Finish Line Spray Gun By DeVilbiss

The Finish Line Spray Gun FLG4-670 is a versatile gun that is able to achieve top quality finishes, it can be used for nearly any paint type, it is efficient and reasonably priced. It has a highly efficient no. #3 HVLP air cap on it and comes with 1.3mm 1.5mm & 1.8mm fluid tip, also included was a DeVilbiss air regulator. the purpose of this video is to show the top quality results that can be achieved with this gun.

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Ken Mac says:

Thanks For making that clear to everyone.I’ve been mixing brands for a long time and they still tell me I can’t do it.

Pat pattiboy says:

hi… so do we get less over spray with this gun or more?

Slackerz Sincity says:

What psi did you use for base coat and clear coat???

William Donaldson says:

Another great Demo Thanks,  You often mention the importance of the temperature in the spray booth BUT Our compressor is outside (for me in the UK) the temperature is cold and reaches the spray gun Nozzle cold – What in your opinion does this effect the spraying.  My compressor is only good for 9.5 FAD Can you recommend a good LVLP Main & Mini Spray gun in my situation 1.3 / 1.4 Nozzle I have watched many of your Demo’s and respect your opinions Thank you Jackie

Walkertongdee says:

Is this gun for waterborne paints as well and do you need a special nozzle and needle set to use both?

Thomas Baskette says:

I had a Sharpe Finex 3000. After 3 mo. the fan control stopped working. I bought a rebuilt kit for it. In the process of rebuilding it, the needle got stuck in the packing. It’s design was ridiculously complicated and after the needle got stuck, I was so angry, I just threw everything in the garbage. Consequently, parts of it were soaking in thinner along with a Sata 3000 RP nozzle from a gun I had previously bought. I inadvertently threw it away too. I recommend a no on the Finex.

E V says:

What’s the best compressor I can use at a low price. Thank you

alexis pineda says:

Do you have a review on the flg 5? I really like the way you specify everything, thanks

ruther Gonzales says:

very nice video and motivating. i have question for you GMan. will the tekna TE10 aircap would fit on to devilbiss FLG4-670?thank you and keep it up.

diggabert says:

Could you share how you come up with the pressure settings for each gun with regard to the weather?  Had you upped the pressure for the flg4 to 25psi for basecoat, what would you see?  Too dry? Too much overspray?

JBIRD575 says:

How much us dollars For this gun??

David Januszewski says:

Hi, I build furniture and am considering this gun to use latex/acrylic and some oil base paint/varnish..

your opinion please..

JBIRD575 says:

Do you put hardener in your wet on wet sealer???

westos says:

what gun is the best for you?

Bob Keller says:

i had decided on the sharpe finex 3000 1.8 for primer and devilbiss flg670 for base and iwata for clear. do you think this is a good setup or should i rethink my decisions? if so what would you recommend? the total cost for all 3 guns is $630 us. thank you. love your videos.

Garrett Gustafson says:

What compressor are you using? I have a 4HP 20 gallon craftsman that will run about 10cfm at 25-30 psi. This gun says it requires 13 cfm, but im wondering if I can get away with using my compressor. total displacement is 11.2 cfm. Your parts look awesome.

Hammerhaus Kennel says:

Great video!

I think I’m going to try one of these to get started spraying.  Not going to even bother with the $15 gun I got from Harbor Freight.  Lol

Catso Mann says:

Very informative, especially since I just bought one!

TheUkracer says:

have you done a video on the flg3? as I can’t seen to find a sensible priced air cap and wondered if I was looking for the wrong item?

rigoberto martinez says:

I use the gun only for primers in a production shop because the gun use to much air pressure to get that nice slick finish in my clear. I would recommend using a good air supply so you can run this gun properly or use medium solids clear not for high soilds.

Randy Wilson says:

It is funny I have developed enough faith in you that I will not buy anything unless you have reviewed it and give it a thumbs up. I am now going to pickup one of these FLGs!

Lakota International says:

im using a 2k primer for a 92 Dodge right now and the sealer is clogging with the primer under the correct 4:1 ratio of sealer to activator. How much less activator should I use? I’m doing 1 pint of sealer to 4 ounces of activator.
Using Eastwood paint btw which is a nicer brand

foxybrown2 says:

Have  you ever tried the Accu spray gun from  3m with the removable tips that are plastic I saw Jimbo on the Refinishing network using one and it looked like it was a nice gun with a wide spray pattern.

its nunya business says:

looks good b;ame the dust on the maid

GORILLA_tactics says:

Hey gunman what is the best way to spray silver metallic or should I say what teqniques to use?

RICK says:


Andrew ummno says:

absolutely beautiful results for an inexpensive gun…I know the FLG4 is flattering to its user but you cant deny that a true professional can always get the best out of his equipment…..great work….keep it up

hahahahaha4565 says:

what is the fan size of this gun. the biggest it can gey

GORILLA_tactics says:

Tried my best with laying the pattern nice and even but still leaves shadows. What do you think about just increasing my psi and misting all 3 coats? Would this be a good idea or I’m gonna be wasting paint lol

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