Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun Review – Also Cleaning and Setup Instructions

Harbor freight HVLP Automotive spray gun review, how to clean a spray gun, how to use a hvlp spray gun, how to adjust a hvlp spray gun for painting basecoat clear coat, how to spray 2 stage automotive paint, how to paint your car, what type of spray gun to use for painting a car.

Links to Tools Used in the Video:

HVLP Spray Gun: http://amzn.to/2bcOsVV
Spray Gun Cleaning Kit: http://amzn.to/2bmEuCN
Laquer Thinner: http://amzn.to/2b9hjIZ

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Daniel says:

Great video and ideal for beginners taking a gun out of the box.

Kayinfso Here says:

Very helpful video!! Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing.

nunya your business says:

good info

Creighton Installations says:

Perfect thank you sir. your time was much appeciated.

tony ruiz says:

thanks for the video!

Carlos lopez says:

gracias amigo I like your videos keep up the good work

ukfan4sure1 says:

Why don’t you just use the thinner in the cup and spray it?

Kurt M says:

I have the same gun. Mine leaked a little where the cup attaches to the gun. An o-ring fixed it.

FungusHat says:

Thanks! Just picked one of these up for a boat trailer re-primer and paint : – ) your instructions are much appreciated!

roadstar499 says:

what air pressure works best for painting car with this gun..?thanks

Barnyardcustoms Car Club says:

Do you have a link to that regulator you are using? thanks

steamcrunk says:

Perfect. The video I was looking for! Thanks for an informative instructional.

Leon Onitnelot says:

The proper way to clean is to pour laquer thinner on the container and spray it,until its clean its save time and your setup.

Trevell W says:

excellent video great post really helped me out

DallisManful says:

Thanks for the video, man. Researching how to do my own paint job and this helped a lot.

Robert A Juarez says:

Just used this gun today my first time ever painting with a paint gun. This video was my teacher.

Tim Foster says:

I’m looking at getting that gun.
What pressure regulator did you use?

mongoosevacations says:

This is a great video. Thank you! I would like to use it with a bag instead of directly into the cup, that is possible with HVLP gun? Do you have a video on different size tips and their frequently used applications? For example, 2.8 for large metal flake. The best tip for spraying base coats and such?

mickey says:

Glad I found this video. It was great. I was surprised to find that no wrench came with it. Not only that but they don’t sell any for removing the nozzle. I’ve looked in several stores with no luck. Is there a particular name for the wrench and do you know where I could get one?

Crozbyguy says:

Cleaned it, cleaned it, cleaned it, and it blows bubbles in the reservoir. won’t paint. Then the nozzle rubber washer swells then shrinks in acetone.

Victor Sandoval says:


Proximity Symbol says:

Can I take an open ended wrench and safely removed that male threaded
adapter from the bottom of the body where the air hose attaches? I
assume the body orifice is female threaded where I can screw in a male
threaded connect plug rather than screwing a female threaded plug over
it. Thank You

Shawn Polk says:

Nice job bro….

Ary M says:

Awesome video. Thanks

Robert Antioquia says:

answers a lot of my questions… Thank You!!

Shannan Johnson says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful for us beginners. What does using the teflon tape around the screw threads do?

AL92660 says:

HOw long did you wait between coats?
Did you wet sand between coats?

Sean Prophet says:

Nice presentation. Thanks

roadstar499 says:

Whats best air pressure when using this gun basecoat clear coat?? thanks

Theee CandleMaker says:

thank you very much I’m a beginner at painting and just picked up one of these guns at harbor freight. this video has helped me greatly.

SmokeFlame1 says:

Just bought a new gun. That was very helpful.

Noble Nabil says:

Thanks for the video! Question, do we have to clean the gun between coats from the same type of fluid or only when switching fluids and after finishing painting? Thanks in advance!

thestigmach1 says:

has anyone used this to spray paint with metallic in it? I’m wanting to repaint my truck with a mild metallic paint and clear coat. any recommendations on a good quality paint that these guns like? and good pressure to use with it.

Roy Nelson says:

this was one hell of a review thanks buddy for such a cool review man

Robert A Juarez says:

Dude thee best video I’ve seen on this gun. Great job.

black99vett says:

Thanks, just picked up a gun to paint some built ins and wondered how to clean it. Never thought to clean the gun first.

Marty Chader says:

These are the instructions that Harbor Freight should have included, thanks

Frank Valencia says:

Great video man!!

randu2u2 says:

Possibly the best, most comprehensive Youtube video I have ever seen. Thank you for your attention to detail.

TheEgg185 says:

One of my favorite videos.

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