Review of Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer

I give the Wagner 590 Power Sprayer an 8.5 out of 10. Here’s a review and walk through on how to use. Overall, I really enjoyed using it. I was able to save a lot of time and achieve a good result. I have since used it to stain cabinets and it did a great job there as well. My only gripe is that it takes a long time to clean; I assume most sprayers do. Also, the power cord is too short. I recommend this product. Check out my YouTube channel for more DIY videos. I have every step of fully renovating this condo. Enjoy!


Video Dan says:

can you spray a ceiling with this?

saintsdancenrome says:

I just bought the 590 and really appreciate your video. Just makes it easier to see someone else use it. Thanks for showing prep information too and seeing you did not need a brush. Thanks!!!!

Dave Van Ess says:

It used to bother me that it takes so long to clean a sprayer  but then I remember that I saved even more time applying paint and clean up than I would applying by hand.

GSHdesign says:

Hey, where’d I put the instructions….AHHHHHHHH SHIT

the Puppis says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Amritpal Sandhu says:

can this handle semigloss enamel paint ?

Nooby Vapor says:

Thanks for the review. I was on the fence getting this but after watching your review I took a shot with it. Can’t be happier, worked perfectly for what I needed it for (painting shutters). This thing worked so good the only downside was it painted so fast, I had to sit around waiting for it to dry before putting a second coat on, ha!

sweetfordfx4 says:

I purchased a sprayer and tried painting my daughter’s bedroom. Luckily I covered everything and wore a real good mask. There was paint mist everywhere. I’d like to use it again, it did a nice job, but the mess didn’t make it worth the bother.

Tom Ventre says:

I purchased the 590 and I was wondering if you used the sprayer for painting furniture?  I read the one review about staining cabinets but the spray was too heavy.  I plan on using chalk paint (latex based) to spray on furniture.  Thanks for the video – very informative.

Joe Lopez says:

The part where you fast forwarded the video is how fast it can really be done with a titan 440.

Clemence Mazuru says:

I would go for Wagner Flexio 590 Paint sprayer how much is the equipment. We are interested.



gonepriused says:

I just bought the 590, it sprays like a spatter gun. Thinned or not thinned any other tips you can give? thanks

قناة الذكرالحكيم says:

This worked great 1st time I used it, when I went to use it now for the 2nd time after few months it’s now giving problems of splashing, it usually supposed to just spray in a kind of very thin mist till it’s all covered evenly beautiful, but now it mists and also splashs thicker particles of paint till it ends up like small size wall texture. I emptied it from paint and washed everything very well specially the nozzle parts and still is splashing, cleaned it once more and runned it on water to make sure it all clean and works well, still splashing, cleaned it a 3rd time and changed to a regular wall paint instead of ceiling paint before and still splashing, it drove me crazy, I wanted to save time and energy with this sprayer machine, but I’m ending up wasting more vs if I just did it with the brush & roller. I really don’t know what to do t this point and what could be the problems? Any ideas?

Mark Portch says:

Hi i kown this video is year old but I understand that you have to use white sport or water to thin paint before using

Julie Perkins says:

I used mine for the first time yesterday. There was a bit of a learning curve, but after I passed that it worked really well. Someone should mention that it’s pretty heavy and one needs some pretty good upper-arm strength to handle the sprayer. No need for me to go to the gym as long as I’m using this! 

wobblechopps says:

Hi , Taking in consideration all of the prep is this quicker than cutting and rolling the traditional way ? ow long did it take you to prep ?
Thanks for the upload

Frisky Bottomsuuater says:

“Dexter, kill room”. LOL

ADROCK says:

Are u spraying water ??? This demo review wasn’t much help

metaspherz says:

Thanks for your great review! I’m still deciding which paint sprayer to buy. There are a lot of great choices but the prices can get way too high on some of them for just residential use. The Wagner 890 so far is my #1 choice due to its design and storage features. But I could buy 2 Wagner 570 sprayers for the cost of it. I’ll be doing the interior and exterior w/  small garage. Time to do the project isn’t an issue but I’ll have help to do the job so using the sprayer must be easy for the less skilled too.

