Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun Review

The Harbor Freight HVLP spray gun review is the topic of this video. It is the Central Pneumatic 20 oz. spray gun. I use this HVLP spray gun to apply Lacquer on the woodworking craft projects I make in my woodworking shop. It is a very inexpensive spray gun. It works well in my opinion for the cost. Spray paint cans are very expensive compared to the efficiency of spraying with a gun.

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55chevy327 says:

Good review.

ManCraftingTM says:

I always wondered if those guns would give a decent finish. Thanks.

Roy Fernbach says:

Just a mention, you factor in the cost of the gun and the cost of the material (lacquer)… but one must also factor in the cost of the air compressor and hoses you must have… which isn’t cheap but over time I am sure will be cost effective… #justsayin

Chuck P says:

Thanks Jake!!!

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

OMG Jake, I got to have one of those clocks!! I am a true blue, dye hard Longhorn fan!! How much are they and how much is shipping and I’ll send you the money. I’m serious. If you don’t mind doing that. Let me know!

Eric Rusch Sr says:

Hard to beat for that price.
And then to clean you just shoot some Mineral Spirits through it and wipe it off and she’s ready to go next time.
Good video brother.

Fernando Saldierna says:

First f@ck yeah lol

Samuel Roberts says:

Thanks for sharing!
I was wondering about that spray gun.

Kaged Creations says:

seems like a decent product, thanks for the review

jp woodwork says:

very cool review brother!! if only they had Harbor Freight in the UK lol

Dillons Woodworks says:

Great video and review. I am totally getting one of those. That’s awesome, thanks my friend!

toolhead 147 says:

Nice Review! Always see that spray gun when I go to HF. Check out my channel I have a lot of Harbor Freight Reviews.


Those guns are totally worth the money. Great review dude!!

andrwoo says:

Great. I have thought about buying this before but wondered how well it worked. Do you dilute with anything? Process for cleaning? And what about the gun that makes it fail after a year? Thx buddy!

Bear Creek Woodworking says:

Great insight Jake of how to get good results without breaking the bank.

Paul Hopkins says:

It should be said that these HF, and all of the other old HVLP SATA clones require a pretty healthy compressor to get optimal use out of them. If your air compressor is limited, you would be better off spending a few more bucks and getting a cheap conventional or LVLP gun. I personally have an 80 gallon compressor that is more than capable of HVLP and I still run conventional guns because they simply spray better for me.

I ran cheap spray guns for my guitar business for a long time. After breaking down and buying a Devilbiss Plus for my color gun, and an Iwata W400 for my dedicated clear gun, I will NEVER go back to spraying with a cheapo gun again. The better guns atomize better, have a bigger and more even fan, and get more paint on the surface while using less at the same time. The better guns cut the time it takes to level sand and polish by more than half. I can almost get an off the gun finish that does not need to be polished at all.

EDIT: I see now that I watched the end of your video that your projects don’t really require the dead flat, super high gloss, mirror finish that a custom guitar needs, so I don’t think a better gun is really worth the investment for you. Although if you did buy an Iwata or Devilbiss, you probably wouldn’t want to go back.

Dillons Woodworks says:

Curious, what did you use to cut out those clocks?

john vonburg says:


Jamey Mikels says:

Foam sanding blocks work great for the clean up. Saves time and money rather than using paper. Fantastic video Jake!

Slovenian Woodworker says:

Nice how to / tutorial buddy. Im sure it will help a lot of guys. I would like to add about the spray gun, maybe ours here are different but the side knob regulates the burst/ spraying how wide it is and the back knob above the handle regulates quantity by moving needle back or forward. One of the best methods to keep the nozzle clean is when you clean your gun with thiner. You unscrewe the nozzle and put it in the container on the spray gun and pour thiner in so the nozzle is covered by it. This is technique that i learned from autobodyshop guys. It works. Keep up the good work buddy. Cheers

Mike Neuhaus says:

I’ve been using those spray guns for years now. How much did you cut you lacquer?

S. Fry Jr. says:

Jake was it the temperature or the West Texas wind that kept you from opening the door. How is the odor in the closed space?

Stone cold coffee says:

Do you make those clocks on the bandsaw?

Cross Cut Creations says:

Those are some awesome looking products, Jake! That spray gun does an awesome job!

Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

So you used lacquer in this one, is it used for paint as well or is that a different type of spray device. Liked, watched full and loved the finished look of the clock before it’s done. Here because Shane sent me he gave you a shout out…I hit that red button in support…

Richard Tullius says:

Just finishing up some built in bookcases, a linen cabinet, a pantry, and another built in with wine rack in my new house and was thinking I would do it with spray cans and brush… no way, I’ll be hitting harbor freight this week for the HVLP GUN. Thank you so much, and I know I’ll be getting a better job. Thanks for the videos.

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