ANI F150 Review & Demo

This video is a review and demo of the ANI F150, Plus HPS Spray Gun, it has a 1.4mm fluid tip and I believe it is one of the best guns in its price range. I will show you the types of materials that you can spray through it and a good overall unbiased review based on my opinion, I’d like to thank SprayGuns Direct for sending it out so that I could review it.

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Joe Rmas says:

nice gun control from down unda…I like dat …paint some….make it look good…

Trevor Norton says:

I have this gun. You’re right it is the best beginner gun I have bought. Been using it for a year now with no problems.

Bob Simpson says:

Hi Gunnie, are you still using the F150, if so how is it holding up after more then 12 months of use, with the drop in the UK pound I’m thinking of getting one.

TTRVision says:

it`s better than the Air Gunsa AZ3 HT2? many thanks, all the best!

Paul Staudter says:

Gunman, what size tip should I use with this gun to spray acrylic urethane clear coat

شريف ابونار says:

اتمني ان اعمل معك ان اتقن هذه المهنه بامتياز واتحدي اي انسان فيها ولكن عجبني شغلك لهذا اتمني اتحادنا صنصنع الابهار غي هذه المهنه

Paolo Grispino says:

Who is the best spray gun between ani f150 plus hps 1.3 mm and anest iwata air gunsa az3 1.3mm for you .Best regardes from italy . Ciao.

zhedgar says:

I’ve been watching most of you’re work, could I use a acrylic clear coat over a base polyurethane paint? I be very thankful if you can help me out mate, thanks again.

Rick Craven says:

Hello GunMan, Rick here from the NW USA,
Just want to tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and expertise in ALL that goes into your automotive painting, and the production of these vids ! ! !
I have 30+ years of body and paint under my belt so far and still learning, and loving what I do!
Just wanted to ask about the ANI F150, F1, & the other full sized spray gun and what the differences are between them? Thanks GunMan, and keep up the Outstanding work ethics!

dan5her says:

thanks for doing this review mate, i bought the gun based on this video and im very happy with it! getting results that im stoked with

Anthony Brennan says:

Thanks mate, you’ve sold me.

Carlos Cueva Diaz says:

Hello gunman you know how many liters of a minute that gun consumes? What pressure do you put on the varnish? And what tip do you advise me to varnish? I ask because I have a 3cv compressor and 100 liters of deposit and I need a spray gun that does not consume me many Liters per minute because if I lose pressure very fast and I do not stretch the barniz.un greeting I hope the answer is great admirer tuyo.un saludo from spain

Free Geary says:

Hi,just seen the vid & very interested in the gun. I tried to no avail. I want to buy one like ASAP. Where else can I buy

cali kidd says:

Great review. I’m really interested in the CRYSTAL FX how do I get a hold of it? I’m in the US.. Should I look on eBay?

RSTDriver7 says:

Hello Gunman, thank you very much for your dedicated work and all the information you are sharing with us. Love your videos! I would really like to have your opinion on the ANI F150 vs. the Airgunsa AZ3. Both guns are in a similar price range and both are manufactured in Italy. Which one do you think offers the overall better quality?
Best regards,

chris sullivan says:

great review gunny, It’s about time I bought a hvlp gun

andrea orlando says:

hello gunman from italy , including ANI F150 and devilbiss FLG5 that have similar price , which would you recommend for a transparent or glossy finish. thank you

Darrin Curtis says:

I’m a diy guy learning your videos are a big help and great information

mik22royal says:

I just purchased this gun along with the ani r150 mini and another top selling mini gun from ani. I did this based on our review and recommendation. haven’t tested them yet but they feel real good in my hand.I’m currently using a 3hp 30 gallon compressor until I can purchase an 80 gallon, I think i’ll just put them on the self until then. thanks for the review. wish I could’ve mentioned you and got a discount


ótimo gostei muito sou seu fã

Edgar Rubio says:

love all your reviews I just puchased my Ani from spray guns direct for base coat can’t afford the other ones right now but great tips keep up the great work

Magnm g says:

nice explanation !!

Eoken says:

congrats man.

seasonedtoker says:

love the cheap gun reviews, as I don’t do cars, I would never spend too much on a gun for backyard projects, as probably no one else would. had a chance to test a satajet in my friend’s shop. it is just ridiculous how much paint they get out at low pressures. keep the videos coming please. somebody send this guy a gun! I’ll be buying soon 🙂

RPMX4 says:

Thanks for the review Gunman.  I have been using this gun and like it for my bases with 1.3 tip.  Extremely efficient gun for my humble little shop.   I also jumped into using the Pro-Lite for clears and find this system works very well.  I was interested to see what you thought of this gun and what you could get out of it.  We all should realize the risk you are taking on just to entertain us and our requests on customers cars.  I appreciate the efforts!!  Highest respect.


Been using ANI mini guns for years ,not had one break down yet so yes ANI make durable guns ,one thing to watch is the air control will get stiff if you soak them ,I can only assume the full size guns suffer that same issue as the basic design is the same


me gustan mucho tus videos mis respetos ..saludos de gdl jal. mexico

blekkos says:

Do you know if the F150 super they are selling now are the same as this one?
Looks different on the pictures at spraygunsdirect..

dan5her says:

hey mate, how much reducer were you putting in your primer for this gun? if you can remember

im doing 15-20% but thinking of mabe thinning it out a bit more

Frank Castillo says:

nice i have to get 1 of this cuz i work in a auto shop too but, i wanna have my own shop soon….. so i will need some recomendations

Jason Ghawali says:

Hey Gunman!

I had a question, I’m a novice painter and actually bought this gun at my local store based on your recommendation.

I was noticing that the DeVilbiss SGK was roughly in the same price point as this gun. DeVilbiss is much more well known then A.N.I, but you have used both. Is it worth me returning the gun and buying the SGK online? This gun will also be my all arounder (I will be using it for base & clear)

Thank you!!

Frank Caltabiano says:

Hey Gunny, I bought this gun and the GPI. Was going to sell the GPI to a friend that needs a good all in one gun and keep the R150 for base and possibly 2k direct gloss. Do you think that it would work okay for direct gloss with the 1.4mm tip? I have my Tekna Pro Lite for clear. Thanks man…

cooksey187 says:

whats psi should be used on this gun..mine seems pretty quite at 2 bar…

The88katana600 says:

great video as always …


Nice review, thanks!
Funny F150 was used to label the Ferrari F1 chassis a season or two ago. Ford went mad and threatened to sue Ferrari and immediately after Ferrari dropped the new chassis name. Ani be careful.

Frank Caltabiano says:

Will be a bummer to not see as many vids as you have been putting out, but understandably, a guy has to make a living and have some fun in between. Good luch Mate. Let us know how it goes.

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