New Blue Point HVLP Spray gun

In this video i show you my new blue point HVLP spray gun and test it on a fender from a chevy pickup

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MORE INFO ——————————————————————————————————————————-
TRACTOR: Craftsman LT1000 (2002?)
ENGINE: Briggs I/C 16.5 HP Cast Iron Sleeve
REAR END: MST-206 (6 Speed)Peerless Transaxle
TOP SPEED: 11 MPH (17.7 KM/H)
RATIO(Before Tranny): 1.3:1
MY WELDER: Clarke Weld 130 MIG Gas/No Gas
ENGINE OF CHOICE: Briggs and Stratton


Abanero 100% says:

Considered the powermate hvlp spray gun you will be surprised lot better than the finex 3000 ….

Kingy B says:

That’s a Sharpe Finex FX 3000. You have way too big a needle stup in their for HVLP, it’s putting out too much paint, that’s why it’s wavy, drop down to a 1.3mm or a 1.4 at the max. You can shoot primer in any setup you just need to reduce it some.

Ushop 2017 says:

Do you know were to get a replacment baffle seal ?

Zack Trautmann says:

hey im starting to think about painting my 85 k10 what would be a good color and hit me up on Facebook cuz your pretty damn smart

Jordan Bronson says:

Easy Quick Tips for Cleaning: After you finished with your Painting / Projects… Put a Cup of Acetone in it and swish it around… Then go to a patch of grass and spray…. This will leave your Spray Gun Clean and good to go next time.

Mike Gold says:

Just invest the money into good guns for base and clear and the money will make it self back. Going cheap doesnt always save money

prancstaman says:

Nothing beats a good gun. I use to paint at my job and I would use the smaller touch up guns for the auto parts I had to paint in one shop and in the other shop I would use the big ones like yours. Great design features that you mentioned, It does matter.

Joe Atwork says:

Thanks for posting. What size/brand compressor are you using? I’m also in the market for a new compressor.

John Early says:

Oh man, I want one of those right there

Hammer Custom Drums says:

That is a re branded Finex FX3000

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