Anest Iwata W400 Review and Demonstration

In this video I will Review and Demonstrate 2 Pack Clear Coat Application with the Anest Iwata W400 Spray Gun with the WBX Air Cap and a 1.3mm fluid tip. Using Standox Krystal Clear Pro on this Honda CRV in Bermuda Blue, this was one of my earlier reviews as a YouTuber so I believe it isn’t my best video but hope you enjoy either way.

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steve driver says:

nice job,,,,these iwata guns were the standard from the 1970,s,, reliable, cheap to buy and fix,, allways ready to go,,keep em clean and bobs your  aunty,,
and even today $215 Ebay USA buy now and $30 freight,,,equivilant sata $700+ , devilbiss $430 +gst around $470 for what !!,,,,,I don’t need a $700 I phone to call for a pizza.
This fellow is doing a real good job with this gun and the paint is good as a new Porsche right off the gun.
Good video mate ill watch more ,,,keep up the great stuff.
GO the good ol iwata…
The yanks are making good guns now for $120 each and selling them like hot cakes.
Toyota is using them in the factories over there!!

Rogério Graciano says:


nunya your business says:

welcome to hte dark side

Giovi Thomas says:

every time i look for a new gun you have reviewed it hahaha thanks your very helpful

caucazn23 says:

Hey Gunny, I originally bought the tekna pro lite after discovering your channel and loved it. However, my air compressor had a little trouble keeping up with the CFM. After doing research, I realized my compressor would keep up with the iwata guns as they use a lot less CFM and so I bought an LPH400 and have been really loving it. I have to say the LVX cap is amazing for metallics and I’ve had better luck with that setup over the tekna. I’ve been debating buying the W400 and my question I was hoping you could help me was which W400 should I get? The W400 with the WBX air cap or the Bellaria? I will only be using it for clear coat and mainly need a european finish. I don’t necessarily need it as I get good results with the LPH400 but it’s more because of my obsession with painting and different guns. Basically I kind of want the TE20 verison of the tekna in iwata form as I consider the LPH400 like the HV30. Thanks Gunny! I’ve been getting out there and painting some $#*T!

MAR KAM says:

Could you take Iwata supernova ws400 1.3hd, or 1.4 hd, and  spray base coat? I have this gun. 

Ben De Leon says:

Dude! The more I watch, the more I like it. Finally, someone that can talk the talk and walk the walk!
Cheers amigo!

Carl Jacques says:

Is the W400 Bellaria under a different name in the U.S.

Butch Sutton says:

would a 1.4 spray nozzle be okay to spray acrillic paint with this gun also what is 2 bars in psi  and what mix of thinners to paint for the spraying and the same for clearcoat regards

Sergio Ramos says:

Very good spray gun
I use it with wbx aircap for water basecoat and  wb1 for clear coat
Always a work perfect with low pressure

Kevin Allen says:

doesnt matter what gun your using wow what a finish. good work

Brad Bater says:

Id use em if they were givin to me! There not bad but just dont suit the way i spray different guns for different people. I find devilbiss and even the old star guns i get a really good finish.bit peely with iwatas

Darius Biddle says:

Or the tekna copper?

elviz1979 says:

there are so many listings on ebay for the w400, I want to buy one really bad and they are listed for $180-200. Im afraid that I might get a cheap knock-off

Anthony Sanford says:

can you tell me what the 132g means on the w 400.

Scott F says:

Hey Gunman have you ever used a Sagola paint gun? Cheers from Canada,

Coolride17 says:

I used to run my guns with the fluid needle turned in, until I got used to spraying, now I want as much paint as I can get out, and run full out with the needle. It’s kind of like spray can painting, each brand shoots different, and you have to adjust your speed, and style to the can.

Brett Bergeron says:

just purchased this w400 in a 1.3 and a 1.4 . Thanks for information

Jeferojo Rojo Maryin says:

behind devilbiss gti pro?

vwdarrin says:

looks sweet 


The WBX is the preferred clear coat gun at Aston Martin UK

Mike Mckay says:

Looks good how do they compare to the other guns you have used?

dinel som says:

Pinta muito esse cara !!

