Nordson Trilogy Review & Demo

A review and demo on the Nordson Trilogy spray gun, the gun is near identical to the Optima Trifinity.
Thanks to we will be doing a give away on one of these and another 2 guns so stay tuned for your chance to win.
Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Automotive Refinishing.

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Stanley Onishi says:

Love all your videos.  I am going to paint my wifes car, she loves the blue on the mazda.  what is the paint code and is it a metallic paint?  Thanks

monstaro19 says:

id pick that gun as a top gun, great gun

Steve Rodgie says:

Hey Gunny, Terrific video and explanation as always! It is great that a skilled person can find the time to produce and share their knowledge, to help “better” others! This does NOT happen very often!!!Please keep these videos going…… I have learnt sh*t loads of great stuff from you! Kudos to sprayguns direct for allowing this review to happen! Cheers

Stephen Wilkie says:

nice gun just got the flg9 from spraygunsdirect

SwPiotrek says:

Great review.

Dinxsy says:

Simple vids with minimal editing still work a treat, after all it’s about the painting and painter (yourself) end of the day.


В твоей колекции нет лишнего пистолета? Можэт поделишся.:-)

Behind Blue Eyes says:

#1 id like to have a good gun that is nice man!

motofly196 says:

Good seeing you back in a booth! Seems you’re enjoying life again!! Kinda worried about you in your last few blogs, One step at a time.


I read that LVLP guns did not use much paint at all, it’s low pressure low volume, I’m confused!

Lev Ber says:

Great gun, in Russia it is called the Optima spray gun, more popular in the construction industries than in a car repair

tired hero says:

thats a nice colour.. i think i would prefer the favourite gpi DeVilbiss though

Stuart England says:

Hi gunny . Hope you are settling in well with everything . I would like your opinion on the difference between the te20 cap and the t110 cap .i will be using this gun for hs and uhs clears on full refurb work . Keep up the the good work. Thanks

brian smith says:

I would love one of those guns, but can’t afford a good one like this

Kraut-Performance says:

Wich one is better? The Nordson or a devilbiss pro lite ????

Dan Johnson says:

Nice to see you painting some shit again!! 😉 That is a nice looking blue…

Smokingpipesozstyle1 says:

look forward to the competition, you make it look so easy.

Andrew Treloar says:

Hi Gunman, what colour and colour code is that blue?? The Nordson seems a great gun, better than the GTi Pro Lite??

Scipio Africanus says:

Nordson/Optima ……. Its an LVLP gun, turn IN the fan spray (has a wide spray fan, does not mean you gotta use it in that state), and turn DOWN the AIR pressure (thing hisses like a mad serpent) …. still lays it down like a BOSS!! …. this gun is (MUCH MUCH) easier to control than a Sata jet 5000…. (and OVER use of materials solved). probability of runs increases though 🙂 but its a very forgiving gun… (prettiest guns out there) my opinion. The older Optima 900 had a much better cast aluminum trigger….. (and Devilbiss, has ALWAYS made a great gun) …. been spray painting since the late 80’s, my gun of choice then was a JGA-502 w-80 tip 😉 ….

Reza Blade says:


simon vanwiechen says:

bought this gun for $249 cnd. love it.

Trevor L says:

Motor Guard has discontinued the Optima  line

SATAMAN Schmidt says:

Gunny, which aircap. The LVLP or the AP?

Shamel Powder says:

Love that World Rally Blue.

Matt W says:

Always great to see these excellent reviews many thanks to the help of SprayGunsDirect UK, the Nordson Trilogy looks like a top quality gun capable of achieving those mirror image showroom finishes. Will certainly look forward to future reviews and of course the up and coming Youtube spray gun competition giveaway, thanks again Gunman!

bruce banner says:

if you had to choose this gun or one of your devilbiss guns .. what one ?

Trevor L says:

Gunman can u tell me pps adapter number on Optima gun

Julio Andriuoli says:

Hey man love your channel but wanted to know if it was possible to show the cars you paint once they are finished before they are deluvered back to owner. Thanks.

L SZ says:

How about Walcom spray guns? Can you the some test?

RoboCNC Frees- & Graveerwerk says:

Love the reviews ! And of course I’m in for any giveaway 😛
Great paintjob to !!

uldis upits says:

Sometimes I think painting gods make Gunman do this all just so I could become a better painter.. o.O 😀

Eddie Martinez says:

Good to see you happy mate like you said get out and paint some shit and as our mate dead farang said bar girls cant eat love!

Gullwing Серкин says:

Hi Gunman.What can you say about italian spray guns Walcom genesi Hte or Walcom genesi Geo Top Line?Thank you.Great gob.

marco diaz says:

what’s up mr. gunman I’ve been watching your videos about a year now just like to say keep on talking listening to you helps keep me calm I suffer from PTSD and when I’m at my worst I put on YouTube and watch your videos I’m an old painter I started painting and 1979 I had the same attitude like you when I paint I get so excited pumping out that clear so keep up the good work

Bob Keller says:

how is the finishline 4 for basecoat? i have a iwata lph400 for my clear.

aaronobst0140 says:

Nordson Trilogy or Sata 5000?

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