Graco Ultra Handheld Paint Sprayer Test & Review

Is the Graco Ultra Handheld battery operated sprayer worth buying. Powered by a Dewalt battery this airless sprayer is awesome.

Graco Handheld corded review:

Graco Ultra Handheld sprayer Corded:
Graco Ultra Handheld sprayer Battery:
Graco RAC X Fine Finish Tip:
Graco RAC X 517 tip:

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Mad Dog Paint Products says:

Nice Demo. Seems easy to use! Could really be useful for small jobs like the three exterior doors in need to paint. Much easier than setting up and cleaning up a full airless system.

56mtorres says:

Dude! You do a great job on your videos. Thanks so much!!

Charles Youngblood says:

Great job Chris!

Javas Sylvester says:

why dont you ever do videos about bids ? or how to get more customers ? or how to grow your business ?

Justin Lickman Realtor says:

Nice shirt! Enjoying your videos

Mel C says:

If I have NEVER used a sprayer of any kind before, would this be something easy to start with? Thanks in advance, absolutely love learning from you!

T J Roberts Decorating says:

I have got this on my shopping list. I only do domestic work so will come in handy for all the jobs which are slow by brush, Louvre doors ,radiators, & spindles.

1} Денис Геннадьевич says:


Ken Nickels says:

Can these things be rented?

Hank Hill says:

tried shopping on your website for the same type of hat you have on, can’t find it only in the trucker version in white and black. I have 2 of those. need the one you have in black and a white one.

C Hda says:

Are you able to shoot vertically- on ceilings (small areas)?

chris widney says:

have you used the FF LP tips in your airless yet

Frank Aragon says:

Where can I get Paint life paint wear?


would you recommend it to paint an entire room?

gary goudeau says:

Great video.  I am thinking about betting the graco ultimatemax cordless to use indoors for painting cabinets. What are your thoughts on this.  Would the titan hvlp be a better choice?

juventus1221 says:

you are very privileged for getting these products Chris…i have to say i am jealous…. still ….got my entries and can’t wait till it reaches 2000… keep up the good videos..

Pinche Negro says:

you can spray clear laquer?

jochanan says:

Looks like a nice gun, hoe much over spray with latex paint? Easy cleanup? Have you compared the pro against the 360dsp with only two speeds?
Thanks for the video.

Steve Grossman says:

Seems like would only use real small jobs or touch up. Weighs way more than gun, cup doesn’t hold much paint and if you can’t use an extension will make you do more bending up and down. Thanks Chris

Jared D Heaps says:

Is this something you would use for doors and trim? Also is there less masking for overspray with this sprayer. Thanks!

Carlos Dasilva says:

You let the women move in to your channel. Now we got interior decorating sets.

Guns Cars and Digits says:

Thanks for the commentary! I feel good about buying my DSP model today. 18 years ago, I had to help my great grandfather paint the soffit board and we did it with a brush. I have so much respect for the old timers and the way they did that. That said, diluting it 10% and running one of these with a lanyard will make things so much easier.

TonydlP650 says:

could this be used for automotive applications?

Hank Hill says:

he’ll yeah he’ll yeah

Shad Syed says:

Thanks for the video. Really appreciate it.

Will it be possible to do a detailed video on how to clean the Graco Ultra?

Capthrax1 says:

i managed to talk my company into getting one for me. I work at a large independent retirement facility, It is fantastic for doors and baseboards. It amazing that there is not need to thin out paints. They do make a larger cup (about 1/3 of a gallon) but it tires your hand out fairly quickly. The batteries last surprisingly long (about a gallon and a half in my experience, i wouldn’t recommend using it for anything more than 2 gallons at a time, as he said the changing gets old quickly. It is also very quick to clean, With experience and a good cleaning regiment it can be under 5 minutes for the whole machine.

Александр -Шушик- says:

Hello, I have a question:
-Is it possible to paint
Ultra Airless HandHeld Cordless,
Alkyd paints based on a solvent or not?

ChromerSatanas says:

those are awesome for certain. things when you don’t want to bust out the heavy hitter sprayeR. what size shirt is that?

Alexander galindo says:

Chris, would this work with lacquer paint?… repainting cabinets..

jason brown says:

this tool looks amazing, I
will deffinently be saving up for one. Thanks for the review

hugot12 says:

you dont have the 2900 psi Chris usually uses to spray unthinned latex paint thru with this handheld airless Chris doesnt like to thin paint, water will help the flow to level out a heavier viscosity paint. A better fan pattern with a smoother less orange peel finish also is why some thinning is necessary on either HVLP or any airless You cant have it all , all the time. Depending on tip size, not a 310 for unthinned latex, that tip size is usually for stain or clear laquer. In Chris’s own words , he says he has to turn airless pressure so high to squeeze out such a thick unthinned material like the 310 tip , that he blows out a tip after 20 gallons of paint. Acrylic or a more latex material in the industry isnt sprayed with such small orifice sizes. Talk to a Graco spray Rep, Idaho painters are doing their own unorthodox approach to spraying . A small orifice produces a thinner coating once the water dries out. There is a certain mil thickness a coating needs to be, especially outdoor coatings for the harsh elements.

HW2800 says:

Food coloring? LOL!

Gotallofthem1 says:

Could I use this unit (or the corded version of it), to paint a Car? Base Coat & Clear Coat (I assume I’d have to change the Tip), but can it be done and get a nice fine finish?

Thank you to anyone that has this.

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