How to setup your spray gun

Please watch: “How to paint plastic car parts to enhance performance”

Daily tip #3 how to setup your spray gun. I asked a Professional spray painter From VG Auto Paints and here it is.


Air reg ebay link

auto paint spray

HE vs HVLP copy and paste this mate|8|5|26


Nathan camilleri says:

Typical Maltese haha thanks for the vid mario. I got my first spray gun and I’m 14 learning to use one. I am painting a slasher but eventually want to spray my nunno old international tractor

Nemo 1966 says:

Excellent video – precise and directly to the point.

Anthony Amalfitano says:

HVLP setup video, does it exist yet?

DeviANZe says:

Where are you from my friend?

Peace Love says:

Air reg link died years ago, I imagine. Do you have a make/model suggestion, please?

Overcomer Archery says:

Excellent video!. Love you Aussies!

Edvard says:


bruno burtoni says:


Konstantinos Nano says:

so with conventional spray gun he uses 35 psi on a hot day and 40 psi max on a cold day. how about the distance from the subject? 6″ is ok?

Andrew Robb says:

The best spray gun setup vid on the tube. Well done.

Farmer2492 says:

Hi great video quick question in what order do you spray a car some people say do the roof first then work your way down does that sound right


ok! i love that guy, he loves his job 🙂 ok!

Ryan Adam says:

I liked it when the guy kept yelling after the compressor shut off.

Sroor9001 says:

How to setup pressure from compressor if you don’t have gauge on your sprayer

liam groarkee says:

These tips work for spraying wooden doors or metal?

fuqoff aye? says:

So why did you use and talk about acrylic I never use the stuff I never see it for sale. And why did you use a conventional gun,. Seems like all you can buy here is Hvlp. Why was the dude avoiding gun pressures for Hvlp.

Lewis Sparey says:

Mario is the most Australian person i ever seen =D

Love it

FYahooo says:

Great videos Gents

gem stone says:

Best set up vid on YT. Many thanks guys for taking the time to make and post this up. Cheers

Knuckle Instinct says:

Simple I like a lot

Chris Wadleigh says:

Do you need a separate gun per color/ clear coat?? Or can you just switch out the tanks? Also is 2 ounces enough for a motorcycle gas tank and rear fender?

michael osei says:

You the best man

608 GaRage says:

Great instructions bro really cleared things up for me thanks check out my Honda builds I got going on on my channel let me know what u think

Mat P says:

Brilliant video!!

Jeff Chandler says:

for a 10 min video, a lot of info!!!

Holden Wedding Cars says:

Great info

1221Ralph says:

I’m so confused. I keep reading online that you use 25-30 psi but they are using 35-40 psi in this video!

pakjohn says:

Not bad for a couple of whinging poms eh?

محمد عسيري says:


mark yisser says:

i understood nothing!!… was that english?

i only heard one turn… two turns
2:51 to 2:54

Arash Sh says:

Hi mate
How to buy that small pressure regulator just before gun?
any Ebay link plz?

sham majid says:

The subtitles sucks


how come you guys use such high psi? i’ve watched other channels where guys are using 20-30psi.

mick falvey says:

mario…legend. …end of

Joe Maraveles says:

I like my filet nice and greasy, you feel what I’m saying!

8233Eire says:

Okay, okay, okay….love the ‘Okay’ melody; interspersed with the occasional ‘Correct!’, correct!. Great job guys. Thank you!

Discus South East says:

Genius video. Sprayed s car well thanks to this !

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