Graco Contractor Airless Spray Gun Review. THE BEST PAINT GUN.

My favorite airless sprayer spray gun, the contractor paint gun. Simply the best spray gun ever made.

Graco 395 airless sprayer:
Graco contractor gun:
Graco 50’ airless spray hose:
Graco gun whip:
Graco gun extension:

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Cornelius White says:

so I don’t know where to ask you specific painting questions or how so I’m just going to ask you question that does not pertain to the video. but going forward I would like to know where can I submit my paint related questions. Ok so I’m painting T-111 and siding its peeling and flaking and so I scraped all the peeling paint then sanded and primed those areas! but I can still see where I scraped those areas even after I prepped them! so is there anything I can apply to feel those areas because just primer and paint does not do it?! so frustrating it makes my job look bad. need help thanks

Jennifer Allison says:

We went out & bought one the day we watched this video. Thank you, Chris, for being a knowledgeable & trustworthy source!

Miguel Camacho says:

I recently just started my painting business what kind of airless spray gun you recommend for starters ?

Nrfa says:

Could I use an airless spray gun to spray paint aluminum siding on a house??

Cody Townson says:

Chris tell me what you think about theTtitan spray guide thanks.

adam garrett says:

next up the best tool belt for spray guns to prevent dropping them from roofs.

Ryan Cooper says:

Some very good technical points made in this video – really enjoyed your explanations from your experience!


mal3689 says:

hi Chris, do you know of any brush protectors worth having. I need one for a 2.5 purdy angled brush ,thanks + are they available in the UK

Al Complaint says:

Let the questions begin.

Michel says:

Yeah that thing is a beauty. Use it almost everyday. People say its expensive but it have made up for its cost 100 times over

Chauncy Gilmore says:

Quick change filter is awesome , less tools to keep on you or near by. Two finger triggers are also amazing and easy on the hands and wrists. Another great tool from Graco .

B B says:

What were the spray guns you use to use?

renoguy25 says:

Good afternoon , good video , so agree with the point of two finger trigger .
couple questions …
what kind of guesstimate of how much paint ,you would typically run through a gun , between cleanings / replacement of the filter ?
How important is/when to screen your paint ?
What do you use in your sprayers between jobs /storage …summer /winter , I’m using a Lemmer 3100 , but as I do full home renos ( kind of Jack of All Trades ) I probably only use the sprayer 3-4 year
When thinning out paint for sprayer , what do you typically use ….for latex …for oil ?

Do you ever thin out paint when rolling ? ( any tricks of the trade , sort of things ? )
Do you ever/often use a slowing agent ? ie; ( Flowtrol , as purely an example )
Bob from Calgary

Brett Holub says:

Great information man! Im about to paint my master bedroom and bathroom and your videos have been invaluable for me regarding tools and technique. Keep up the great work!

V.Vega says:

Does using an extension give you better control? I have trouble controlling the paint in tighter spaces, wondering if a small extension would help me..

cutiecurtis says:

I use a graco silver plus 2 on my on my airless rig at work (pre finish door shop.) I love the ladder hook and do similar with hooking on buckets. We have 4 of the silver 2 guns and some of them are old as dirt and still chugging perfect. Whilst a heavier duty gun I envy the ease of the filter cleaning on the contractor. Great videos!

therock007dmx says:

Chris can you please tell what’s the best paint sprayer for residence use? I’m planning on painting the interior of my home and my shutters and maybe some other small things too .

Charles Youngblood says:

Absolutely a Great Job of explaining everything.

Doom Slayer says:

amazing spray gun ! over 10 years old still working brand new

John Dineen says:

Just switched to the Rx-pro. I have no problems with it so far and its very lightweight but was wondering your thoughts on it? Ive seen your videos explaining the rx-pro but never spraying with it.

User TAB says:

I Haven’t tried this gun before but I have 2 lx80 Titans and 2 RX pro Titans. The RX pro is my favorite right now but it is kind of a pain to get the filter out for cleaning. Gotta have the 2 finger trigger, so nice. I also like how the RX pro has 3 different ways to hang it from buckets/ladders. Curious why you don’t like the the RX Pros? Only down side I see is the filter access and the expensive cost….just my 2 cents worth.

Jeff B says:

Nice cap

Aaron Jones says:

I don’t think you used the word “actually” even once! lol. Seriously though…nice video, very informative.

Zack Woolfe says:

do you have any experience with this if so love to here if its any good befor buying.

Josh Harris says:

Chris what’s the difference between the contractor II vs the contractor?

Machete Panda says:

If hte gun falls off the roof… why dont you just tie it to your belt? I dont see how the rope would get in the way.

J3nnyH. says:

I’m interested in getting a sprayer. My friend wants me to paint the exterior of their home but I’m not sure about the overspray, houses are fairly close together, and it’s right on a beach that gets a lot of wind, I’m worried id end up painting everything in site.
Maybe I’m overreacting and overspray doesn’t stay wet when it travels?
Thanks for the informative video!

Kevin Kevech says:

What paint do you suggest when painting gutters, soffit and facia?

Kevin Cantwell says:

I’m the guy that used to hate you but I love you now Chris

Gc Stinnette says:

My favorite gun would be a 44 magnum……..

Daniel Rosas says:

I like the gun LX80 It came with the 440i. But u right the 4 finger those feels heavy by the end of the day. I’m thinking to buy a graco 695 in the future, I think it comes with contractor 2 gun

Heaveniscoolerthanfire SR says:

Hey Chris, have you ever striped the paint off of doors and/or windows to bring them back to their original wood, if so can you tell about your process? Out.

negortin1 says:

Definately my favorite gun.

M. Vanderhellen says:

No painting action?

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