Spray gun review MATCO MTHVLP14

YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS GUN HERE: https://tinyurl.com/yanldxn5

The crossovers from 3M and Norton are below:

3M Adapter: 9, 16016

Norton paint system adaptor: 21664 9A


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Mike Prignano says:

how would you compare this gun to the tekna basecoat?

Brulserz says:

Kind of a stupid question but… do you always have to hold the gun perpendicular to the curves of the panel when applying clear and base? Thank you.

Andrew Ybarra says:

Thanks man I should of finished the video before asking lol

Dimitri Dam says:

Very nice gun..but the iwata..is diferent

its nunya business says:

was that solvent based paint

henri says:

can you make a video with tips and tricks how to reduce orange peel , ie psi reduced if used etc

Vengo Proto says:

Good my friend

Shain Andrews says:

I put off watching this largely because I didn’t expect much from it either. It looked like it did an excellent job on the sealer and base, and a pretty good job on the clear. Getting a gun that works well with HS clear is challenging. I would expect to run it at max pressure for HS clear which of course knocks the transfer efficiency down. The ergonomics seem interesting. Parts availability is a question I always have with the tool truck wares. They are at a disadvantage since all the paint suppliers in my area stock all wear items for Devilbiss, Iwata, SATA, etc. One call and I have what I need in an hour or so. I’d like to see more on the air regulator and some detailed shots of the air cap.

Infinite Baffle says:

This is the same gun as the Astro pneumatic europro, can be had on Amazon for cheap, i think it’s made by star, and they have it with another name aswell

Gav179 says:

Hey man

How would you rate this gun directly against the ANI F150 full size gun, just curious as they’re both pitched at the same market

C Marshall says:

I don’t quite understand the surprise as at $500 it’s more expensive than a devilbiss prolite so it should be good.

MrFireman164 says:

Nice review sir, is that a Matco regulator too ?

Rodrigo Camacho says:

Hey Gabriel, I’ve got a question, it’s not actually related to the gun itself, but something I’ve been thinking about latelly on the control coat. I know you always lower the pressure when you do your control coat. I’m trying to figure out the reason why. Let me explain. To me, when you apply the control coat the smaller the droplets, the better, right? So wouldn’t it e better to increase the pressure? Or am I getting it totally wrong? lol.

its nunya business says:

has a sata price tag

Matthew benton says:

Hey mate great clip.
Do you find the clear pinches back a little bit where you’ve applied the ppg base?
What ppg clear do you use regularly?
One more question is your clear gun the sw 400 super nover?
Thanks mate love your work.

Steve Lima says:

Do you use any SATA spray guns on a regular basis? And have you used SATA 5000 for clearcoat?

its nunya business says:

looks good

Shamel Powder says:

Great review man. I was not expecting it to preform as well as it did. Looks like it has better transfer efficiency than my WSB SATA.

Gerardo Castillo says:

Thank you brother! I’m have to try this one for sure. I trust your opinion and keep the great tips coming.

Austin Godwin says:

May I ask what clearcoat you use and what temp are you spraying your clear at? I just became the head painter at my shop and am looking for a nice clear coat gun, do you have any recommendations??

Chuck Thomas says:

Great review, appreciate your effort!I suppose this is a Astro/Star EuroPro. These aren’t bad guns if you happen to get one with an aircap that has it’s borings set right and especially the LVLPs are great. Usually around $100..sorry Matco, it’s not a $499 gun. 🙂

Tosh twentythree says:

great video thanks mate

Jeremy Dake says:

I was looking for a gun to paint my jet boat with, with out breaking the bank and I think I’ve found it . Also I real appreciate you for having this channel I’m learning so much. Thank you.

entityalso says:

Who makes the gun for matco

Charlie Smith says:

my gun should be here next week thanks to the video I had to try it out. question have you ever sprayed with Sherwin Williams product

glen mcnabb says:

Can you find out who makes the gun for them?

its nunya business says:

ty for the review gabe

Ratsnest Hotrods says:

Great video nice gun!

Dale Clary says:

Looks like a good gun how much do they coast and how long do you think it would last your paint jobs look great have a nice day


video inutile

me pari coppi

Sergio Ramos says:

How many for this gun ?

Loki Chad says:

What brand of spray gun do u recommend for primer

Chris Escobar says:

Keep up the good work …which gun would you reconmand the matco or the sata 1500


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Steve Janka says:

Good morning Gabriel, I have a couple of questions. Is this waterborne basecoat? And also, I have watched you start from the top of the panel withe the basecoat, and also from the bottom of the panel with the basecoat. I am sure you have a reason for this. Thanks, great video.

Skeet Wheeler says:

Awesome work Gabe. Love what you do. Keep up the good work. Nice to see someone always willing to educate others.

its nunya business says:

i sure will i try to send you viewers forthe channel too i seen a review on the new sagola gunny says its slow

Allen Lackey says:

Nice review thanks for the info little pricey for a diy guy like my self but for some one that paints for a living they may need this one for the price

d c says:

Great video as usual..just a quick question,is the extraction in your spray booth that good that you don’t need to cover the whole car?

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