Should I Buy a Cheap Spray Gun?

In this video we ask the question “Should you buy a Cheap Spray Gun” or an expensive one. I will demonstrate on 2 different cars and 2 different guns the cheap Spray gun is a Carmix spray gun with a 1.4mm fluid tip and needle used for Basecoat Colour Power Red on a Hyundai Getz and the top line gun is a DeVilbiss GTI Pro lite with a te20 Air Cap (Tekna Pro Lite USA) used for clear on a Toyota Corolla.
Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Spraypainting.
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Lee Yates says:

You can see the difference in atomization in the clear stage. The Devilbiss is just beautiful. As far as cheap guns go, i bought a Finex FX1000 that I got for about $120 about 10 years ago. It is total garbage. Better than a $20 gun, but still, total shit. Not useful. Seems like you have to spend $200 and above for mini guns, I’m not sure about full size guns, but probably over $350 if you’re a professional.

KnightRiderShop says:

After serval cheap primer guns, I will never use cheap guns again. I got a Devilbiss starting line 1.8 for primer and a Teckna. If It was not for videos like these Id still be stuck spraying with craping guns thinking it was just my error

frits duwel says:

Dear gunny

With a cheap spray gun, you can also spray a primer. You need to sand your car again anyway

Kent Hill says:

It’s so cool that you are willing to help all of us novices out . I am wanting to spray my first van and I have only ever sealed and lacquered cabinets . These Vids are great !

Kent Hill says:

Thanks ! I am learning alot from watching your Vids ! I subscribed !

tspecht610 says:

Does the Devilbiss have seals in it? I bought the SataJet 5000 RP but I was thinking about buying the Devilbiss to use as base coat gun. I had heard if you forget to clean the gun the ones with seals in them go bad where the ones with all metal can be torn apart and cleaned and will spray the same when put back together. Do you have any advice or experience with this?

1873Winchester says:

I want to be spraying some hammerite color (renovating some machinery). I understand it contains silicone so my plan is to a) spray it outside and b) get a cheap dedicated spray gun for hammerite only.

I am also thinking of making a setup consisting of a pressure gauge like you are using in the video but also add a water / oil separator right under the gauge. And fit a quick connect on the top, so I can just flip this setup between spray guns. I mean if I get any more… Don’t really do much spraying.

I understand separation works better the further away it gets from the compressor and right at the gun is as far away as you can get. And with my setup I can’t run a bunch of feet of hose or pipe before adding a water separator.

chan Bunnag says:

What a good beginner gun

Kurt M says:

are you doing all that talking while spraying?

WojtekMigda says:

Hi. Great reviews (not only this one 😉 ). I am thinking about getting a DeVilbiss FLG 5 (probably the followup to the FLG 4) – do You think it can be used to spray nitro and/or polyurathane lacquer?

zubair khan says:

sir i want to no what difrend 1.4 nosel and 1.2

Vlad Bratu says:

I have an E36 that I am restoring slowly and this channel will save me about 10 grand when it comes time for that paint job, thank you very much!

Ulf Nope says:

i’m ok with getting another clearcoat and and sand it down a bit, put i consider just keep myself to spraycans (only got like 2-3 project a year, and its not even in automotive areas) but still informative if i consider upping to a spraygun. in a dilema where i cant afford my project if i buy the gun and compressor, but cant get my project painted if i dont, lmao. i guess i’ll throw a piggybank somewhere and start saving up for some high end stuff as i rarely see mid end stuff being worth it ^^ and i think you can agree on that!


help me gunman!! HELP!! I only have a 30 gallon compressor 7cfm@90psi, will this work with an HVLP gun? I can’t buy a larger compressor as I dont have 220v in my garage, only 110v, and the 60 gallon compressors have 220v hookup only. can you do a video on LVLP guns? thanks!!!!

Yu Muang says:

hey gunman can you do a review on a gun called warwick 980HE, i heard it spray like iwata

Colonel Reb says:

I’m listening to all the negatives behind the Carmix gun you used but the car actually looks great at the end. I’m sure your professionalism and skill played a huge role in the end product though. Good thing I’m not looking to do a showroom paint job! I just bought the TCP Global 9 piece set (3 guns included) for $79.96 from Amazon. I read it’s shit but you just showed me that a shit gun can do pretty well. So, wish me luck! I’m about to paint my 1988 Toyota 4X4 with it. The color I’m using will be matte tan. I’m not expecting really any orange peel because there won’t be any shine to it… I hope.

