DeVilbiss DV1 Review & Demo

DeVilbiss DV1 Review & Demo.

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

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Gav179 says:

Hey Gunman what do you think to the black pot, a lot of painters still use the pots and will have to keep opening the top to see what fluid is left

Ferenk mendez says:

Amazing video man.!!!

adam pye says:

I have a supernova and the db1 looks good. Cant wait for iwata to bring out its next gun.

Sean Desrosiers says:

Would the DV1 be ok for a beginner? I’ve never used a spray gun. Body is off the frame and almost ready for paint underneath so have to buy a couple guns I figure

Chris says:

I find that Devilbiss is the only gun that operates great with full fan. It seems that the other companies fans are just too much and i end up closing the fan and opening up 2 turns or something. I still run the Prolite for base and LHP400 for clear and it produces perfect results

Rey Jr says:

dear Santa..i want dv1 for Christmas gift..hohoho..xD

Juliano Silva Barbosa says:

Good evening Gunman. I’m from Brazil and I’ve followed your channel for a long time. I would like your email to send information about a technology that is doing very well in South America. If you have whatsapp I can upload the videos.

ludnica sever says:

Hi!I have one question? How much cost paint job on whole car in your paint shop? ✌️

Nigs Malone says:

DeVilbiss DVI Supernova?

Billy Fowler says:

Would i be ok to use my gti pro 1.3 te20 for solvent

tony colaco says:

Show guman!

streetking6387 says:

I need one gun, should I get this one? Please help. What’s the best single gun for clear or water

jason jay says:

hello I am a long-time fan thank you for your tips I have learned so much from you thank you i have ordered several guns from spray gun Direct and I was wondering if you have a promo code discount code I want to order gti pro-life gold te 20 air cap with 1.2 1.3 tip

Savin Teixeira says:

Hello! I follow your videos on YouTube and have already absorbed a lot of knowledge. I live in Brazil and I have a hard time buying a pro evolution, or pro lite. Could you point me to some reliable store? It could be via e bay. appreciate. Savin_paint

christian beahm says:

Just bought this gun and excited to start using it.wondering what pps 2.0 adapter does it take??

Richard Benson says:

Hey, can you do more vids on painting silver bonnets or roofs,

Marvin Mane says:

Salut possible avoir traduction en français

Nigs Malone says:

Hey gunny, what is your opinion on pressure pot setups for the all over spray jobs for clear coat?

Konstantin Top- painting says:

its like the sata now 1,2!!!!!!! I like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sergey Oganesyan says:

Hi gunman. I called the guy from gun store and they told me to buy 1.2 instead of 1.3, i’m using ppg water base. What do you thing,it is better to buy 1.2 or 1.3?

shakeel iqbal says:

Nice gun how much bro

Johnny Greeko says:

That Gun is killer. Ill be getting this soon. Thanks for the video Mate. Keep up the great videos Gunny.

hameed says:

Nice job man .

Zaineb Rahi says:

Le prix svp

Richard Benson says:

They are my enemy

Joe Alvardo says:

I see over to the left you have some accuspray tips. Have you done a demo on the accuspray?

james frank says:

Love this channel

Construction Engineering, & News Events says:

Gunman, I have a video that will show at noon, Eastern time, about 1.5 hours from now… I made it for some tips for you; I hope it will work… the ”mic trick”… It is only 5 minutes long or less… I enjoy your videos and I hope this brings something to your shop recordings…

watever says:

They say basecoat gun and clear coat gun so you think you have to buy both I guess.

mista eM says:

I don’t know what kind of painting is that but I’ve been working on devilbiss guns as well and I wouldn’t go back to them never,..

Łukasz Przyborski says:

GTI Pro Lite or DV1 ? Which is better for base and clearcoat?

Janis Zarins says:

Now after your review …. will buy one definitely!

adamkow77 says:

Top man !

For the Love of Paint says:

Nice review gunny, didn’t get on with that Quartz clear mainly due to curing times and over priced

ruther Gonzales says:

i knew it… its timeeeee….. thanks for the review..

Benny Boy says:

Going to get one. Always trying to get the silvers laying better

Construction Engineering, & News Events says:

As stereo mic is less than $20.00, please invest in a mic…

Leslie Wood says:

Would of been nice if they put the digital gauge in the hand grip like Sata.
The one they use look like an after thought.

Sumet Sulatako says:


Rasto Kocisek says:

hello, what do you think about gun ilalco 951 mini?

Filiberto Barrera says:

As a young kid I thought it was magical to be able to paint cars, after working as an intern at a paint shop for free for two years,then going to college for my Auto body certificate, and been a painter and bodyman for 30 years now.I scratch my head and ask my self why.Of all I could of been I became a auto body technician.If I can go back I would of studied engineering.But to late now .

shakeel iqbal says:

i need one peace from pakistan in working Saudy Arab please tell me

Nigs Malone says:

Hey gunny, does this DV1 take the same number PPS adapter as the GTI Pro Lite? Cheers

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