Beginner Tutorial How to Set Up and Use a Paint Spray Gun

Leah demonstrates how to set up and use an HVLP gravity-fed pneumatic paint gun, step-by-step, for beginners. This video teaches you how to attach your air regulator, how to thin out paint, load the gun, and set the air and fluid gauges. You will learn how to hold the gun while spraying paint, and safety considerations when using a paint spray gun.

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Hiram Diaz says:

Good video.

richers90 says:


Micromax A58 says:

thank you very much for this video

Kaja Aljoša says:

thank you for your tutorial. i have just bught my first spraying gun and this video helped me alot

Joel Francis says:

thank you for the tips .. this was a great video . god bless you

its nunya business says:

you use a lvlp with a small compressor good vid

Christopher Ami says:

Great video. Thanks, Jane.

SNOOP U 2 says:

thank you for sharing your video really like how you explain how to paint with am air sprayer gun I know there is much more to learn with it how to clean up the spray gun and paint exsertra

Javi Servín says:


Brian Miller says:

outstanding. been binge watching seejanedrill. very, very good.

Scott Henshaw says:

This was very helpful. Off to attempt my first little paint job:)

Dan Coles says:

Thank you for the tips Leah.

Lauri Jorgenson says:

I have been wanting to learn how to use a paint gun and begin painting. I am intimidated no longer. Thanks for a great tutorial Leah. Love the way you teach. It made it completely approachable.

Tommy Mason. Sr. says:

thank you!!

Jon Antoine says:

Great Job Leah

Marcos Castillo says:

What size of tip is that

catherine martina says:

I love this…Great Tutorial

Marco Ordonez says:

Need a favor…need t buy an air compressor… small painting.. headlights for car and body kit….what type of compressor should I buy…and the spray gun..need ur advice



Suji Kumar says:

How to spray in steel Barrell using spray gun

Hugo Ruiz says:

You are awesome! Very informative and great voice 🙂

James Reilly says:

How big of a compressor would you recommend?

Rock&Roll says:

Good basic guide. I think I forgot to strain my paint and also overlapping. I do that next time I spray paint lol.

Maximiliano Machado says:

your explanation on things its above outstanding, you actually know what you’re talking about!!.


Steve Wrightington says:

thank you leigh enjoyed your video

Juss Jess says:

Yeah. I found a channel with a woman. Sounds silly, but as a woman in trades I like to see other women. I kid you not lots of the crews I work with are 90+% males. Which is cool; they’re hilarious and I grew up with brothers. Lol but sometimes Estrogen is good. Haha.

Alberto Castello says:

Nice! Thank you!

rob pond says:


ravenblaylock13 says:

Wow great tyvm

larrs loez says:

Good video

John Grannan says:

Thanks Leah – great tutorial!

Tsrif Tsal says:

@seejanedrill Leah, can you please do a continuation of this video on how you smoothed out and finished the cabinet doors? Love your videos; thanks!!

Nic Quick says:

Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into these videos. This information was extremely comvinent to find in a video with such a clear headed, confident source.
Leah, you’re a bad ass.


Man you’re a very pleasant gentleman and a knowledgeable person. I’d love to get a chance to learn from you in person.

PsycoMaxter says:

Thanks for your help.

Nay Jade says:

thanks.. ive plan to painting my wall using this…

DarwinTorres says:

you are awesome, Darwin from Peru

barbara kvistad says:

You’re the best. I can’t stop watching your videos. Thanks.

Do you video any woodworking projects?

Jeff Pippins says:

Thanks for the video. Much appreciated

Twyla A says:

Leah I love your show. I am a sista who has been doing home improvement for years (since I was a stay at home mom). Watching your videos have been consistently informative, and empowering. You are an exceptional teacher, very professional and appropriate for video/TV and you are very congenial.

Ivan Chan says:

Hi, great video. I’m planning to restore and repaint my car, and I saw a couple of small air compressors for sale at Walmart, I’m not sure which one is the right one to buy. What is the minimal requirement of an air compressor and spray gun for painting a car? Thanks!

james bishop says:

how far does a beginner need to go on air filters to get into painting with a compressor?

GTR MAN says:

Very helpful.Thankyou.

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