Old Yeller says:

Anyone know about DeVilbiss Straightline? It’s rather cheap, I’m unsure if its going to disappoint.

harizis says:

I’m using carmix gun with acryl paints and it have worked very well in random use. Actually for that price (25eur = 30usd) I can’t hope more. It’s true you cant get perfect gun 30usd but for that money quality is very good. Anyway thanks for this comparison and other films, it is very nice to watch professional that gives advices to others =)

FlightRisk says:

Do you not have to wet sand a paint job done with a quality gun?

Luis Carrion says:

Awesome video! Thanks

Lane Ehninger says:

I’ve learned a lot from your vids, Thank You! I’m going to get a new gun to replace my old Sharpe Platinum with a 1.4 tip. I paint dealer brand tractor paint (acrylic enamel) on Antique tractor restorations. I was thinking about a 1.3 tip on the new gun for finer spray. Would I be making a mistake. Will the enamel go through a 1.3?

Mee Ibast says:

Funny, it looks like the DeVilbiss is spraying much more into the air. Maybe at a lower pressure it would be better again. Also, if the cheaper gun is putting more on, does that mean you have to do less coats?

Ansell Matthiae says:

Really incredibly helpful videos!

Owen Lee says:

Good source of information.

Gene Dively says:

While using the cheap gun you say “going on thick” twice. Does that mean you did not put enough reducer in paint or do you mean you are moving slower and letting paint build on
Do you use a viscosity cup to check paint reducer mix ?

Sarunas G says:

DeVilbiss in my opinion is not so good I cant explain why but its just maybe I am the SATA person

Sonny Tanner says:

Gunman, …….Devilbiss has some guns that are intro guns , or cheaper guns . One is called StartingLine and the other FinishLine do you know if those guns are any good? Im in the US and just an amateur painter, painting in my garage but all i have is a gun that was around 150 $ , but I was trying to figure out what type of gun i should buy that is not too expensive but since you talk a lot about Devilbiss ,I thought i would get your input on those two. thanks

nikolaiownz says:

Thanks for the video… that cheap spray gun looked like all thoes generic noname spray guns you can get for cheap lol…

Waunyé Seawell says:

What kind of air compressor do you use?

redsaw 90 says:

iv used the high dollar spray can paint with a adjustable fan …can spray and make a great finish …but cant afford a gal worth of the spray can paint so need to find a good mid range cost gun

Ansell Matthiae says:

Hey man.

Do i use Clear Coat with a 2K paint?

MakivMicallef says:

Just wondering why you have the breather hole open on one gun lid and not the other…..any reason???

GoldenEGG 10 says:

cool vid.

Arturo Huizar says:

Excelente vídeo, gracias !

seasonedtoker says:

is there anyrhing at least half decent on the market in the range of mini guns? with smaller fan width and smaller cup? I already have the satajet 3000 series but it is not the right stuff for guitar work. the fan is so wide I get about 50% overspray when I paint and lacquer guitars. I want a fan tip gun, those spot repair mini guns that only shoot round pattern are not the thing for me. thanks

shoshoamora says:

I want to buy spray gun but may I know the compressor is for what purpose?

Dan Druft says:

I was using my DeVilbiss SRi Pro guns for basecoat and clear for the smart repairs until they started to play up, I’m told it’s going to cost over £100 to fit new parts to each gun so Iv been using cheap shit £15 ebay guns and to be honest you can achieve really good results if you know what your doing, the down side is they wear out quickly and you know it’s a cheap gun just by the weight and balance of the gun. What I have noticed is with a good gun is the finish is usually better than the original finish but with the cheap £15 gun it seems to go on like the original paint even though you might have to machine polish it sometimes. I think in my case it helps having over 40 years experience spraying cars.

Jay Hari says:

that carmix gun looks like the piece of crap we have at the cabinet shop I work at. that’s not the primary gun used, thank god, it’s one of those that just sits away in the storage cabinet and gets broken out and used for the boss’ side projects with latex paint and what not.

redsaw 90 says:

i bought cheap one a few years ago i couldnt lean it out it would spray too heavy …so hard to shop for a budget gun

Dylan Spencee says:

have u ever used the iwata aze ht3?

redsaw 90 says:

Might b just what I need

redsaw 90 says:

the red car turned out nice but to the trained eye i see your point on the subject

Zig Zag says:

How often do you have to refill a base coat canister during a whole car paint job with all coats? (Avg car size)

Dan Patch says:

Just found out me new Mini Jet 4400 the air regulator on the back of the
gun is plastic and if you plug it into a hose that has a 100 lbs or
more the plastic piece of ^&)^) breaks . I have two of the guns and
both are broken. So i looked at my Adam II docks and the same plastic
crap. Should have bought A Harbor freight $50.00 gun . I am done with

Gary Karczewski says:

Need a good paint gun for home hobby work. Minor Auto motive, metal project painting, and wood cabinet finishing. Any recommendations?

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