Harbor Freight Review – Electric Spray Gun 60446

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TheStruggleville says:

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yordani g says:

my friend you need to learn how to use a paint gun or maybe how to paint 😉

Wile E Coyote says:

worked ok for me, I figured it was a cheapo so I thinned the paint (oil based) until the cup ran out in EXACTLY 18 seconds. took nearly a quart of paint thinner and the paint was basically water but result was good. Painted all my cabinets and sprayer worked fine.

Dave M says:

get to the god dammn point

Teresa Rengifo says:

mostrar partes internas

Kyle Powell says:

will this be good for plasti dipping

Southern Savage 1989 says:

Get that fucking Paint Off Your Body IMMMEDIATELY……

Thomas NUNYA says:

LOL…I honestly thought you must have some kind of skin condition….then turns out you threw the paint gun on against the wall! LOL Well, thanks for the heads up, great review.

Val Zuniga says:

I had the same exact problem using Kilz Premium latex. Water ran through it just fine when initially cleaning it. Then filled the tank with Kilz and it sprayed about 5-10 seconds, and seemed to be clogged. No amount of cleaning afterwards would fix it. Wouldn’t even spray water at that point.

TheToolReview says:

now that’s the fucking way to end a review! wooo

Shredder31 & Ross Kabob says:

Fantastic ending, sums up the product in whole

its nunya business says:

you get any paint on the progect it painted you well

jthonn says:

Duuuuude! Break out the brushes and rollers, you would have been finished in the amount of time you spent farting with that thing. I used a wagner before, and it worked, but they waste a lot of paint and I could start on one end with a roller and you on the other with an electric sprayer, and I will make you look stupid…..

Rob says:

The ending was cool

niggerflames says:

if the moron would adjust the volume knob it works fine i just sprayed my whole living room no problems

Alan morr says:

brilliant review lol

Chris Parker says:

So you’re not taking it back to get a new one………..lol.

Kathy Gentry says:

I started painting today with the same electric sprayer from Harbor freight and its doing pretty good it does have over spray so dress for that lol! it’s a little heavy after a while .. But for the price it’s ok I’ve painted almost half of the house so far so good..

nayeli siguencia says:

yes i have this but it ever work and let to expired the date to change or they give me the money back i try to fix but it doesnt work
i loose my money

dan hill says:

your mom is going to kill you

Stephen McMillin says:

I just bought the same hunk of garbage. I was having the same issues, same attempts at solving the problem. Glad it’s not just me!

Guingo Cuellar says:

thanks for the review,  I just bought one and you saved me time ,anger and paint all over me.

joe bob billy says:

You don’t thin latex paint with water ya moron. Paint gun works well if you know how to mix and thin paints

christopher gilson says:

fucking dumbass

gentlemonsterkennels says:

What low cost spray paint gun do you recommend? I’m just trying to paint a metal gate. 20 by 6 feet. Black.

Robert Johnson says:

Great ending, Sir! I was wondering the whole time how you got covered in paint if the gun wasn’t working.
You’ve done a service to your community by saving many people the anger and disappointment that buying this tool would of caused them.
Definitely looking forward to more reviews! Thank you for uploading!

Maxima says:

quit ding donging around and get a new one. also, where did you buy your paint and what kind?

michele vitarelli says:

I had the same experience. I returned it.

xjarhead1999 says:

I don’t have any real problems with mine. As with all harbor freight items, I tear them apart and inspect them before I ever use them.
I cleaned it well and put it back together. I didn’t know what they ment with using spray gun oil so I just oil it with my air tool oil. Thinned the paint the way they said. I use latex with no issues. Every time I use it I take it apart and clean it well.
The only problems I really have is that the pickup tube could be a little longer because the last 3/4 of paint in the cup can’t be picked up. The cup holds 24oz and the gun goes through that pretty quickly. If it gets low and starts pulling in air then it will start to spit out the paint.
Friend of mine liked it so much he went and got one. While taking it apart we noticed that the Piston assembly appeared upside down.
If you don’t get the rear knob in the correct position it will paint weird also.

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