Before you Buy an HVLP Spray Gun

Please watch this video before you buy an HVLP Spray Gun.

Here’s a link to a playlist of 3 videos I made a few years ago explaining the different air caps on DeVilbiss guns.

Here’s a review of the DeVilbiss T110 Air Cap Vs TE20

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

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SaltyTubers says:

Massively happy with my Tekna Pro Lite, your vids really helped me make that jump and I’m able to get quite close to the Benz factory finish with it. Cheers!

Derek Fletemier says:

camplbell hausfeld chk 005ccav common nubie gun kit sold as hvlp, its not it is a $55 us 2spray gun kit. sprays great”What is it”? it is not a $10 junk gun. most efficient gun on the market.

Anthony Oliva says:

Thanks for this wonderful info… I only got a 1hp compressor and a weekend warrior gun can a lvlp do the job? Good bless gunny!

Dimitri Dam says:

The devilbiss flg5 is a good gun for home spraying..ill use it alot and thats a small priced gun and you can spray cars in the booth..did a few cars and came out awesome..

Auto shop and more says:

Hi gun man a hvlp. Gun can be switch to a conv. Gun?

Brian Harrison says:

Have you ever seen the movie powder?

Kevin Hamling says:

G’day Kevin here I foolishly bought the gti pro lite for home use . Is there a better cap I could maybe use. Maybe 125 or 130.

redewaan josias says:

Very good info. I learnt all about it agter I bought a hvlp

67 Cuda K/SA says:

you have recommended the FLG5 a few times before, I would assume that is not a HVLP gun.

Romell Yarde says:

So are you saying that LVLP is the way to go for small compressors. How about the cfm flow?

actorzone says:

gunman, I am not a professional spray painter, I do some spraying based on your teaching and recommendations, i bought one of the cheap devil/biss spray guns, as i see it i could’nt care less what they call the spray guns, late for dinner will do, as all i do is put paint in one end and it comes out the other and it gives an excellent finish.

Paul Straney says:

Thank you!

Formula400Pontiac says:

Any recommendation on an all round spray gun for a restoration project guys? I don’t mind spending a few bucks extra if you guys thinks its worth it. Since i want to buy safe and preferable from a Norwegian seller ( no import fees/taxes to deal with ) im pretty much restricted to Devilbiss, Satajet, Sagola and Anest Iwata spray guns ( and a cheaper brand “Prowin” which i’ve never heard anyone use ). I’m restoring a 73 Firebird and my plan for the moment is to paint the car with a metallic green (candy) as close as possible to the Pontiac’s original brewster green. I’ve already have a cheap 20 dollar gravity feed gun with 1,7 tip which i think would be good enough as a primer gun. Any thoughts?

Luis Teves says:

You rock buddy love your no bull shit vids lui from Canada

Troy Beauchamp says:

Yer i have a T110 and use it on full resprays and i love the finish i can get. Used it on my clubsport when i painted that. Love it. I forgot to mention it in my initial comment so yer i use all 3. Can’t beat them. I love my pro lites and what you can achieve with the different air caps. When will you be doing the primer gun raffle? Love the vids mate and happy you are enjoying making them and getting the following and success you deserve. Wanted to ask would you be keen to put together a workshop on colour matching. A $100 fee to cover materials etc. Perth painters!!
Just an idea. Cheers mate.

Eddington J says:

Hey gunman. What’s your take on the Ampro lvlp gun..Thanks in advance mate.

Minsup Song says:

QUESTION! Would his opinion be still applicable for painting and finishing woods at home instead of cars???

I’m looking for a spray gun to do some paint jobs and lacuer finishings on guitars. Since I’m doing the jobs at home, Smaller and more efficient tools would be better. Ventilation is poor, I want less particles to be in the air after the job. That’s why I’m looking for HVLP because people are saying that HVLP helps the efficiency.

In the video, he is pointing out HVLP doens’t nessecarilly use less paints, but regardless to how much fluids I have to use, if less paints would be staying in the air I would be fine

Can I get any tips from exprienced people? Thanks in advance.

Mr Rust Man says:

Are you the Son of Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil)?

SATAMAN Schmidt says:

Gunny, you are slightly off base on what the RP guns truly are. Let’s start with a little history lesson. In the beginning (well like 1960) a conventional gun was all there was. These were very high pressure guns that ran at 60-70 PSIG. Typically they were siphon feed (Binks model 7 and DeVilbiss JGA were the industry standards). These had a transfer efficiency of less than 30%..

Then came along the SATA Nr90. This was a conventional gun but because it was gravity feed it was more efficient than the siphon feed guns of the day. I don’t know if you know this or not but originally the model number of a SATA gun corresponded to the year of its introduction. In German Nr90 means the Julian calendar year 1990. This was a fantastic gun but also was very inefficient. Maybe 40% transfer efficiency at best but put down a glass like finish. Remember at that time acrylic enamel and acrylic lacquer were the primary paints being used. The Nr90 still used the 50-60 PSIG of air common at the time.

HVLP then came along due to environmental mandates from California (SCAMD this stands for South Coast Air Management District) with the first available being the Binks Mach 1. This gun was an absolute air hog (like 30 CFM) and the finish achieved was orange peel to the max. For many years the best HVLP systems (ones that actually worked) were based on turbines. The best of these being made by Accuspray. Accuspray had a plastic spray gun with huge air passages that was exceptional and was designed from the ground up for HVLP. It was called the 10 gun.