Andro M'ART says:

what kind of cam do you use?

LM Car Detail says:

hello I make a query, I’m from Argentina and I always see your videos, learn a lot from you, the question is because the lacquer or varnish is scratched very easily, paint a car and when scratched very clean nothing?

radek kania says:

I do watch a lot of your videos. After about an year im working now for smart repair company in UK. I’ve got ani r150t 1.0 as my small clear coat gun, devilbiss Sri pro 1.0 as my base coat gun , airgunsa az3hte2 1.5 as primer gun. From about one month I have iwata bellaria 1.3 and really like it , absolutely great finish. Now I’m looking for a full size gun for base coat. Have you ever tried w400 wbx for base coat? Just asking as it has split nozzle? Similar to supernovas but bit cheaper. I’ve learned so much from you. Really love my job now . Difference is we do work a lot outside but you can get quiet good results . You can have a look at my Facebook page to see some pictures of my work.
Thanks mate

shortarms says:

How’s it going Gunman what about the W400 LV compliant

Rusu Horatiu says:

hi Gunman,can you let me one link from were i can buy this gun?the same like in your video, thanks!(sorry for my bad english)

Mike Mckay says:

I just tried the lph400 I didnt like it at all. I really like the devibiss guns the best.

Anthony Sanford says:

so does it spay as good as the lph400

elitetrucks says:

You are a painting robot

Андрей Шрамко says:

It’s not difficult to describe all the settings of this gun. The width of the torch, paint application, pressure, distance to the surface?

Rogério Graciano says:


Lawrence F says:

Is this gun suitable for base coat?

daniella lopez01 says:

I painted cars back and I wanted to know what is the best gun out there for the money I’m looking to spend no more than 350 us I used to have sata 3000 RP and a iwata lph400

Andrew Harkin says:

Just want to say thanks for all the great tips. I’m new to the trade. just finished my first
year at school,this is my 2nd career all my tools will be covered by the Dept. of  Veteran Affairs. I feel for the money the gti pro would be the best gun for the money.
I feel to start I need a gun for clear 1 for base 1 for pearl and 1 for priming just my guess what do you think any help would be great

Darius Biddle says:

For a starter gun which do you recommend is better the iwata w400 or the devilbiss flg 670?

Andre KICK says:

after 2 full coats you are far away from oryginal paint structur, many people can paint but not many can clear. Nice finish its depend fron clear/ gun combination and most importend skilled painter. And please type in google Isocyanate so you star use your hood, gloves, and fresh air mask…

Кирилл Застенский says:

as always good job)))

Tristan says:

I’m a mechanic by trade , and learn spraying in my spare time. i actually really enjoy painting. I just bought this gun on Saturday and really impressed with it already Great value for money in my opinion! also great video’s 🙂

P3mpi says:

Is the spray fan wide?

Tommy Verrochi says:

Would you suggest purchasing this over the Devilbiss Plus? I’ve sprayed with this gun before and think its great. I haven’t had a chance to spray out of a Plus but have held the gun in my hand and personally i think it feels better in my hand than the iwata. what would you suggest as my first “legit” paint gun 

HectticGaming says:

i just got the iwata w400 with a lv2 air cap can i buy a wbx fluid tip and cap to replace that cheers?

Matt Martin says:

I’ve been painting clear with “Devilbiss gti pro clear” for years. I’ve always achieved satisfactory results. I was helping at another business painting lori’s and they use the w400. To my surprise, directly from the first passes I found that the w400 atomizes high solid clears much finer then the gti. This made me curious, so I did a side by side.

Sikkens LV351 clear, medium hardener, medium thinner, 100%-20%-30%(standard recepie)

Even though I’ve years of experience with the gti, the w400 gave me better results. Though it has a smaller fan pattern. Fanatastic gun for clear, but I think it’d be tricky use it for really difficult base colours, candies and flakes. I’ve got a Sata jet 3000 for my basecoats. Water or solvent; makes easy work of even the most finicky colours.

mully bull says:

Lovely work.
if you had to pick a spraygun between iwata,devilbiss,data which 1 would you pick if all 3 guns were priced the same?

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