Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun Review (Central Pneumatic #47016)

Review of Harbor Freight hvlp #47016 spray gun


IamAnoobiecheez says:

What air compressor do u have for this spray gun in your garage? Does it work good? What brand/model is it tank u

Randy Lavine says:

I bought their guns, they leaked like a sif. Threw them away. Spent more money, bought a set of Devilbiss, no problem. You get what you pay for! Generally I really like HF tools, just not this leaking gun!

wsvitak says:

I’m so done with central pneumatic. I am a big HF fAn and most tools are pay for themselves with one or two uses, but the last couple things I bought were pretty much useless out of the box. It scares me out of buying anything else from central pneumatic. I usually buy than wait to use and when I use its broke and too late to return. Hope this works out for ya.

Martin Walters says:

Throws down instructions, we don nee no stinking instructions”… ut oh..gotta leak”.. “oh, this thingy has threads.. “. Hahahaha! Not laughing at you. I’m no pro either. I do the SAME thing. Hahaha! Thanks for the review. At $9 …who can go wrong. I only spray small furniture etc anyway. No cars, so based on your review..I’m buying one. Thanks again!

Jose Ortiz says:

i can used semi gloss paint with that air gun?

James A. says:

How did you clean it??

Phill Huddleston says:

For a one time use these may or may not work but if you are going to use them more than one or two times get a higher quality gun. These are tough to clean and the caulk they use on some of these is impossible to remove. You have to set the air pressure very high and it still will not spray as fast or good as a higher quality gun. I have not tried their professional model but I would think it has to be better than these purple pieces of crap. Some things at HF are decent but others like these spray guns you get what you pay for and they will be a pain in your ass.

Skykiller says:

I saw a guy use O rings to stop the leak. Tape is fine as long as it doesn’t come in contact with the paint. I use tape on my gun with no problems

Mike Studmuffin says:

What size compressor did you use?

mike48632 says:

I have been thinking about buying a spray gun for my wood working projects but hesitant because I have never used one before, thanks for the helpful video

Henry Kaldenbaugh says:

Do your YouTube homework first. The paint cup gasket is junk. Throw it away with the filter. you can use an O ring (or 2) in the cup or teflon tape on the threads. 20-30 psi. Take the nozel and trigger apart and clean out the dried calk they put inside.

Drew Johnson says:

Too much clowning around. Not impressed. It is a product demo, not a comedy hour.

Mel Case says:

He did an OK job o video. probably would of been better if you would of read the instructions first. I bought this gun a few years ago and like you, never used it. Joe {below) filled in the specifics, however, between the two of you, it was a great video. Thanks

Gary says:

the washer you shown us is the one where the leak is….put it in!

Jose Ortiz says:

i can used a 3 gallon compressor for small project like inside cabinet?

soulless one says:

You need Teflon tape on your paint container

George Ronk says:

Did you clwan your gun our first..its full of silicon

Rodolfo Pierre says:

Throw away that plastic filter

Aaron Gupta says:

Jstr how did u like this compared to the Harbor freight turbine hvlp system, in terms of ease, quality of finish (orange peel)?.
Looking to primer, base and clearcoat hood of a car.. only have. 4 gallon hf compressor now..

SoCal Jay says:

i buy these guns when i have something that doesnt require really great finish…i paint with them and then i throw them in the trash. i dont even bother trying to clean them. the paint thinner costs more than the gun. for 9.99 who cares. plus they never work correctly after you take them apart

pancake airsoft says:

Hahahahah love the gun safety saying thrown in there

Kurt M says:

I suggest you put an o-ring between the cup and gun. Keeps it from leaking

eduardo guerrero says:

Can this gun be use to paint a house inside

kennethpappas says:

Also the manual states that you must fully clean the gun with soapy water before use. Did you do that?

Danny Depaz says:

i cant twist my little filter in. it doesnt have the thread in there to twist it in.

WillysJeep MB says:

We have one and it leaks at the same place. Throw away the teflon  ring and just wrap the threads with teflon tape about 3 wraps.

ELVISRN1 says:

I ran this gun today with PRIMER,BASE,and clear tomorrow and so far its awsome for the money . BUY IT!

