Harbor Freight electric spray gun

Testing to see if a Harbor Freight electric spray gun shoot automotive paint. Base and clear coat.


john101004 says:

Does the spay gun still work ? Is it reliable?

Riley Marsh says:

I bought and tried this and my base coat went on amazingly but the clear would barely come out. Any tips?

rj doggman says:

orange peel comes out with color sander or wet sand right?

byingly says:

I think it did great, especially considering its a metal flake, at least I think it is??

Nationalcitysycho d says:

Now the wing you have to hit that to the surface….i forgot to get a dark primer like black…i can tell you how to spray primer from a can thatnis not rustoleum…that is oil base so u cant use it…use etching primer. like i said $17 a can

John Cook says:

that is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard just said you’re broke you didn’t want to spend the money hell that’s what I would say I’m not a shame I don’t give a shit what people think but I don’t lie

Richard Persoage says:

Your gun is great for painting your fence. Please don’t use it to paint your vehicle.

redradiodog says:

You are putting way to many coats at a time!

Andrew Leichenauer says:

Horrible spray technique.

Anthony Malfino says:

This is awesome! Thanks for the knowledge

t watson says:

Your wife gonna beat you for painting her chair lol.

John Cook says:

by saying that I forgot to say people are like children you have to sugarcoat things to make them feel good if you tell them the truth they’re going to get mad and not like you not to mention talk shit behind your back and get that knife and stab it in your back in the meantime sad what this world has come to you can’t even tell the truth anymore LOL God would be disappointed

Curtis Hasty says:

Maybe learn how to paint. You skipped a bunch of steps and you technique sucks.

Trust No1 says:

Why didn’t you just dump the paint on? Smh

John Oliger says:

Can you use latex paint with this sprayer?

Tim Bauer says:

Go ahead and keep painting til it runs off. And paint the chair too.

kingjustinsmith says:

thank you thank you my air compressor went out when painting my car and this gun I have been looking at for some time now and you just helped me out a lot I’m going to go pick this right up hope it can shoot fine flacks great job I just liked this video and subscribed

Monkey Nigger says:

Your mom’s gonna be pissed you painted the patio furniture blue!

dcast1985 says:

This is what not to do folks

makarios says:

Excuse me, I again, can you tell me what cleaning solution I can use to clean the spray gun after applying the primer paint? thanks for help me

Sybreeds says:

That gun sounds like Optimus Prime taking a shit.

Guy H. says:

EVEN STROKES with your gun! The way you did it doesn’t apply the paint properly…

LuisManuelHdez says:

For $15.00 that gun worked great. I think you went a little heavy on the spraying though. Lighter coats works better.

abduran77 says:

Not bad for a cheapo gun, would the black smaller spray nozzle be better for auto base coat or the red one?

19RioR93 says:

You painted your chair

Izzy A. says:

Is there a silentener

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