Anest Iwata LS400 ENTECH 1.3 HVLP Supernova Basecoat Spray Gun Review


Hi guys so this video i will be taking a look at the Anest Iwata LS400 ENTECH 1.3 HVLP Supernova Basecoat Spray Gun.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away and as in any video i will do my best to answer you all.
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Chris Freemesser says:

Possibly stupid noob question if you don’t mind me asking. On the areas you painted it looks like there were some areas of body filler applied and possibly(?) primed light gray. I’ve always been under the impression that when painting something, priming the entire area the same uniform color was needed to achieve a good uniform appearance with the topcoat. My knowledge is based on DIY painting of household things though. Is there a reason why this car didn’t get a uniform primer coat first, or is doing this really not necessary when painting cars?

Stuart England says:

Hi Tony. You said that you use nothing but sata guns in your own shop. Which gun do you use for basecoat….. Keep up the good work

Benny Boy says:

I love my gti pro and my pro lite for both base and clear but have to say I have the ws 400 and the ls400 both lay down much flatter and I think use less material. Sometimes a little too good, the pro lite with te20 seems to nail the factory orange peel.

Dimitri Dam says:

nice vid..awesome talk..superrrr

kenneth andersen says:

Do you have problems on the iwata guns that it dries in the tip if you wait for dust coat…it like when you start working the dustcoat (waterbased) it spits out in the middle of spraying?..

Trey Stults says:

Thanks for the video mate. Looks like my basecoat gun is going to be the new Sata 5500 X HVLP i just ordered but I really was looking at this gun for base.

Jonas L. says:

A comparison between the LS400 and the Sata 5000/5500 HVLP would be interesting.
Really nice review!
Greetings from Germany

jason evans says:

Hi Tony, have you tried the blue cap w400 classic its like the bellairia but its the basecoat version, i love mine

Zero to Hero 24/7 says:

Tony the tips and air cap on the ls could fit the ws 400

Aleksander mit says:

What basecoat you used (ppg envirobase?)

Rodney Lopez says:

Product setud

Frédéric François Chopin says:

Tony another super video,it makes me happy when you upload new videos each time. Keep up the good work buddy,greatz from the Netherlands

lewigas290 says:

Cheers Tony! Superb video mate…You’ve managed to cover everything and have answered all the questions I needed answering in a totally unbiased and very in depth way. I think all gun videos should follow this benchmark overview of performance through to the proper manufacturers settings. I’m definitely having one of these now. Thanks again!!

frits duwel says:

i have a Sata 4000 and thats the Gun thats works for all the paint jobs Thanks Tony and Regards from Holland

W9SY G says:

top review

Steven Price says:

Great review mate mite look at one ov these I have a ws400 obs for base

CaVeMaN0022 says:

Is this the 1.3 ET or ETS? I’m planning on getting one. I spray PPG ENVIROBASE. Just don’t know which tip is more suitable.

Williams Perez says:

Hello yony.
What would be the price of the two gun ( base and clear)? I thought about buying the lph 400 and the supernova , this way it may be cheaper don’t you think?
Thanks for share your videos and experience

Ashley Parry says:

Sweet review! I’ve never really fancied upgrading basecoat gun either but now I’m going to look into it! This gun does look sweet

Michelo D.I.Y. says:

Great video, looks like you take a lot of pride in your work. I’m after a respray for my car but all the places I go to don’t fill me with confidence. After a really high end finish but seem to get fobed off with things like, ‘there’s no need to remove the lights’ ‘the paint we use you don’t need a clear coat’ (even though I want one) and so on. Any advice you could pass on, (I’m from South Wales UK.) On where and how I could source out a high quality paint job.

Jose Carlos Goncalves says:

Hi I use a ws400 for clear 2turns out on fan 3turns out for fluid

Saint Andy says:

Great vids Tony! Been no end of a help to me so thanks for your efforts on this! Just got a question to put out to all… I’m planning go for picking up an Iwata WS400 Base 1.4 (not HD or OBS as I’m aware) used for £160, am I doing the right thing? Is it on par with the LS400? Appreciate your advice to a newbie! 😀

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