 I liked your comment about the ‘Dexter-style  Kill Room.’ So true!

Ruckerkidz says:

These guns are total junk. Bought one at The Depot and tried it out today. Taking it back tomorrow. It shoots globs of paint. If you have a smooth wall and want an orange peel finish, this is the gun for you. Ha!

Alexander G says:

Great review! 

Quick question, what do you use to clean it? I am not sure which product to buy.

John Wiesendanger says:

some of the reviews for this gun are awful; yet you recommend it. Any idea why other people would say it spays globs of paint, leaks at the tip, and isn’t even? think it’s operator failure?

pitsaria poueskise says:

Lazy idiot.

freddy fredds says:

thanks men this video help me

ericfogle1 says:

ummm – maybe use a different color paint next time lol

John Matallana says:

You didn’t have to dilute the paint? also when you pour your paint into the sprayer canister you should pass it through a strainer it will help with clogging should the paint have any clumps. Thanks for the review!

bizz le says:

Its hard to tell on this video as colours are similar’ I brought older model , found the spray not that wide also had to cover twice, plus masking time , wonder if roller would of done better.

Eric Bader says:

What kind of paint are you using? Do you thin the paint?

Marcelo Bermann says:

u r insanely poisoning yourself w/o a proper particulates mask!

ADROCK says:

Are u spraying water ??? This demo review wasn’t much help can’t see what or where your spaying …

angela sheppard says:

Thanks for taking the time to film this review. I also liked that you added that you used it to stain. It helps me to decide on buying one.

David Johnson says:

How did it work on the ceiling. Did the paint stop flowing when tipped up?

John Moynihan says:

Hi, I agree about the power cord on Wagner sprayers.  Of course it is inevitable that an extension cable has to be used with any power tool in any large room, but with my Wagner sprayer (which I actually am happy with) it is really too short.  Twice the length would have been appropriate.

Robert Jimenez says:

waste of money just use bucket and roller or buy real paint sprayer for 1500 paint house less then 8 hr

TheSib says:

Thank you for taking the time to review this.  I will now go purchase it.  Great review!

Cesar Sanches says:

I want to buy one of this paint guns but I iffy about it. I hear very good comments and also very poor comments.
The Home Depot guy told me i have to buy this paint thinner products to reduce the thickness of the paint to get a better result on the gun is this true?

gonepriused says:

Thanks Mark, I used it again today un thinned glidden ceiling paint Worked fantastic this time, I will use again tomorrow Maybe I did not get the lemon after all, but again This is only my second time as the first time was a bust .

ChristoB says:

Okay let me help everyone out:
1. When you get your gun, make sure that all of your pieces fit securely and if there is a packing(o-ring) required anywhere, make sue it is in and not pinched.
2. Make sure that you thin the paint that you are using in a separate container and make sure that it is mixed very well.
3. Before putting the THINNED paint into the sprayer, use a strainer to keep any clumps from getting into your feed line and clogging it or making the spray inconsistent.
4. Know your settings, adjust the flow/air power/pattern before you start spraying on target.
5. You are better off spraying 3-4 thin coats for a nice smooth finish rather than just swamping it on there.
6. Establish a nice smooth spray pattern that overlaps about 50% and don’t stop while the trigger is pulled.
7. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN your gun when finished and wipe your nozzle every couple of minutes.
Note: for thinning, use the appropriate thinner… if it is a water based paint, thin it with water. Hope this helps.
I use to paint helicopters for a living and have dabbled with quite a few HVLP guns and even though this is nothing like it, the same concept applies.

steviebm6 says:

First time using it today. Paint splattered all over. What kind of adjustments should I make? I have the settings on full blast for paint and air

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