Rockler HVLP Paint Sprayer Review founder, Tim Carter, demonstrates the Rockler HVLP paint sprayer showing how it works and how easy it is to clean up after use. This is another rockin’ tool from Rockler. I coined that phrase and I sure hope they don’t steal it! 🙂

You must just keep thinning the paint until you get it right. With each test, you MUST get rid of the not-thinned-enough-paint out of the uptake tube and inside the gun.
You may have to clean it out several times until you discover the correct viscosity.

The following link is how to use a paint sprayer:

Tim reviewed another paint sprayer here:


OceanpointeLCD says:


Douglas Thompson says:

Looks exactly identical to the Harbor Freight unit. It goes for 120 bucks and with 20% off coupons less than a 100. Paying fifty to sixty bucks more is pretty typical for Rockler. Take care. Doug

Philip Boisclair says:

What do you thin your paint with, so that it goes through the little cup there ?

sparklyactress22 says:

If you had to choose between this Rockler sprayer or the Wagner Flexio 890, which would you say would be just the all around better HVLP sprayer to use for repainting furniture pieces? 

Steve Griffin says:

Your work looks great! Mine, not so much. I get splatter(orange peel) even when practicing with water. What am I doing wrong?

Thomas Dayton says:

Hi there. Enjoyed your video. Bought the Rockler HVLP system and have been practicing in preparation for a kitchen cabinet job. Latex. As you’ve emphasized in your video and in the comments, viscosity is everything. I’m wondering if you can help dumb this down just a wee bit for me. My supplied viscosity cup empties in 5 seconds with water. I’ve been thinning the paint to a point where it empties in about 30 seconds and am getting reasonably good results but it doesn’t seem to be as even and consistent as your video. I’m curious to know if you used the viscosity cup and timed it when you got your “magic” mixture. Oh, and one last question: are you using the .9mm or the 1.8mm tip when you’re spraying thinned latex? Thanks so much. God bless. Hopefully you’re still alive and kicking.

BlackCat2 says:

Looks nice. Added to my list for potential sprayers. If I did a video review of it I would probably do it spraying designs on my vehicle. :p I have had a project idea list for my van for a while now to add designs using stencils. 😀 I would use it for painting rooms though too since I want to change my office wall color.

– Heidi

Bryan Chua says:

can you compare this to GRACO Spraystation 2900 HV2900

ratcityrain says:

Great video and this helps a lot. Seeing that this is the older Rockler sprayer, have you had a chance to examine or test the new version to see if it replicated the older model?

Thank you

Up2Date says:

Glad you took my challenge, this unit runs circles around Wagner sprayers in my opinion and can be had for less money at Harbor freight.

Dennis Mathias says:

Rocker ought to be paying you for this. Excellent for pre-purchase. But, question: instead of taking it all apart, why can’t you just load the container after use with either water (latex) or paint thinner (oil)? The cleaner vehicle is going to take the same path as the paint so you would think if you did it right after the job that it would clean the parts. What do you think? Tried it?

Great presentation. I’m going to bookmark it even so I have it on hand–put it under HOME on the browser.

You’re a really good presenter!

David Gentry says:

Not to be a wise guy but..why put a velocity cup in the package and not explain how to use it to help the buyer? Do you know how to use it and could you demonstrate? Apparently I’m not the only one who cant seem to get the paint right.. And yes I used your link to buy this..

Anthony Lee says:

Exactly how thin do you want the paint? I’ve used this little sprayer about 3 times to paint a few cars and I can’t seem to get it to stop splattering and making my finished product look not so good. I mean after I wet sand and polish it looks better, but I shouldn’t have to be putting this much work in after shooting the paint. Whats the secret?

zeroturbulence says:

I have one of these and used it to paint some panels on my car. Worked great! Just wanted to add that It can also be cleaned by simply spraying whatever thinner is appropriate to the paint until it sprays clear.

OceanpointeLCD says:

Great video. A few questions: 1) Which sprays a wider pattern, the Flexio 890 or the Rockler/HF, like for painting many walls quickly? 2) Will any one of the above spray Plastidip or similar? 3) Have you tested the Earlex 5500 and GRACO Spraystation 2900 HV2900?

I really like your honest reviews. Keep up the great work.

D R says:

Looks like a really nice sprayer! Tim, is it a particular model sprayer? Did you purchase it at a local big box store or is it only available at the website or Amazon?  I did see a system on Amazon that is roughly $150, which had rave reviews. Is that the one you have?

Kyle Comeaux says:

Someone mentioned on another site that it would be a good idea to get multiple guns to use for different materials.  Can other guns be hooked up to this machine?  I can’t seem to find where to purchase guns for this machine alone.  thanks


I bought this unit from Harbor Freight last year to redo some furniture I had laying around. I couldn’t be happier with the unit itself. It’s the first HVLP system I’ve owned, and I’ve found the key to a great factory finish with this product is the correct viscosity, as I think the turbine is a little underpowered to atomize unthinned paint. Getting the viscosity correct takes more time than the actual painting/cleaning of the unit. When using oil I go about 60/40 paint/acetone and a dash of penetrol….Goes on smooth as glass and dries durable, but a pain in the butt to clean…As with any project, if your prep work isn’t good, it’ll show in the final product. 

Wandering Wade says:

Thank you very much for this review. I’m an artist who works in acrylic and  I want  to use it for the primer coat. I’ve looked at many other models, including some that are too expensive. I went to your website and again, thank you for your honest comments on how the Rockler was easier to clean than the Wagner model you tested.

Lars Dahl says:

Is this appropriate for larger jobs such as ceilings and walls?

Juan Miguel Arias says:

Hey cool, go a head with this channel thax 🙂 

rhapsody hooks says:

Praise the gods! Thank you so much for this video.

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