well Gunman and i have learnt a lot from you so far many tips and tricks i have applied in my trade which really have paid off. One thing i struggle with, well im ok at it i guess but would like to be faster and tidier at it, is masking when you have some time could you do a tutorial on masking? For example: you have to paint a bonnet and a guard or a rear quarter and a back bumper, the best ways to mask them i would really be interested in that if you could.  Thanks for the time and effort you put into these i really enjoy watching them – Rick

fuzzypumper says:

Great work. Do you have any intention of reviewing the STAR EVO-T full size gun, 1.4mm at any point?

Dana Wick says:

what were those retro chairs from ( year ) cool color nice working gun. awesome as usual

Bugcatcher3d says:

Hi, looking at getting a reasonably priced mini gun for smaller jobs like motobike helmets, guards etc.

Would you recommend this gun for laying down clear & flow coats coats on jobs like that? Helmets often get looked at closely so you need a good finish for the wow factor.

Second, these guns come in 1.2mm and 1.0mm What would be the better choice to use for both basecoat and clear? Guessing 1.2mm as it’s more important to get a good clear finish.


popsztej says:

Thank you Gunman! 🙂

titmusspaultpaul5 says:

Nice one….

Darek Z says:

You said that you ran this gun with 40PSI-is that correct?
I found in the gun manual that this is Lvlp gun and operating pressure should be between 16-19 PSI-or am I wrong???
What will be correct pressure for that gun if you spray base coats and what for clear?

sum guy says:

Hi Gunman.
Big fan of your work and have learned a lot from ya. I do a bit of work repairing minor damage mostly to bumpers for car dealers. I cant use a full size hvlp due to being mobile with a small compressor. Do you think the star evo mini is a good choice for this kinda work?
Do you think its capable of professional results doing blending work and especially getting a good clear coat on?
Any other options in s similar price range that you would consider better?
Sorry for the long question but I sure would value your opinion on this before I get my next gun. Cheers bro

RICK says:

Hey gunny.Vg Auto paints here in Sydney keep trying to push the 2spray mini spray gun distributed by Anest iwata.Have you ever used one of these.they ask about $130 bucks for them.What da ya reckon.

shortarms says:

How does this compare to the ani r150?

Charlotte Glamour says:

have you reviewed the Iwata AZ40 HTE AV Mini touchup gun?

Dan J says:

Another good one mate!
Diffidently need one of these for the rims and small projects.

tour israeli says:

. .Hi , I bought this gun, based on your review, and it is a very nice little gun. excellent results from a hobby point of view Can you help me with the 3M -pps adaptor number to fit this gun?


is HUSKY hvlp paint guns good to paint cars ?

steven mckinsey says:

In your honest opinion. What is the best affordable spray gun under $100 ? I’m looking at some for hobby spraying , but don’t wanna use my good devilbliss guns for small jobs. I found a ” star mountain” mini gun for $20. Idk if it’s worth it or now. Seems pretty solid if you ask me. I’m use to spraying gelcoat on boats , so his little Gun is a first for me lol friend of mine sold me his craftsman air compressor , a set of 2 Campbell hausfeld HVLP guns for $20. He’s moving to a condo and can’t have them. Idk of the HVLP guns are any good or not bit the compressor is pretty decent. Any feedback is great. Love your videos

nunya your business says:

great video

SwPiotrek says:

Pretty good little spray gun.
Thanks for review!

Brian MacKenzie says:

Gunman you always amaze me on well things turn out. I have a rim project coming up thanks again. I hear you’re having on hell of a winter.

E. says:

don’t know if you have tried an iwata lph80 but it’s an amazing touch up gun with changeable tips and needles.

William Donaldson says:

Hi There, I took your advice and looked on ebay.UK ( I live in Nth Ireland ) for one of these Star EVO guns BUT there is none to be had in UK, Nearest is Germany with a hefty postage added SO my question is What else can you recommend in the same
price and quality, thank you for any help you can give me, Your Demo of the Star EVO is great and convinces me that a gun of this type is just what I need.

Сергей Николаевич says:

Hi bro! What is in the ventilation engines spray booth? Only on the inflow into the chamber or the suction is too snail?

nissanmicra93 says:

Hi GUNMANN, you have a student even in Poland 🙂
I painted some years HP guns and it’s ok. I’m going to buy a DeVilbiss GTI but enticed me to the company STAR made in China: / but the trick here, and the question what do you think of the painting’s one quality compared to the GTI? on a scale of 1 to 10 greet

negativejeff says:

Lol you must have more guns than the US army!….. Man there’s nothing like the look of fresh paint.

D and A says:

Industrial paint stripper works bloody well on powdercoated rims will take all that off in about 30mins.

Brendan W says:

Great vid i was only asking you about this gun the other day on fb. I was tossing up between this one and a 2 spray branded one for about $120, think i will go with the star one now. Cheers.

Hey to all you paint reps with guns (sagola hint hint) send this man some guns to review be worth the price of a gun for the sales. So far i have purchased an sgk, 2 × az3 hte2, a pro lite(busting at the seems for this one to turn up) and now a star mini gun solely on his reviews, the man is making you a fortune, send him more to try.

Bit of a plug for ya gunman lol.

Paul Hopkins says:

In the States that same gun is sold under the brand name Astro

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