DeVilbiss Starting Line: Budget Spray Gun Review

This video is a review and demonstration on the DeVilbiss Starting Line Spray Gun kit, it comes with a full sized gun in 1.3 & 1.8 and an HVLP mini gun in 1.0mm.

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

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Calvin miller says:

Gunman, I am from the USA, and watching this helped remind me of how blessed we really are. Even though the gun you gave away isn’t the highest quality, you still made someone very happy. I hope blessings return to you 10 fold!!! you’ve got a good heart and a great attitude and I really enjoy your videos. keep up the great work gunman!

Fabrizzio Rivera says:

mr.Gunman how much is that set cost???
thank you sir

007352 says:

how much?

xxFOXxxI2ACINGxx says:

Is the work you’re doing at 2:45 collision repair? If so, how do you blend the paint together? I don’t have much more equipment than a hobbyist.

Grekilo says:

ive been watching your videos for some time now . im restoring a 96 z28 camaro . it will be my second paint ever . first time 2 stage . ive blocked the car and sprayed primer . i started to wet sanding it with 600 . and its so smoth , so my question is what grit should i be useing for the final sand to achive good adhesion . is 600 to fine or am i good . or should it be coarser sand scratches . any help would be appreciated . and love the vids keep up the great work .

iblemz says:

thanks for the review.?awesome that you are giving this away to someone not as privileged.

Kustom 20 says:

Hey guys, just to add my personal findings after using this gun. We ordered it primarily for another high fill gun, not this kit but just the SLG with 1.8 and full plastic pot like the pro-lite- like Gunman advised the gun looks great but the issues we found is, the paint leaks a lot out of the back where the needle goes through the packing nut, so we need to dis-assemble the gun each time because of the high fill build up in and around the back of the needle.

Also we found that when spraying the air cap gets a lot of paint build up drying on the air holes, and causes a lot of spray fan issues.

Lastly like gunman mentioned – the design of the trigger and air valve is sloppy and it jams at that first 10 or so mm when engaging the trigger. Almost like the valve needed to be angled 5 degree upwards – or the back of the trigger slightly changed on the angle where it engages – maybe a roller bearing for smooth engagement. Whoops dont steal any idea’s – imagine gunman with roller bearing action triggers.

Anyway – thats my 2c worth. Pro-Lite definitely a winner that one but we use it for base and clear

By the way good vids GM – keep it up

archy350 says:

of course you review the gun 2 months after I buy it and spray my first job with it lol. the finish came out pretty good but the spay pattern on mine got messed up just like yours did right in the middle of the job. I ended up drilling a bigger hole in one of the lids and it seem to spray allot better.

Jesus Lopez says:

hello, I love this gun, just started my at home auto painting, can’t afford other guns…sprays better then home depot or harder freight stay guns….please can u send me one…..thank you!

carlos eduardo neves da silva says:

Very Good video! Here, in Brazil, these guns are sold like the best guns. They are expensive… thank you to bring us the truth! If you can, make us a review from the Arprex guns…it’s one of the best local brands for us. thanks in advance!

Jesus Lopez says:

I would love to try the flg4….that would be super awesome…I’m spraying cars ,classic cars for veterans, serving them for serving for their country…..that flg 4 would be awesome to have..


The price its not bad …. Normally its mini jet iys about 200/300 $ and the Normal HVLP Gun costs about 450/650 $ minimum

archie melton says:

Thanx for the review. Well it’s back to the drawing board in my Amazon wish list. lol won’t be getting these. FLG5 it is.

jonoabroad says:

Awesomeness on giving it to people who it will mean something to.

Phillip Buys says:

I literally bought this gun two weeks ago, it was that or a no name brand.. Well shit..

Samuel Richardson says:

Thats a fucking good finish for straight out a cheap gun…………

just Me says:

I have one will get paint on car used another clear gun did the job on a three stage

Nathan Sealey says:

In the uk it comes just with a plastic cup with a threaded lid as a 1.3 size jet gun only. Normally cost £50 online, have on & use it in the workshop its okay wouldn’t use it daily….


Do u prefer what as ink brand !! My favorite its Glasorite and i worked whit RM … lower tier of Glasorite, I worked also whit Dupont and Spies Heker and Man the clear coat its superb

Jose luis Serrano says:


frits duwel says:

send the gun to Holland and i send you a good blow haha

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