GET SPRAYING! Blackridge PaintGun – Not a Normal Tool Review

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This time we’re getting our paint on with the impressive paint gun from SuperCheap Auto.

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David Westernall says:

Seems to do OK for a $80 gun, but perhaps better spending a bit more on a Devilbiss FLG-5, I use one as my primer gun with a 1.8, can be bought with a 1.4 air cap also, awesome gun for the money. You do not need to sand primer between coats Brendan. Good job, looks nice.

Marcus says:

You deserve a tonne more views dude! Nice work

Phrozin says:

supercheap spray guns are pretty ordinary be ok to spray stuff around the house but i would look for something a bit better if your going to spray a car some of there guys are pretty bad i even purchased a gravity touch up gun i had to returned as i couldn’t get it to spray any paint out of it.

Wayne Dowding says:

Thanks for the review, did you use the little plastic filter that goes into the pot? I feel it slows down the paint flow.

Oce boosting says:

Awesome mate, gave me the motivation to actually start using mine instead of just staring at it. I currently have a standard not a pro, is it worth exchanging it? If they perform the same I’ll keep it.

NewlandsBmxer says:

Hey man, what sized aur compressor do you have? How much free air delivery does it Have?

chiliphil64 says:

What is you air pressure.

miha macek says:

Can you do one on a air compressor or a welder

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