Robert Kerr says:

Review of review: This guy mumbles for 9 minutes, rambling on, having no idea what most of the parts are for.

Paul Hopkins says:

This spray gun is sold under tons of different manufacturers, it is the same exact gun that you already have from Lowes. Every gun I have used with that air cap has left a whole lot to be desired. The reason your spray pattern was so narrow is because you were trying to spray a thick primer through a 1.3mm fluid tip.

97 cobra says:

Make sure you clean all the oil out before you use it or it will mess up your paint job

Jeff Trowbridge says:

don’t go to harbor freight to buy your paint supply. please do yourself a favor and go to http://www.tpcglobal.com u can get for 98$ plus free shipping 2 help guns that are way better. they all come with aluminum paint hoppers or cans… a in-line water filter, a regulator, a stand that holds all 3 HVLP guns you get one gun that has a 1.8 millimeter nozzle to do your primers also you get a gun that that is a 1.4 millimeters for your base coats and clear coats in pain and you also get a detailed gun which is a 1.0 millimeter for your touch ups and for your wet coats if you choose to do so… all for $98. all I did was wait for days and no joke the invoice was $98 4 8n package and 3 guns and it came with all of this…. stand, filters, in-line water filter, regulator pressure gauge, aluminum cans, and more.. all better than Harbor Freight in price and quality. even though they charge cheap, ah-ha per item. also it’s because there items are really cheap do the math if you had to buy from Harbor Freight a 1.0mm detail spray gun, 1.4mm gunpaint,1.8mm gun, aluminum cans, a stand, filters, regulators, filters, and other knick knacks… It wouldn’t be $98 go to www. TCP global.com and buy your paint and equipment haven of house of Kolors paint and supplies. anest buy a iwatta guns from best to not the best. just an FYI ppl.

Dan Stump says:

Watch one of DisciplesGarage’s videos on how to take that gun apart and clean all the silicone thread sealer it ships with out, then teflon tape everything for assembly. It’s actually a decent gun once you clean it up.

Michael Laverty says:

You CAN’T let me say it again YOU CAN’T be a motorhead .. That you would even purchase a compressor and then NOT purchase a filter regulator set so you DON”T destroy your air tool’s . I’m gonna go back because I could have sworn I heard you say you were going to take your Gun regulator and use it on your compressor.. In fact I’m gonna stop right here and turn you off . you have NOTHING you could ever tell me except what NOT TO DO .. and that you did very well .. NOVICE WANNABE

Riku Koivisto says:

Jeff Trowbridge says:

no actually I know for a fact you didn’t miss the deal. in fact the deal actually got better the last time I looked around the holidays they dropped it about $40 with Free Shipping. go to TPC global.com blonder spray guns.. its going to be a one of the options. actually I believe it’s in the top right hand corner then all the way to the left it’s going to give you a category list of all the spray guns they carry all the way from cheap but better than anything harbor freight carries all the way to an estimate guns… then click that. personally spend the 200-something dollars and buy the devilbiss starting line kit. u get name brand for cheap. advice just do it stop going to harbor freight to because it’s convenient and you can get it today… In the long run you’ll be ten times more happier your equipment will last longer and you’ll have a far better all around experience not to mention ten times better paint atomization.

Jeff Trowbridge says:

+jster1963 is right in actual use my HVLP pressure at the cap at 18 to 22 psi depending on viscosity. airbrushing I stay around 20psi and just work my M.A.C. valve, “micro air control, to adjust the amount of fluid force pressure. HVLP guns don’t call it that but it’s the twist knob usually at the bottom of the handle where your hose enters.

Jeff Trowbridge says:

meant to say it comes with 3 HVLP that’s auto correct for you

kennethpappas says:

two questions please, what pressure should I run it at? Also how thin do I need to make the paint?

kking1367 says:

only thing I have to say is put the desicant filter under the air regulator. to each their own. if it works for you. 🙂

Talents a says:

Hello . How to prevent water during paint with a gun I was annoyed where I am a beginner in paint please help

rock dawg says:

this gun has a grease that is packed in the noozle that must be cleaned before using i have two guns from harbor frt eastwood has a pressure cleaner can to atach to the gun for cleanout of the gun

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