Binks Trophy Series LVMP: Spray Gun Review

Binks Trophy Series LVMP: Spray Gun Review, watch the video and I will give a full unbiased review on this spray gun.

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spies hecker says:

I’ve always been a sata guy but since they stopped producing the sata 3000 I’ve been looking for something to replace it.gunny in your opinion what would b the smart choice ?

Jon A says:

I found 1 good thing for gun lube polyester primers on the needle or like I do use a $30 gun a few x and throw it out

spies hecker says:

cool thanks I’m gonna order the pro lite t110, 1.3 tip but noticed they don’t offer the pretty gold finish here in the states are they still the same gun besides that.

Daniel Seth says:

A dealer for Binks loaned me this gun in pressure feed for awhile to try…next to the Graco AirPro..which is a no frills industrial paint was shit. The grip on it hand literally had a couple sore spots just from using it for a couple hours. They do make a couple different air caps for it..i tried them all but didnt see much of a difference between them. But then again..i was painting a semi trailer..not a vehicle.

beau pfeiffer recordings says:


DIRT NIB says:

I can only imagine the horror going through your head once you finished that first pass lol. Way to persevere, i dont think i would have soldiered on with that thing.

Dan Patch says:

Just found out me new Mini Jet 4400 the air regulator on the back of the gun is plastic and if you plug it into a hose that has a 100 lbs or more the plastic piece of ^&)^) breaks . I have two of the guns and both are broken. So i looked at my Adam II docks and the same plastic crap. Should have bought A Harbor freight $50.00 gun . I am done with Sata

Hank Scott says:

Good on you Gunny for doing honest reviews, good or bad. For a $300 gun I would expect much better, not mottled and such a small fan. There are plenty of other better options out there! Merry Christmas by the way.

Aleks Borgia says:

Tekna prolite and my sata 5000 hvlp and rp it’s all I need. no need to tool around with Shity guns. maybe I’ll add an iwata later but that it.

Sergio Varela says:

Hello my friends, how are you? My name is sergio varela i am from santiago de chile And I would love if your videos had subtitles in Spanish so to understand what you are indicating in your videos

Ray Titselaar says:

for a american car is that gun okay whaha

Eric Goodwin says:

whats a decent price i should pay to get a good gun ?

Eddie Martinez says:

Wow that;s bad i wll keep my sata jet 90 with my 1.4 tip for base and 1.6 tip for clear. Like the munman said get out there and paint some shit and bog that car. P.S look in on dead farang site remember bar girls cant eat love!

Bruno Martinho says:

Onde comprou a pistola?

spies hecker says:

what’s the labor rate there in perth ?

THE CURE says:


Ivan Huter says:

Hi,i am professional painter from Montenegro,small country in Europe,can you reccommend me which is the best gun i can use, i have few, SATA 4000, 5000, DevillBis GTI PRO, and i want to buy DevillBis lite gold color, do you recomend me to buy this gun,and which air cap i should use?
Thank you!

kjell sandnes says:


Erik E says:

My first gun was a Binks M1-G. Still have it. Used it to spray my 49 F1 truck. I recently replaced it with the FLG5 from your recommendation. Picked one up for 146$ delivered from spraygunsdirect. Delivery was 3 days to the states.

Chris says:

A gun with absolutely no reviews and just came out in March of 2016. Devilbiss Tekna Basecoat. Specifically designed for Basecoat and supreme atomization at lower pressures 14-18 psi. If i could, i would send you that gun to review. Im really intrigued by it, but i wish the handle was shaped like the pro lite and not pro.

Nick Trench says:

That sprays blotchy as hell gunny… How much was that gun lol.. Sharpe is horrid imo.. Take the pot and use it on a tekna. Nice looking gun tho.

jantonio H says:

Thanks for the heads up man  !!!

slownovaLSX says:

you should review the American made C.A technologies or “CAT” spray gun, specifically the cat-x,, I’ve been eye balling one but haven’t decided to spend the money on it.

Matthew Munn says:

Gunman, i asked if you did a review on this guy in a past video. This is my first gun. mine is an Auto-pro trifinity. (bought by napa in canada) absolutely love it. i have a 1.3 tip and a 1.3 pro aircap. i spray everything through it from base, clear and single stage. i just started painting a year ago and have a fleet of 120 bucket trucks (power company) I have to keep white. i do find it has a different orange peel than my other 2 devilbiss finish lines (never left me stranded). I really do put these guys to work. the trifinity just fits my hand so perfect

rich will says:

Hi just wanted to ask, as thinking of buying a devilbiss gti lite, gold gun, would you reccomend for big areas or bonnet, doors full repaint ….already have a iwata Belairia…… or what you reccomend thanks rich

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