How bad is the $13 Harbor Freight Paint Spray Gun?

I needed a paint gun to spray the Corvette Grand Sport Bumper. I found the cheapest one at Harbor Freight. How bad will I mess up???

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Abanero 100% says:

Ey, boddy, send the video to President pelos, pintaos de chetos Donald trump he my higher you for getting paint his wall isn’t great idea amigo saludos, from michoacan Mexico…

George Mcmanus says:

The spray is just a little better than your idiot video. Learn what you are doing before making a video, this video is worthless as tits on a boar hog.

Jarrett Watson says:

Level the volume! Music is way too loud!

Mike Wunder says:

HVLP stands for high volume low pressure looks like you got way to much pressure

Paul Hopkins says:

Those HVLP guns, especially the cheap ones absolutely suck for the average home gamer because very few people have a compressor that can handle HVLP. You will get better atomization, and a much better fan with a conventional gun or better yet a LVLP. HVLP needs at least 10SCFM at 90 psi. Most garage compressors do not put out nearly that much air flow.

Luke AOD says:

CFM is air consumption. Your air compressor can only compress air at a limited rate.

Thomas Marks says:

My problem with this review is spraying outside and spraying in a spraybooth in a controlled area is completly different! Second your paint mixture may need to be adjusted depending on wheather conditions. There are basic intructions on paint but any finisher knows to adjust due to certain conditions. Also you should filter from the air source with the proper size filter. Use fine strainers for paint before spraying. And the most important always is make sure you clean your spray gun after every use. I have many spray guns and yes some cheap and i have never run into a problem spraying. Ive been spraying for 26 years from auto to furniture. I also have a harbor freight airless sprayer which i can say was the best $80 bucks i spent. Ive had it for 9 years and get great results from it! Spraying is a true art in doing but there are many factors to condsider and i wouldnt say the spray gun is crap, Although i may get one and see for myself how well it performs.

Shane Massa says:

Dont plan on watching this just clicked to comment to ask how a bumper vs. spay gun works? did not know you could compare the two.

Paul Hopkins says:

I bought my Iwata W400 on amazon for $200. It is DEFINITELY worth the $140 difference over the HF gun. Buy once cry once

James Thomas says:

The purple gun is on coupon for $10 (limit 4) till the end of May. Coupon code 33049791 from the coupons page on their website.

Roger Smith says:

What kind of paint were you using?

Ahmad Ghosheh says:

first and foremost, Excellent work keeping the respirator on even outside, many people don’t bother. Second, an experienced painter can do wonders with a cheap gun and a novice can’t paint a side of a barn with a $1000 gun, it all depends on patience and experience. That’s said, practice your technique and work out the bugs and get to know your gun behavior, abilities, limitations and it’s quirks before laying down coats on the actual piece.

Charlie james says:

I went to Lowe’s 6 years ago bought to Cambell spray guns one a small one and a large one for big jobs have them for 6 years paid $100 for both of them I painted over 40 cars with them and they do a great job it’s all how you clean your guns

Paul h says:

I layed 2.0 clear lays down good when you get it fine tuned
My sata 5000 spray fan seal took a dive harbor freight came to the rescue used house of colors. Candy green one gun for all three

bamajap bama says:

I do this for a living I can tell you there is a huge difference why r u being cheap on a vet but u really did good for a first timer but do it yourself people that can’t justify spending 500 buck on a devilviss like my main gun there are off brands warack ajs few others that do a decent job for about 150 includes shipping cool video tho surprised what you knew

Jacob Suarez says:

You have the filter on the wrong side of the regular lol.

Georgie Vlogs says:

i use the cheap purple one all the time, its basically disposable to me, one for primer,…then in the trash, one for base, then in the trash and one for clear,..and then in trash. (or the customer keeps one as a “trophy piece” -but yeah no cleaning no waste of time. just build a temp booth out of plastic and you won’t get bugs. How good are they? they’re great! i do $5k+ paint jobs with these all the time on motorcycles, cars and murals. Totally recommend.

Mateusz Pitrus says:

Tell people that the bugs are decals.

Mat Helm says:

The good old Paintucation video’s will teach you how to address little imperfections, bugs, runs, etc… All with razor blade and some wet sanding…

Kain Ariylius says:

I have a real nice gun for just paint, and a cheap one for primer. Same one you got, and it works great.

Craig Decker says:

I have two of the purple detail Spray guns with the metal paint cup, one I use for priming and when I use for base coat on helmets skateboards guitar bodies no problem with them at all. Little bit bigger projects I have the spray- it lvlp spray gun also Works fantastic. Smaller jobs motorcycle Harley tanks fenders , off-road buggy frames motorcycle frames

oldtiedyeman says:

I use one of those  harbor freight purple guns  several times a week shooting a two part epoxy on small valves I make at work.  You really do have to clean them well.  Sometimes I can use one for a year before the cheap  material wears through and paint leaks all over my hand.  They are always on sale so I can toss it out once a year and get a new one.

grizzlybear702 says:

I’m no professional. I’ve only sprayed 1 car and with it being my daily driver and my hectic schedule I’ve had to spray it in phases. I used urekem bc and allkandy WETWET for the clear. I did all the bodywork myself (that’s another funny story in itself.) I had to spray outside in a parking lot so yes there is trash, there is orange peel, and there was overspray everywhere, but it came out looking good otherwise. I used 2 HF compressors (21gal + 8gal) with only 1 of the compressors running to just give me more capacity before the motor kicked on. 10ft of hose off each tank to a T strapped onto 2 water separators/filters. 10ft of hose off separators to QC for spraygun. Spraygun had water trap and pressure gauge/ball valve, and 1qt metal cup. Whole setup was HF equipment. It sprayed out really well for the situation. A TON of overspray, I probably wasted 2-3qts in material alone, but since this was my first time spraying and I’m not gonna be doing it often enough to purchase $150 entry lvl pro-sprayers it worked for what I wanted it to do. I bought 2 sprayers 1 crapped out on me real early, the other is still good. My advice is if you’re a DIYer then go for it they work, and definitively expect post spray cleanup for sure. If you’re aiming to be a pro then save for a better system…

Paul Hopkins says:

You did not get nearly enough finish on that bumper. that orange peel will be impossible to sand out

Victor hobson says:

Looks pretty good. I’ve always wondered about the harbor freight spray guns. Having said that it definitely sucks not having an enclosed paint area of some kind.

Redneck Mfg. says:

I love Harbor Freight spray guns… They do go on sale for $9.99 every now and then… when that happens I pick up three or four… If you stop by my Channel every project we do is shot with these $9.99 Guns.. we even shot our Farmall Cub and Bobcat with this gun…        Great Video !!!!

Last Life says:

What type of compressor are you running?

Edgard Alejandro Molano Rojas says:

why no buy a used devilbliss gun in any auction website???

63 vettuser says:

No car insurance?.

brian willoughby says:

the paint sprayer works great. I personally used the can sprayer for primer and used the hf sprayer for the painting. preparation is time consuming it makes a difference in the finished project no matter what your painting.

JimChim says:

Been using that gun for years, works great, stopped using my binks. Have a HF touch up cup gun I bought when HF was mail order only. 45 to 50 years ago.

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