Review of the new Harbor Freight Pro HVLP spray gun model 68843. No, it’s not purple! It’s an all shiny nickle like finish HVLP paint gun and has a nice comfortable feel in the hand. The machining is a notch higher than previous HVLP spray guns from Harbor Freight such as the famous Purple Harbor Freight gun.

MUSIC CREDITS: “Ice Flow” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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roblox84 says:

Do you reduce paint just by eyeballing it how well it sprays? I’m going to paint the inside of my camper with Behr interior/exterior paint and was just curious how much I should reduce it?

numnydar says:

My issue is the parts I have to paint are huge

markbuckeye says:

Can you get different tips for this gun? Do you know what other brands fit? Thanks. Nice vid, too bad about the spill…

Milos Gautier says:


Rob Here trev2323 says:

thanks for the review

rock dawg says:

remember when painting that most of these paints have bad stuff in them you must take precations to avoid skin and face contact and have a well ventilated work space

hunkydude322 says:

arent these hvlp spray guns designed to spray paint at 22 to say 27 psi etc… sounds like your using sihpon pressure rules there

Dominique Paul says:

Do you still consider Harbor Freight Pro HVLP spray gun model 68843 the best? I’m trying to find something affordable to DIY my car at home.

Dingus chopper says:

LMAO about the spilled paint …..Ive done it and fucked up the paint job bro . Hope your eye is ok

Vincent Morrison aka NaS says:

That’s so good for your eyes.

nunya your business says:

my iwata 2930 was 152 new delivered to the door

R3511J says:

that was funny

jushah1 says:

Hi @DECIPLESgarage, i watched your malibu flip video and you mentioned that the compressor was not strong enough. If I want to paint the front of my car (hood, bumper and fenders) what all equipment I need (from compressor (capacity,size) to spray guns(size)) ? Pls let me know. Thanks Ju

Juan Lozano says:

Isocyanate exposure bad. Need good breathing device. Probably not good for eyes either. I could do without the music on all these tutorial videos. Thanks for the advice on Harbor Freight.

Edwin Garcia says:

My compressor runs up to 4 CFM / 8galons , do you think this gun will work intermitent or it just that wont flow enough air to do an acceptable and continous paint job?

J Miller says:

Dude if you have to turn the pressure up that high and have paint flying everywhere it is not a good gun.

BALLOON!!! says:

I can tell you are a painter by how you spray but this is how I know you are a professional. You had paint in your eyes but first you gently set the gun on the ground before you started the clean up.

David Parsons says:

you need to slow down a little bit wen your spraying the Clair cote

Farmer2492 says:

was that acrylic paint you were spraying and what size nozle were you using

flamecrow says:

Wow I’m surprised to see this set up and done in a home garage 😮

Vova Parhaev says:


Dean Donask says:

slowmo voice…….”nNOoooo”…..

Heath Campbell says:

You could always paint barber poles. Just kidding.

reints74 says:

I just bought this gun yesterday, in hopes that it had a large fan pattern like I’m used to when I sprayed all the time. Haven’t opened the box yet & was hoping I’d see a video like yours. I like the fan pattern of this one, I’m gonna give it a try.
Thanks for posting. Sorry about your eye. Been there, done similar!

AlwaysFreeAmerica says:

Are you still using your HF 68843, and if so, are you still liking it? Does it leave “orange peel” texture?

Jason Sprouse says:

I’m not quite sure what the point was in doing a spray without a regulator and saying it was the customers’ fault for being cheap. Regulator is a one time purchase. Just say you are half assing it because it’s what you do.

Rodolfo Pierre says:

sorry about the eye men I hope your ok men.

Chewybrand says:

So now you are a “one eyed” painter.

Yamaha Rider says:

at least it didn’t hit the hood when you dumped it that Woulda really sucked

Rene Hasprunar says:

Sorry that you got hurt, thank you for the review.

67z says:

Fuck the your air pressure is about 80 . Fuck no don’t review unless you wtf you’re doing

ChevyHDss Chevy life says:

Hope your eye is ok man..but good video

godbluffvdgg says:

Pull the trigger and let er rip…:)…If you can’t make money with that girl, you’re in the wrong damn business! Dude, that was fucked! getting that paint in your eye like that! Well it’s 3 years later…Did you get hurt from it? Was it a operator or equipment error…You were going so smoothly!

markfothebeast says:

This video is what made me change my mind on the 2pc HVLP purple set and buy this unit instead.

Noober McNooberson says:
Paul Blakey says:

Holy Crap!! Thats what I said when you got it in your eye. very nice work otherwise!

Steve Davis says:

Whats the tip size?

Edwin Garcia says:

It is normal so much mist when applying base and clear coats with this gun. If there is a possible #, what is the percentage of air and paint of the mist when painting base coat (guess this is call paint loss). Thanks, hope to know your comments.

Doug Davis says:

Total piece of junk. The gauge had the needle on the wrong side of the stop so that doesn’t work. I couldn’t take the nozzle off even tried using a hammer. I bought mine online so I just threw it in the trash.

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