Harbor Freight LVLP Spray Gun Review and Modifications Item 61455

Harbor Freight LVLP Spray Gun Review and Modifications Item 61455.


John Donahue says:

That side screw that you say is supposed to be air adjustment actually bleeds air into the paint tank that forces the paint to the tip allowing you to spray much thicker paint.
I think these type of guns were called ‘ external mix / internal mix guns’ depending on if you opened that side screw or not.

lar4305 says:

Does air come through the gun out the tip when the trigger is not pulled?

Michael Sawyer says:

Would this spray gun work for lacquer? I am new to the woodworking world and I am looking for something to finish larger pieces with other than brushing. Thanks for the video.

John Stuart says:

Great review and suggestions for the mods.  Think I will grab my 20% off coupon and go down and get one.


Christopher Hawkins says:

This is the best instruction video I can recall.  Everything about it is first rate.  1) The angle, light, steadiness and closeness of the video.  2) The audio is of proper volume, no background noise and the smoothness of speech. 3) Each step is described in detail. 4)  The model number of the gun is given.  5)  The modifications to improve the spray gun.

Thank you so much.  You have helped me greatly.

Nate Salinas says:

What did you use to clean your gun after you shot it with latex/Floetrol? GREAT VID! will be stopping by to pick one up this afternoon.

Miles11we says:

if your needle and fluid tip arent seating right, before returning it try putting some mild lapping compound in there and spinning the needle in the gun with the tip in place. clean it out and put in new compound and a drop of oil every now and again to prevent galling.

takes 10 mins if you have a pin vice and a drill, worth a shot

Larry527az says:

Thanks again G, another great video on something I’m interested in.  I recently bought one of their HVLP guns with the thoughts of spraying some oil based enamel onto some machines I’m restoring but now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t look into this gun now.  I recently gave my big compressor to my son for his shop and now have a 30 gal 4.x cfm @ 90 psi unit and this might fill the bill for my needs.

Backyard Woodworking says:

Good review I need to buy a spray gun I get one and follow your suggestions on modifying it. Thanks G

Allen Hudson says:

Great video! I’ve never used a spray gun before and recently bought this spray gun then found your video. Is a pattern with dots of heavier concentration of stain normal instead of a uniform layer of stain normal? Or is that part of adjusting the settings? It just doesn’t look as good as I expected it would. Thanks for any feedback!

Frenzy1 says:

can this be used to spray automotive primers?sealers?

TheEgg185 says:

I hate this gun because you can’t get ALL the paint out. gravity feed is the way to go. it all dumps into the gun so there is no waste.

Disciple Barela says:

what kind of paint for a paint spray gun

rockin johnny says:

Great video, thanks so much!

James Manley says:

Great video. I just bought this spray gun and this was very helpful. I saw in another comment you have a different gun you use for spraying floor, door, and crown moldings. This is what I bought this gun for. Do you think it will still do a decent job? Secondly, could this gun handle painting the exterior of my house? Thank you very much!

gusbub13 says:

Thank you for taking the time to post this.
Found it useful.

Carlos Rojas says:

1.4 needle?

bain5872 says:

Very handy info there G. I’ve built a few guitars over the years, not anymore, too much work, and getting a quality finish is not easy and takes mastery of these controls for sure. I know there is some that these vids will save them some hair.

Alexander Nattress says:

wwf works the same as laytex extender for some reason. dk why but it works great for the end of the day when the paint has thickened.

brokenarrowez says:

A very professional video.

Jason Wyant says:

Great video. Getting ready to paint some trim and this was very helpful.

chihuahua verde says:

Did you do a review on your HVLP paint guns?  I am interested in purchasing a gun to paint my car.  As you know you can purchase one from say 300 dollars at the auto paint store down to say 20 dollars at HF.  It seems like there should be some decent ones between that price range.

Joe Dov says:

Thanks for the video I just bought an Hvlp gravity feed sprayer from HF haven’t tried it yet.thanks for the tips

Bob Abooey says:

2:40 so…It has me workin before I even use it??

