Budget Spray Guns VS Professional Spray Guns

Will a low cost (cheap) spray gun work for your painting? We show the performance differences between a budget friendly Harbor Freight Spray Gun and a more expensive entry level professional Binks SV 100 Spray Gun so you can understand the differences between the two and decide which is best for your painting project needs. spray guns


Pittsburgh Spray Equipment Co says:

Please note both spray guns used a 1.4 mm fluid nozzle and the air cap that came with them the material used had the same amount of thinner mixed in. You can order the Harbor freight gun with a few tips. Both spray guns can be good depending on your goals and projects

Filiberto Barrera says:

Need to remember,single stage paint less material more air pressure.Base coat paint ,more paint less air pressure.

frank artale says:

These days. There has been so much development in spray technology. Some guns are just built better. I have 20 year old Sata & devilbiss gti guns. If used correctly will never wear out. The harbor frieght will fall apart after a couple uses.

QQTrick1QQ says:

All the reviews show performance and not the nitty gritty of what exactly makes a gun more expensive? They all work on the same principal, pushing air and material through holes. Can a cheap cap, nozzle and needle be polished for performance? A hole drilled in a cheap gun is the same diameter as drilled in a expensive gun and has such a dramatic effect on performance. So when it boils down to construction what is it that sets them apart. To head you off at the pass, what makes them quality parts?

Daniel Methot says:


James Walker says:

If a gun like that uses 20cfm of air, most people can’t use them at home with their moderate-sized compressor. Not saying that is the intended audience, but worth noting.

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