Sata vs DeVilbiss vs Iwata

SataJet, Anest Iwata and DeVilbiss are the top 3 names in Refinishing but which of the 3 is the best? using a Sata Jet 4000B RP on the first car a Hyundai i30 in Vivid Blue Paint code BV and an Anest Iwata Bellaria W400 Classic Plus W400-BA4-2 on a Volkswagen Polo in Pepper Grey-Met paint code LD7R and Pro Lite TE20 Cap for Clear (Tekna Pro Lite USA) on a Toyota Rav4 in Magnetic Grey-Met Paint code 1G3. All 3 guns are used with a 1.3mm fluid tip and be demonstrated with clear coat while everything like settings and prices, versatility and style will be covered to help you decide which gun is the best for you.
Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Spraypainting.
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im a beater by trade but love painting, i use gti pros and they come out awesome, i picked it up and it just worked for me, the others i simply cant use lol. gtis seem to like thick high solid paints they just lay down so well.

Jason Bryant says:

Thank you, finally someone who likes Devilbiss more than Sata! I love my Tekna Pro, and in the industry, I often see my co-workers struggling with their satas as I lay it on like cream on butter

Andrew Strickland says:

ive been painting for around 6 years and was trained on the sata 3000rp and was having a hard time with my clear having alot of orange peel and runs. so i switched to the iwata super nova 1.3 cap and it is like night and day. i usually spray at 29 psi and full fan with my fluid back all the way out and 2 turns in on my iwata. my question is does the develibliss seem to break up the clear and lay down better than the supernova in your oppinion?

knife says:

‘The” gunman,opinions are definitely like assholes……everyones got one.For a pro your technique is sketchy as fk,you waste truckloads of clear and imagine you spend lots of time cuttin n buffing your clears.

Rusu Horatiu says:

you are the best mate!

JOGO says:

Thanks for sharing your information on the paint gun’s.. I have a Sata and a iwata , but I will purchase the Devilbiss you are using with the 1.3 and te20 cap.. I respect your opinion , I am always looking for a gun that makes it easier and versatile to lay down paint and clear. I am new to painting and a DIY , but will paint my vehicle and use the Devilbiss. I also have my speaker cabinets to paint and need a all around paint gun.. plus it’s a cool looking gun..

Corey Williams says:

what clear coat are you using

Dave wallace says:

WS400 supernova is by far the best clearcoat gun with it’s 1.3mm nozzle, I run mine at 22psi with clear and 24psi with base.

Double P says:

ปืนพ่นสี Spray Gun Star. THAILAND TEL 086 0192662

alfredo falconi says:

Mirastolero ahora estoy comfundido cual es la pistola para pimtar y pulverizar {paint and cria clear} por favor dime si compro una sata o devillbis o iwata
por favor enviame un comentario , desde japon un amigo .thanks

Keith Falcon says:

5:52 dent lol I think your sponser is devibiss. after all the videos its worth there while to give you free stuff 🙂

tyler norton says:

one thing I do know is its hard to say things about a gun spraying clear,it depends on the clear. some clear flow together like water some you have to hammer or it just wont lay down. the clear your using I can tell melts like butter.

Layton Dilley says:

I paint with axalta cromax pro. I found that the Sata with the WSB air cap is perfect with for the base coat far less over spray. If you use the 1.3 you do use alot more material though. I do use my Iwata for clear primarily but I just got a pro lite and I have been trying that for clear. it does seem to give me more orange peel then the Iwata I guess I need to get it dialed in more.

Aron Snaer says:

i have a sata jet 5000 with the digital display, VERY easy to use and nice flow!


great comparison very fair and honest review as always is with Gunman , might I ask what city and shop you work for these days ?

Jonathan Escobar says:

amigo tengo una pregunta tengo una pistola iwata 300 y un trastan 1.3 cuan me recomienda q use para pintar y tiral clear? saludos

Dejan Stanisic says:

sagola 4500 hvlp try that 🙂

noe velazquez says:

Hola amigo ojalá me pudieras dar tu punto de vista o alguien que entienda lo que dices en inglés yo solo habló español
Necesitó comprar una pistola para mí taller carpintería y me gustaría tener tu opinión

Nick Trench says:

How long have you been using the Tekna? And how long have you been a painter gunny?

Sarunas G says:

I love Iwatas just great great gun 🙂 by the way you missed a dent on a polo 🙂

paintmasters paint and fabrication says:

Whats your set up on gti for base

Mark Huffman says:

I enjoyed it but boy you talk fast. so what devibllis

Valzinho Gabriel says:

mestre da pintura como eu adquiro esses devilbiss gti pro lite

eight 974 says:

iwata LS 400 BEST GUN EVER!!!!

Dwayne Hooks says:

Hello GM… LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND I’M A PROUD SUBSCRIBER. . im in the USA, will I have any issues if I order the GTI PROLITE Aussie version. or am I limited to the tekna pro lite USA version??

evgeniyveris says:

оператор от бога.
съемка говно. не тряси камерой!

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