Russell Beery says:

I always appreciate your videos, you really seem to know what you’re doing and appear to have a wealth of lifelong experience.l own 5 paintguns from harbor freight and l use a similar procedure to you before I use them. On some of their high high pressure guns they assembled them with some kind of silicone seal that dissolves with use and would wreck your paintjob.I reassemble them using Teflon tape and replacing any suspect O rings. Between that and cleaning them thoroughly I have had excellent results painting.

MRrwmac says:

Saw one of those at HF when I was in there yesterday and thought of you. I’m curious about the different uses for a HVLP LVLP? I’m sure you researched it and am curious what applications you would use each for? You mentioned you had a larger paint sprayer and thought I would mention I acquired on old Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer very recently and have rebuilt it. Waiting on a couple parts. Thanks for sharing the finer points of your new LVLP.

chaba72 says:

all this harbor freight videos,…you go in to the store and like a big kid in the toy store…
and so excited that you find what you looking for so cheap. then when you making a video , acting like a big guy “aaaaa ye I picked this up @ har. frei. …

rneustel says:

Well, I don’t need to watch anymore instruction videos on this topic! Thanks for making the best video on this subject anywhere on YouTube.

Done Right ASAP says:

Do you know what size the needle is in this unit? The manual on their website does not indicate like they do for other models.

Nate Spencer says:

Great video. Thanks for the information. Apparently HF has either transitioned to a new supplier since you made your video or they have two suppliers. I brought a gun home and started to clean it as you illustrated and noticed I did not have the rubber gasket or washer that goes behind the nozzle. I took it back to HF and ended up opening a few boxes to see all the guns were similar to what I had except for the display model. It looks like the nozzle on the gun I had has a gasket ring affixed to the back. Regardless I wanted to use what you said worked so I took the display model. I used it to spray an oil enriched enamel cabinet paint from Valspar. I need to do some tweaking on the gun settings but I am very pleased with the results. It seems like it may have gone on a little thick since I did not get the coverage I was expecting or what was listed on the can. I was painting pegboard for a new garage workspace so I wanted to spray and not worry about filling the holes with brushed paint. I am very pleased with the surface finish. I did have to thin the paint with about 10% Flotrol. I tried a thinned batch first and when I ran out I thought I would try the paint straight since the guy at Lowes told me it was pretty thin and would spray great. I could not get it to spray. I thinned it and got the gun spraying again and finished the job. I am pleased. Next step is to spray the base cabinets but you mentioned in a response you are using a different HF setup now for cabinets but the link does not work. Any information on what you use now or what HF may have changed the item number to? Also I am pleased enough with the surface finish of the pegboard I am considering using the gun to spray some raised panel wainscoting in my house so I have as smooth as finish as possible. Any advise or experience?

stephen long says:

how is it with spraying primer

8BitLife says:

Could this gun be used to paint kitchen cabinets using regular latex paint?

Justin Fisher says:

Do you think I could use this for spraying polyurethane? I have a loft bed I have built for my daughter and I’m not looking forward to brushing all that with polyurethane by hand. Great video as always!

Jesse Taylor says:

Great review! Thanks so much!

johnnyohness says:

Excellent review. You take your time so that us novices can understand each step. I wish everybody did that. Thank you so much for your help.

Tj Landry says:

not one second of showing the gun actually spraying…….nice goin Tex. Best not make a livin’ from YouTube ya knothead.

Ray Ramon Ramon says:

Good stuff, good info.. put it to practice and got great results…

Miles11we says:

no, when you get a harbour freight gun its packed with oil and earwax. good guns come ready to to shoot.. still worth running some thinner through it, but dont fully disassemble it. maybe take a look at the needle, fluid tip, air cap and diffuser but thats it.

Tony Page says:

I tried the windshield washing fluid thinning white latex.it worked fine no problem with the blue tint.I only sprayed a small area inside as I worried about the explosive properties of the alcohol.thinning with water in the past has caused unused stored paint to mold in the can for me so I’m hoping this stores better.good luck everyone.remember spray safe

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