Graco Ultra Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer Review.

Graco handheld airless paint sprayer is the latest compact paint sprayer on the market. This airless paint sprayer is worth buying. No this is NOT a paid promotion.

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The tips and sprayer accessories I use:

Graco Ultra Handheld sprayer Corded:
Graco Ultra Handheld sprayer Battery:

Graco contractor gun:
Graco 50’ airless spray hose:
Graco gun whip:
Graco gun extension:
6” Spray Gun Extension:
30” Spray Gun Extension:
Graco RAC X 517 tip:
Graco RAC X Fine Finish Tip:

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Ryan Carlson says:

I see you installed a regular LTX tip in your video. Just a note that the green 514 tip that comes with the gun is designed to help even out the pulsing effect that you see sometimes with these handhelds. When you test it in paint, you may want to try both styles to see which sprays best.

Kevin Ross says:

That is the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen.

Colorado Boo says:

This would be perfect for my yearly application of Thomson Weather Seal on my fence…I just wish it had a bigger capacity. (Like half a gallon.)

Johnbarry Jeremiah says:

what handheld airless sprayer is most value for money. thanks great vids

Spencer Colgan says:

Chris, instead of Pump primer for these sprayers, you still stand by using rv anti freeze from Walmart?

Sylvester Alvarez says:

I’m planning on painting my house. At its highest point, it is about 25 ft high. I’m not able to paint in a sweeping motion that high, will I still be able to use this product? I’m very interested in it but really not sure. Please advise!

Commandment Keeper says:

Love the Bible verses posted throughout videos!

Nathan Marq says:

Chris … you are big pimpin sir …
Told my boss I was watching painting videos on YouTube and he was like … THE IDAHO PAINTER … lol

Victor Avila says:

Perfect for spindles and trim

Charles Youngblood says:

Chris,I cannot find this sprayer anywhere to purchase? I found a Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360DS Paint Sprayer that looks similar but I don’t believe is the same. I really don’t want to buy the wrong thing.

turboslut says:

would you add it to your fleet and if so, for what applications?

Xavier Robles says:

It’s impressive how much you can reiterate yourself. Good information but struggle to watch.

Superior Painting says:

Thanks for all of your great videos. I was on the “fence” about buying one of these for an upcoming outdoor trim job and smaller projects.. You conformed my decision to buy it. Thanks! Dan. “Isaiah 12:2”

Nathan Brock says:

Graco is coming out with a new Pro Shot that runs on dewalt batteries towards the end of march it uses regular spray tips also it’s gonna be quite the work horse.

harrys handiworks says:

I have the battery one. It works great for small jobs.

dekzan says:

Can you recommend one lower priced not battery operated that will do lacquer paints and finishes ? The Titan at US$ 350 is also too pricy for my small guitar projects.

Voxboy876 says:

Less talk more action brother…..does it paint??????

Marc Jackson says:

Hi first comment, but watched a lot of your videos and have learned a lot!!! Thanks for all the help and keep up the great videos!

DRitz78 says:

Shill. We never thin Sherwin Williams WBU or DTM to run through our Titan Capspray 115 HVLP and doors look perfect. I own 2 Graco TrueCoat II Plus’ and rarely use them. Tons of overspray and chatter like crazy, not to mention that they are heavy and run through paint in a New York minute. Personally, I’d never waste my money on one of those.

alwaysrockn2009 says:

Cool. I look forward to seeing it in action ESP when addressing the spotty coverage from the pulsation and to see how it competes with Titan’s FlexSpray.

Katie Clogg says:

Is this the cordless or the cord sprayer

Billy Gordon says:

Hey Chris! Thank you so much for a brief review of this sprayer! I’ve been using the VSP version of it and love it! Along with your tips and tricks from your videos and Pinterest my home is coming along nicely – so thanks for that! Keep up the great work brother – you’re motivating ME at least!
Can you do a video on barriers – as in between rooms when spraying? That’s an issue I’m facing now and haven’t seen you cover.

Brandon Moore says:

Hey Chris,

I’m buying this next week. In your opinion which one do you like better? The cordless or cord?

Alexander Lebedev says:

Unboxing, but not review

jamie Russell says:

I use a 395 and a poelrtable pro shot 2. Which is liketheone in your review only battery powered. You got it right. The best thing is for using for touch ups at the end of the job and doors, mainly. But the quality and speed for those two things saves me a lot of time and the savings of paint with every use adds up. a quart ends up being plenty for a door with almost no loss with every use unlike a regular pump.
Also its great when you have something up high or on a roof that is more than just a quick roll or brushing. Like 4 inch lap siding 100 as feet etc. It becomes a great choice for that job that has you contemplating whether you need to get out the pump or should I just roll? I know!! Von Handheld McQuickness!!

theman1187 says:

That could just be a test model but I sell and use these and I think they come with a Low Pressure FF Tip now, by far the best tip on the market.

