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After painting residential and commercial structures for more than 17 years, I’ve seen my fair share of “new products.” I’m surprised to say that this Graco Ultra cordless handheld sprayer is very impressive. The easy power/pressure adjustment dial allows the user to adjust the spray to exactly what is needed for the application. In addition, the removable RacX tip portrays a more professional appearance and performance.

The Graco Ultra cordless handheld sprayer is a portable airless sprayer that is powered by DeWalt 20V Max batteries. Graco uses the Triax triple-piston pump to deliver up to 2,000 pounds of tip pressure. Painters adjust the tip pressure by the power dial located near the battery. This is a variable dial from 1 – 10. The removable RacX tip (FF LP 514 included) is reversible, so you get ease of unclogging without removal.
The Graco Ultra lineup (Ultra croded, Ultra cordless, and Ultra Max crodless) all require the same RacX FF LP tips. These tips are available from .008-.016. Removing and replacing the Triax pump can be done by any competent user, in the field. With just a phillips screwdriver, remove the screws on the door, remove the door, replace the pump, door and screws.
As a kit, the Graco Ultra cordless handheld sprayer includes the sprayer, two (2) DeWalt 20V Max batteries, DeWalt charger, 4 flexible cups, the RacX 514 tip, a small bottle of cleaner and the zippered bag. This Graco Ultra cordless kit is available online, or you can check with your local paint supplier.
Graco covers the Ultra series with a 30-day and 1-Year warranty. 30-DAY “JUST ADD PAINT” REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Dissatisfied? Simply return the sprayer to the place you bought it within 30 days. They’ll either exchange it for an identical sprayer or you can trade-up to a larger sprayer at an additional cost.
1-YEAR DEFECT WARRANTY: Coverage against defects in materials and workmanship on the entire sprayer


Gotallofthem1 says:

I see that it says that this unit is supposed to go up to 500-2000 PSI. I was looking for something like this, that is portable, that I can put my “Rinseless Car Wash Liquid (basically water), to wash/pre-soak the dirt off my car before I scrub it down.

Does the liquid that comes out of this have enough power to do this?

Basicllly I want to do what this guy is doing, (especially at @47 seconds).
So can this unit do what the guy in vid is doing? Cause I like the idea of it since it looks more portable.

joel minjock says:

lets sure hope its better than the first generation peices of shit they sold us on….Everyone thar bought them should get one for free and a handwritten apology…JUNK.

Gotallofthem1 says:

@ShopToolReviews, Do you know if this unit has a “Max Allowed/Recommended Gallons use PER YEAR”, I’v noticed that on some of these handheld sprayers (the cheaper ones from GRACO) because I plan to use this unit a lot.

Secondly, I found this at my local home deopt

Looks just like the unit in your video, however it says “TC PRO” (dewalt battery and all)on it, vs “ULTRA” Like the one that you have. Are they the same unit? Funny thing is I cant find that unit on the Official GRACO Site.


A Baller says:

Anyone use this for spraying water based clear coat on small wood projects?

I’m considering an hvlp system but cordless is very appealing. Plus you can spray upside down easily. General Finishes High Performance top coat is $70/gallon. Will this produce tons of product being sprayed all over? I’m a finish carpenter and I do side work in my shop and I’ve switched from brush on polyurethane to spray on water based clear coat with a cheap Husky Sprayer. It works but… Looking to upgrade and the Graco cordless looks appealing but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for spraying clear coats.

robalan57 says:

A slightly larger 42 oz cup is available. It is possible to buy a few extra cup systems for fast change out for more paint or cleaning.

Jose Rivas says:

great video covered every details

Александр -Шушик- says:

Hello, I have a question:
-Is it possible to paint
Ultra Airless HandHeld Cordless,
Alkyd paints based on a solvent or not?

TonydlP650 says:

would you back roll the door after spraying?


Here is the update I promised, 😉 Well I called up Graco, The operator had zero clue as to what to do so they put there guy on it i believe his name was Tim, we talked for about 1/2 hour and after we understood each other on the fact that the engine was dead and that I have only used it 3 times, He sent me another engine all cool right , wellllll not exactly during our conversation I told him that the primer cap on the canister we put paint into that lets air out so we can prime it was garbage!, He agreed and during this conversation I told him that I had an idea that would upgrade there poor design for a bleeder screw but not in that manner I sugar coated it so I did not sound like a tool, so he listened attentively and agreed that a bleeder screw from a car would work better or something like that a simple twist and end of story, then as usual i have come up with a better idea lol simple push and bleed when the button is pushed it automatically will bleed the system and save time as well and eliminate the prime button in my eyes 🙂 but since I talked to him I patented my ideas lol so when we conditionally talked he promised me a free spray tip for my troubles lol well that did not arrive, and the return package so i could return the old engine that blew was never put in the box, so either there is a design flaw and there will be more of these problems or he simply forgot, however new engine in and it works fine again, so if you have to register your product I suggest you do it, they did honor the product and sent me a new part but they gave me way to much attention and to me that is 1 of 2 things? A. a red flag or B. nothing but attention. but for all to know these sprayers I was told are to only be used for 20 mins at a time and must sit the rest of that hour before they are used again :-O yea i kinda think that sucks but what can ya do, he also said that they are nothing more that for closets and a door or 2 or maybe trim in a room , so if your using it to paint a 10 x 10 room I wouldn’t . hope this helps all

mds19238 says:

I would definitely NOT purchase anything based on this “so-called” review. Vague, ambiguous, subjective all come to mind.

Tim Pamatmat says:

Great review, seems like the perfect tool for the contractor to knock out a few small jobs without brush marks. Though I have to admit, it takes awhile to get use to seeing that DeWalt yellow on a blue tool:) Quick question, does this work with DeWalt FlexVolt batteries?


Tooner tooner A A


I have owned it for exactly 1 month I sprayed nothing but latex exterior and interior a total of 3 whole gallons and now it wont even spray water out soooooo I looked in the book and it says that the pump has reached the end of its life lmao seriously LOL I am going to call graco tomorrow and if they hand me a line of BS you can bet your ass I will post the video results so I will give them the benefit of the doubt…

T Willey says:

What applications would this sprayer be ideally suited for? Thanks, and great review

Zach Reau says:

Can i just use my paint im already using to roll it on? Sherwin williams pro mar 400 laytex eggshell??? Or so i gotta buy special paint specifically for a oaint gun?

Dung Pham says:

can i use this for paint a car ??

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