SATA then introduced the Nr92 which was the first gravity feed HVLP gun. Much better than the Binks Mach 1 but still with the 10 PSIG limit at the aircap didn’t really do that good of a job. This was followed by the Nr95 (which most of the SATA clones still copy) and finally by the Nr2000. The Nr2000 was the first HVLP gun that could actually be used to properly paint a car. SATA hit this one out of the park.

Then Iwata come up with a great idea which they actually stole from Walcom/Geo. In the LPH400 they combined an internal mix and an external mix spraygun. Walcom did this by machining extremely small holes in the side of the fluid nozzle. As long as these holes were clean the gun worked superbly. Problem is it was nearly impossible to keep these holes clean. Iwata, in a stroke of genius, milled slots in the tip of the nozzle and that eliminated the clogging problem. The beauty of the internal/external mix setup was that the paint was pre-atomized prior to ever hitting the aircap. This enabled the LPH400 to be sprayed at 20-25 PSIG with the atomization equal to that requiring 50-60 PSIG with other first generation HVLP guns. This is when Iwata really began to take over the American market.

This forced everybody (SATA, Sagola, DeVilbiss, Optima) to heavily invest in aircap R&D as Iwata had patented the cross milled nozzle. SATA tried to get around the patent but was sued by Iwata and lost in court forcing them to go back to the drawing board. They had originally intended to introduce an Nr2005 but couldn’t so they then abandoned their nomenclature and started using 1000 identifiers. The SATA 3000 and 4000 were absolute dogs with many people preferring the Nr2000 and rejecting SATA’s 3000 and 4000 guns. Finally, they figured out the way to get good atomization at lower pressure and released the 5000 which is an excellent gun.

During all of this R&D the spray gun manufacturers noticed that if they could go slightly above 10 PSIG at the aircap (say like 30 PSIG) they could make really good atomization spray guns that had very acceptable transfer efficiencies of greater than 65%. They called these guns RP for reduced pressure. The first of these was the SATA Nr2000RP. DeVilbiss followed with what in America was called the PLUS gun using the 401 aircap. These sprayed great but were illegal until the law was changed.

Originally the law demanded 10 PSIG at the aircap. The manufacturers said this was an improper way to write a law. If the idea is to avoid pollution the law should be based on transfer efficiency with no regard to pressure. SCAMD agreed to make this change and now all spray guns in America must have a greater than 65% transfer efficiency. This is why we now have RP sprayguns. So a conventional gun is defined as one having less than 65% transfer efficiency, an RP gun must have greater than a 65% transfer efficiency and an HVLP gun can only have 10 PSIG at the aircap.

It is extremely common in America for painters to use HVLP sprayguns for basecoat and RP guns for clear. Most feel that over atomization of basecoat is not a good thing but love the atomization for clear.

scoobgirl says:

great vid man,,, I thought HVLP was hi viscosity low pressure,,, doh haha, I remember my friend painting with a new devilbiss jga in the 90’s perfect out the gun finish as well,,,,, FLG5 you say, devilbiss was the go to name for pro guns back then, its a name you can trust

Kevin Salamanca says:

One question my friend what about the graco sprayer, have you heard of that brand? I say it because I’m about to get one to start working with it here in South America

Mike Bonge says:


john lock says:

Wow Nintendo 64

ChipeoShow says:

Learning im about to buy my house with garage can start paint

jose garcia says:

Is this for an overall usage of base and clears, or for finishes only?

Jeff Kreska says:

Awesome video, I picked up a FLG5 last week and as soon as I saw the beginning of this video I thought I made a mistake.

I have a car with clear coat peeling off the top of front fender and don’t know if I should respray base on the whole fender or just the area that is missing clear coat and try to blend the rest out. If I respray the entire fender do you have to spray part of the door and hood to make the colors blend?

lacossa nostra says:

HVLP stands for ? High Volume Low Paint!?

Garage Time - Auto Resto says:

Thanks for the info. Great timing for me as I’m starting to shop for a gun in the us now.

J V. says:

Currently running a DeVilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP, love the gun. It does beautiful finishes, super smooth. I don’t understand your objection of the HVLP gun.

Pgcmoore says:


Dávid K says:

Dear Gunman,
I have a bellaria its crear that its a conventional. but i have a w400 with a WBX cap on it, and that has much bigger holes on the cap, and uses more air, so is that an hvlp gun? Thanks, David

Mike Mccloskey says:

Yea, someone beat me to sending the $10 gun over to you Gunny. For about the price of a pack of cigs it’ll put paint on a car but I was kinda hoping to see it kiss the concrete after the review like that crap gauge in your other vid! Lol

Jay Carr says:

Government regulations… no one use hvlp at the pressures said company recommends.. its silly

Love2FlyKAP says:

Did you get married?

nader sakka says:

sata 5000 rp 1.3 is the best spray gun ever

Jeremy Ellard says:

I got a tekna pro lite for cars to paint in my garage… it was TONS better than my original HVLP in terms of the finishes it could achieve i got out there and painted a lot of shit.. n now Your sayin the hvlp isn’t the gun to have… can you give any technique advise of using the tekna pro lite in a garage in the summer? I’ve been turning the pressure up to like 20lbs n fluid down any other advise? what tip n cup would you use on the tekna pro lite for home use.. I’ve done 3 or 4 cars now with it I still say even as a hvlp it’s a great gun

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