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hoodie scum says:

hes bald pmsl

lahkidd says:

He tested the paint on himself first before applying to the fence! Lol

atyl1972 says:


Tim Adams says:

Not sure what color?just look at his shirt

Brick River says:

who else thought he had a bald spot where that mask was?????

walshamite says:

Spraying is great, but taking a few minutes to trim the weeds and grass off the bottom of the fence would have allowed paint coverage of the whole fence. Meticulous cleaning of the kit after each use is essential, esp. the nozzles and inside of the canister. Do it immediately, and it’s a snap. Never leave the cleaning up job till later… if you do, you’ll be s-o-r-r-y! And when you mask, as soon as possible, unmask the edge. Don”t leave masking tape in situ for too long. It gets super-stuck and the edge gets solid.

Fred Kerzic says:

Thanks for the video. Everything is in the prep work…that means weekwhacking so you have a clear shot at the bottom of the fence, too.

Dinoxt12 says:

This spray gun surely beats the heck out a paint brush or roller…I like it going to get one

James Williams says:

A little constructive criticism, the amount you are angling the sprayer is whats causing a majority of the over spray or blurred result. With all sprayers you want to keep as much of a 90 degree angle with the surface as possible, not always easy I admit but very helpful in getting clean even lines.

YakMan NC says:

Great video! I will be putting up a fence in the next few weeks and want to paint it. Actually looking at Wagner sprayers.

Question – Lowes/HD has this for $129 (6/30/2016).. What site did you buy for $80-$90? (unless you got it used)

Vinccent Holley says:

how far did you get with one canister of paint?.

hoodie scum says:

look at the paint on his shirt , lol a great sprayer

Heather Pursley says:

Just curious… about how many fence boards were you able to do before you had to fill up?

YAHUSHA Basar says:

At first, I thought he’s bald.

Random Trash says:

hey What color did you used?

fabian RODRIGUEZ says:

Great video, was the 5 gallon bucket enough for the whole fence both sides?

andocrates says:

I was a professional painter and getting paint on anything but the surface . . . well that and the fact you don’t seem to understand there are 5 separate setting to tweak. This is designed for interior use NOT exterior, you need a normal spray gun not a HPLV.

You are moving way to damn fast. You get paid to put paint ON a surface thick enough to last 20 years. That paint is too thin. Other then that great job.

The Analog Circle Podcast. says:

woooow what a great video.

DanceLeena says:

When should be the proper season for painting Fence?

Jay Price says:

thats gona wash right off in the rain..back brush or back roll would be really good on bare wood to push the product into the grain, but also this needs more build on it, way to thin..or, do 2 coats to get the proper millage, or you will loose your warranty..nice color..

Project military memorial jeep zj says:

screw that I had to buy the bucket sprayer from harbor frieght refilling every 5 min is annoying

stainlesslobster says:

the paint goes up the big center tube. the small clear plastic is the air pressure. to charge the canister. you got it backwards. but good try.

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