SATA JET 5500 X RP DIGITAL 1.2 i Nozzle Spray Gun Review


Hi guys so this video i will be taking a look at the SATA JET 5500 X RP DIGITAL 1.2 i Nozzle Spray Gun and also comparing it in the ranks of my go to clearcoat guns i have in my collection.

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Yameira Moren says:

tu cabina tiene aspiración

Frédéric François Chopin says:

Great video Tony thnx buddy

PMP Supplies says:

Launch offer for Tonys Refinishing. Use this code at checkout to receive a £50 discount, valid until end of October 2018. S668NFBUN3

Paulius Virbickas says:

looks more simple and comfortable .Great!


Appreciate you taking the time to share notes with painters world wide… that gun is not here yet but it’s nice to at least have the opportunity to see what’s out there and try to be the best at what we do…. and guys like the gunman also….. I’ve been painting 35 yrs and still learning and always room for improvement gota stay relevant to stay in the game….. Thanks

donovanolds says:

Where did you hear that the DV1 was going to be in the Sata price range? I am seeing $500 range in USD.

Johnny h says:

Nice video tony. Please tell me your gonna try and get hold of dv1 and do a review on them. Apparently the basecoat option is available to order now or is it now but the clear coat version is to follow

David Adams says:

Will the nozzle and air cap fit the 5000rp?

MC Paint shop says:

Toney Great to see you great job and review can’t wait for the next video

Harold Andeweg says:

“5500”, at first i was thinking of a succesor of the 4400 mini/midi gun.
4000rp/hvlp: full size guns.
4400rp/hvlp: mini/midi guns
5000rp/hvlp: full size guns
5500rp/hvlp: mini/midi guns.

Kadir Aktaş says:

Thanks for video great spraygun.SATA IS THE BEST!!!

the one and only says:

How much did SATA pay you for telling all them lies

Nigs Malone says:

You don’t blend in or burn in your clear?

Claudio Di Fazio says:

hello, what difference did you notice between 5500 rp I nozzle and ws400 1.3 HD for clear. with which is the finish smoother? because you prefer it compared the ws400 1.3 HD. I have a problem with the sound of my cell phone and I can not hear your voice .. LOL

Mark Tindale says:

Just one thing I spotted in your technique you spray to the panel joins always been taught to join 6inch away so not to double coat edges to prevent edge popping and runs but great to see the new gun in action is it available in the UK yet ?

Andus Rovens says:

Maybe for base it will be good too? ✌️

Arnulfo Sandoval says:

So what is your set up for this sata, material, pressure, and what tip? 1.2?

Bret Bunton says:

Ordered mine yesterday. Can’t wait

Alan Jones says:

Still yet to try a Sata keen to see if they top my pro lite in my hands. Mmm apprenticeship wages cant afford one yet lol

W9SY G says:

bro can you recommend me a really good clear laquer.

high build primer and body filler please reply much appreciate.

The Gunman says:

So do you like it more than your supernova now?

JBIRD575 says:

Do you use sealer before basecoats im getting fisheyes any tips brotha???

Josh Collier says:

Great video Tony !!! Would love to see more on the 5500 !

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