LumaIII Spray Gun Light Review

The Luma III Aurora Spray Gun Light is an innovative, unique and well designed tool that makes spray painting in poorly lit areas a lot easier. With 2 colour corrective LED lights either side of the air cap also capable of colour matching.
In this video I will give you an unbiased review and demonstration of how it performs in real world applications and also give you a good look at what to expect when purchasing one of these lights.

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Tas Dhillon says:

300 is too much.wait till China builds one . 2 led with 9volt battery shouldn’t be that much.

rhkips says:

$300 for a bloody LED flashlight…

Aiyaz Khan says:

thats y people support imitation.ifitwas 45 bucks no one wud buy any imitatin stuff.sata n dbiss shud put thier product price lil bit kow

nunya your business says:

so now you see the light?

Rogério Graciano says:

It is an innovation, for sure …

Chris says:

I never use it to clear. Only use it in the dark after i have applied my first coat of base. I finish the last few coats off with this light and its amazing.

PartisanGuerrilla says:

Strange, I just had this idea for a light on the gun, but much more useful….I don’t care to disclose my thoughts, certainly
someone is reading my mind and tomorrow it too will be out.

Scott F says:

painting under belly of aircraft??? perfect…but $300 bones….wow that’s pricey.

slyonme says:

dumb light..
fuck it 600 bucks

billy snake says:

in my humble opinion i think it might more distract than help it’s a spotlight doesn’t light up whole repaired area just spot so in fact u might be more focused on where to point light with the spray gun then on the job itself but i might be wrong price whatsoever is ridiculous

red zone caroserie work says:

you dont have lights on side walls on your spray boot

Yuriy Kovalov says:

seams like i’m with everyone else here $50-75 USD is one thing, 300… that’s just way too much… for 300 you can get 10 fluorescent light fixtures and resolve your low light problem

superkillr says:

So the price has come down if you look on ebay, but while I was browsing their site… they have a very similar logo to The Gunman.

Dan Henderson says:

I thought about this idea years ago…. too late

mustang westcoast says:

way over priced!

supersportimpalass says:

I was thinking maybe $50-$75 when I first started watching but just about fell out of my chair when you mentioned the actual price. I think this would be nice for me in my home shop since the lighting isn’t the best.

Time to order some COB led’s and whip up a DIY version for maybe $15. I suppose if I wanted to go all out I could get some rechargeable batteries but usually with led’s a normal 9 volt should last a very long time.

phordguy says:

One thought is you could add a DIY filter with some wax paper or frosted mylar over it to diffuse and make less bright if it is too much with clear.

Shane L says:

Very honest and diplomatic review Gunny…as always… 20 Wạn thī̀ ca pị …

Mitchell Ferre says:

Great idea ! Cool video Gunman ! Thanks ! : )

Brendan W says:

That was looks really interesting, it could have a lot of uses. i wear a headlamp and have it on the low light setting, i find it makes it really easy for me to follow the wet edge, my eyes aren’t the greatest though. Great review gunman.

The88katana600 says:

that would be nice to have…..

Matt W says:

Great review Gunman, that Aurora Luma 3 gun light is certainly a top idea with plenty of lighting power. Hopefully the manufacture listens to your real world review and takes into account your pro advice on usability improvements, they’ll surely be successful if they do. Thanks again!

Tas Dhillon says:

I will build one for 20bucks

nunya your business says:


beany1luv says:

I paint aircraft and their associated ground equipment and this would have been a great tool for me…until I heard the price! For that price I’ll Jerry-rig ANOTHER flashlight to my gun and buy another gun to play with…

Dylan Oshea says:

definitly look like the way to go for doing the underside of a big catamaran where lighting is an issue and when you have a gun in one hand and a pot in the other no hands left for a torch

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