David Ilijevski says:

which do u prefer that one or the titan flexspray

SurlySteve1 says:

Hey Chris how’s it going ? Too much time making videos no cycling time ? Me neither getting fat lol
Anyway now that you have had a shot with the new Graco which machine provides the best finish for trim
The Titan XVLP or the. Graco with FFLP tips ?
Ned to buy one of them . Thanks for all the time you put into this for the benefit of pros and amateurs.

Aaron Michael says:

Graco makes good products,But. It would take a lil time to get the hang of it. Something good for painting around the house, Not sure i would take it on a job with me..

ejb2255 says:

Chris, besides the cord, how do you compare this to the cordless version? Same paint pattern? Does it over spray and are tips FFLP? cons and pros with both? Thanks man!

Nikolay Georgieff says:

Is it possible to leave the sprayer full of latex paint between coats without causing problems? I can’t find it in the instruction manual.

aaron selby says:

Great video! I have a sprayer I have only used for oil base and I was wanting to know why I shouldnt use water base with it. I heard you mention that in another video. I also am about to purchase a line striper and was wondering about using it for oil and water as I cant aford a striper for each yet. Thanks a lot for the help!

Mike Shilo says:

I paint new houses those hand held gracos i use for garage and front doors they last me about 7 months and then they are garbage but get close to 30 houses wouldn’t use them for nothing else but for those things you cant beat them especially when you have a qt to paint the front door

Claudette Watson says:

Hi Chris,
I really appreciate your videos. Have you tried the Wagner 890? How would you rate it in comparison to the Graco Truecoat?

Misael Contreras says:

Hey Chris,
I think so highly of your opinions that soon after i saw your review on this guy i went and bought it. I have used it once and it was wonderful. So thanks for the review and when you use it let us know if you think as good about it as i did. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into all your videos because i have learned various trick from you being that you have so many more years then i do in the industry. Thanks agian!!
Misael Contreras
Dba My Little Helper
Hints im only 5 ft tall so i had to make my business name match my size. Lol

Charles Youngblood says:

You are the Man! I was just looking for something to use for a small bathroom, trim, and vanity.A real pain setting up both a HVLP with all the problems you discussed or a Titan airless. Great information.

Sid whathisname says:

I used the 64-1which is an industrial Graco sprayer used to paint ships and tanks put your hand in front of the spray and you’d lose fingers , 6,400 psi

I then used the same sprayer to spray in buildings , walls and ceilings in new houses . I used one to spay ships and one aircraft carrier in the UK, the Graco is one of the best pumps and sprayers I’ve used

Jessica Everett says:

Awesome videos brother! Just pick up one today. What tip would you recommend for primer on cabinets, thanks.

Js M says:

I was wondering when I use my Graco handheld paint sprayer when spraying a door for example, the finish doesn’t come out smooth all the time but little bumps can be seen when dried. Any thoughts?

RMW Review says:

I’m still trying to figure out witch in to by the titan flex or this one in the video
I’m planning to use on fence & deck & also kitchen debits witch one do you perfur??
Also Sherwin WillAmsterdam has the titan on sale for $553 after tax and you also get the fine finish as mail in rebate

rick4electric says:

If that unit had REALLY been tested with paint it would be very dirty! I tried one and it wouldn’t spray! I took it apart to clean it and it still wouldn’t work. I called Graco and they said you are not supposed to take them apart for cleaning. After 4 hours of frustration, I took it back. The one I tested did not use standard tips, came with no bag or lubricant.

Josh Buehner says:

we need to tell Graco to make a better machine I’m more than happy to spending $1,500 for a handheld but they need to make the fucking cup so it doesn’t strip out on the bottom and I’m not spending $2,800 on their industrial piece of crap great ponies get their shit together and Graco is what I use way better than Titan but their handhelds so far or garbage do not buy this bypass soon in the future we will have an old battery powered Graco that work and will not break on the fucking job

Александр -Шушик- says:

Hello, I have a question:
-Is it possible to paint
Ultra Airless HandHeld Cordless,
Alkyd paints based on a solvent or not?

Robert McNamara says:

I have a smaller house. could i get away with using this to paint it?

Spencer Colgan says:

Graco is an AMAZING company. The first model, pro shot was a piece of garbage but they replaced it for me TWICE!!! They knew it was garbage. And I would definitely use this one.

Liquid bend says:

whats the model number >?

007dukenukem says:

i was definitely interested in this alot but i heard there is a battery powered one too and it used Dewalts 20v line, thats the one i would love too see

Paulie maz says:

Chris, love all your videos
I bought one and tried it out today. It ran up paint like crazy. 400$ and now I’m stuck. It worked better upside down than right side up. Going to give it another try next chance I get but I spent more time filling it, should have just ran it through the 440 and been done. Had 2 rooms with crown and 4 doors. I blew a gallon and a 1/4 (lol). Keep up the good videos brother

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